IDG Contributor Network: How consumer technologies are impacting IT

As technology advances and becomes a larger a larger part of our daily lives, so has the line between our work lives and personal lives become more and more blurred. As IT leaders, we need to be cognizant of how technology is a growing part of that blurring, as well as be proactive in thinking about how we enable our users to gain leverage over both their business and personal technology needs.A decade ago, employees were grateful just to have a standard laptop and a basic phone – now they have model expectations, personal preferences, and difficult-to-comply-to desires. Today, everybody is a technology user (and often an expert) because our consumer lives have trained us for “now” – no provisioning, no training, no implementation timeline, no delivery delays. Why can’t corporate IT be equally as fast, easy to use, and responsive? We must find ways to enable and manage employee expectations that have been set by consumer technologies. When people go to work, they expect tech Office 2010
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