Windows 10 Upgrade ? Ends Today

Microsoft: Windows 10’s free upgrade absolutely, positively ends today
The “Get Windows 10” app is going away at midnight, though. (Or just about.)

Officially, the free upgrade period for Windows 10 expires at 11:59 p.m. (UTC-10) on July 29, 2016. For Americans who never think beyond Pacific, Eastern, Mountain or Central time, that means that you have just a bit more time beyond midnight to complete the upgrade—unless you live in Hawaii.
One catch if you’re a procrastinator: according to Microsoft, all upgrades must be fully completed by the deadline—you apparently won’t be able to wait until the last minute. As part of my update of how to install Windows 10, I found that I needed a solid two hours (maybe more, maybe less) to upgrade an older PC. We don’t know what exactly will happen if you’re in the middle of the upgrade when it expires, but it’s probably best not to find out.

There’s good news, though: Microsoft’s intimated before that the “Get Windows 10” (GWX) nagware will stop tonight, and that was confirmed today. “On July 29, the notifications will end and clicking on the icon in the system tMicrosoft Office 2010
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