IDG Contributor Network: Is the new iPhone SE worth buying?

When Apple first released the iPhone SE, many people scoffed at the idea of an updated 4-inch iPhone. But the iPhone SE proved to be quite popular among iPhone users, and the small phone naysayers were left with egg on their faces.One of the biggest complaints about the original iPhone SE was that it offered only 16 GB of storage in its cheapest model. Apple has now fixed that problem and buffed the storage up to 32 GB for the entry level model which will sell for $399, and 128 GB for the next model up which will sell for $499.So is the new iPhone SE worth buying?The new iPhone SE has larger storage but no other hardware upgrades Obviously the upgraded storage adds real value to the iPhone SE and makes it much more attractive for many users. Let’s face it 16 GB was a bit of a joke, and it was far too easy to fill that up without even trying very hard. 64 GB was a bit better but even that can be easily filled up with 4K photos, videos, games and various apps.To read this article in f Office 2010
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