Vancouver City

“Vancouver City” music video is an artistic collaboration between Innerlife Project and TimeLapseHD. For more information and music downloads go to
These time lapses are shot with 12 mega pixel Nikon digital single lens reflex cameras. Original resolution is 6 times better than HD (high definition). The images have been resized for HD and are much better quality than shown here on YouTube. Video clips are for sale. For more information contact us at Thanks and enjoy!


Duration : 0:4:57

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24 thoughts on “Vancouver City”

  1. Miserable place ! …
    Miserable place ! Full of racist cockroaches causing disturbance to other people!

  2. check out my videos …
    check out my videos and my channel 🙂 I have some celebration of light fireworks videos

  3. Hey Everyone! I …
    Hey Everyone! I just made a TimeLapse/montage video that I took in Florida! I spent a long time making that video and it has an EPIC song in it. Could you please maybe stop by my channel and check out the video? It would be amazing, timelapses are the best. Thanks so much!

  4. OMG after two …
    OMG after two seconds I get shivers and I’m not canadian. Shoud it be that I’m canadian in my deep deep deep soul? Gorgeous city.

  5. Yeah but like where …
    Yeah but like where in Vancouver the main vancouver or one of the cities in there ?

  6. i love vancouver so …
    i love vancouver so much, we go up there for vacation every now and then, i wish i could live there

  7. What is the place …
    What is the place from 1:50 – 2:00 ? Most beautiful thing ever .

  8. I’m proud to call …
    I’m proud to call this place my home town. If if had the money, I’d move back in a heart beat. I live in Seattle now. Close second

  9. Wish I was back in …
    Wish I was back in Vancouver, one of the nicest cities ever. Very expensive but so nice/clean. Better then any U.S city imo

  10. Check this out! …
    Check this out! Time-lapses shot on an iPhone 4s!

  11. This is so awesome, …
    This is so awesome, I love how the clouds move!
    not trying to be annoying but come check out mine, i made the stars build on each other too! its pretty cool too! Please check it out its my first attempt!!!! Thanks for reading


  12. Man, I find that …
    Man, I find that awesome. It’s interesting to be able to live in an “Asian city” in Canada. The food is good, and if you’re into learning other languages, it’s a very good place to be. And why would you be so racist anyways?

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