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Fix Windows 10 Start Button Does Nothing with START Menu Repair Tool

This “user profile corruption” issue shows a number of different symptoms. One of them is the “Start Menu doesn’t work” symptom along with the “Modern apps” don’t work. In fact, the Start Menu and the Notification Panel (right side of screen) are implemented as modern apps, which explains why these all don’t work as part of the same syndrome. If you create a new user profile, that new user profile will work just fine.

If you have been through the typical fixes for the annoying problem of having your Windows 10 Start Button not working, then this is the page for you.  In case you are just starting to work on this problem, you might be interested inwindows10-no-start-menu-modern-apps our most popular page of 2016 which contains four very common fixes for this problem: “Windows 10 Start Menu and Modern Apps Do Not Function” .



START Menu Repair Tool

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fix-window-10-start-button-menu-does-nothing-free-toolMicrosoft has acknowledged that Windows 10 sometimes has problems with the START button and developed a free repair tool.   You can download and run this tool directly from Microsoft.

Over the last year our most popular pages have been How to repair the Windows 10 Start Menu when you click it, nothing happens.  We built an initial page with 4 common fixes and the n another page with a much more complex, but nearly always works fix.  If this tool does not work for you, try those two pages and many thousands have had success with them.

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