My 8 Reasons to Get Excited about Dynamics 365

Microsoft Partners know that business is first and foremost about meeting their customer’s needs. Today’s digital tsunami of automated marketing, spam, telemarketers, and poorly targeted advertising has left customers disinterested and confused. In order to really engage with your customers, authenticity is key.The modern partner knows that to attract customers into the buyer’s journey, they must create a customer focused culture and service oriented sales process. That’s where products like Microsoft Dynamics 365 is revolutionizing the customer engagement and business processes experience. Here’s why you should be excited about our next generation of business apps in the cloud.

1. Seamless Integration with a Unified Platform

Dynamics 365 is all about access to end-to-end intelligent business applications. It gives partners everything they need to provide those intelligent business solutions to their customers, all from the convenience and power of the cloud.

The combination of CRM and ERP applications is of incredible value to businesses. The vision behind Dynamics 365 was born from the goal to make business applications easier to integrate into compelling processes quicker and more efficiently. This unified platform makes the development of partner solutions easier to build, test, demo, deploy, and manage. Now, all of Microsoft’s intelligent business apps will align to a common data model. That streamlined efficiency means you will be better able to connect with your customers consistently.

“The powerful ability to combine the business process data from Dynamics 365 with PowerBI, PowerApps, Flow, and Office 365 and deliver a creative solution that really delights the customer gets us all very excited. That’s what it is all about, creating something new that is truly better than anything our customers have ever experienced before!”

“Cloud business applications enables faster deployment for our Customers – delivering quicker time to value.“
– Sam Dharmasiri, Sales Director at eBECS Ltd.

6. Built-In Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

Dynamics 365 helps businesses connect with their customers by enabling them to start with the basics, then grow and automate their business capabilities at their own pace. It connects the structured workflow of business applications with unstructured processes and uses built-in intelligence and advanced analytics to guide employees to greater sales or marketing results.

The nimble and adaptable applications of Dynamics 365 allow business users to change and adapt to their customers’ needs in real time, without IT supervision. It allows organizations to reimaging their business processes at their own pace with a consistent yet flexible platform.

“The biggest change for companies like us is that all our solutions used to be add-ons. With Dynamics365 we now are able to take a much broader perspective on our products. We can now set up workflows across platforms, such as Powerapps and even Office 365. That is a big change for us. We now are looking beyond the products themselves and are focusing more on the customer needs and user expectations.”Microsoft Office 2010
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