IDG Contributor Network: Why Apple’s HomePod will not beat Amazon’s Echo or Google’s Assistant

Smart homes are big business right now, and Apple announced the HomePod in an effort to edge on the market territory currently occupied by Alexa, Assistant and Cortana. This highly anticipated announcement seems to have left many wanting, as their music-forward approach has left the home assistant functionalities by the wayside.Apple is marketing the HomePod as a central hub for HomeKit-supported smart home devices, but in reality they have fallen short of the brief. Its claim to “re-invent home music” with its exceptional audio quality courtesy of a Sonos speaker appears to be its only competitive attribute. The digital assistance, through Siri, is just not intelligent enough to effectively navigate basic queries and to add insult to injury, Apple have curtailed Siri’s functionality to an even greater extent with the HomePod, assumingly to compensate for greater capabilities in other aspects, which may or may not be the case.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, p Office 2010
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