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Share your WebEx Desktop

Learn how to pass the ball using Cisco WebEx products. Keep your clients more engaged, eliminate confusion and streamline your business.

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Lady Gaga & Brian May (Queen) Collaboration

Lady Gaga & Brian May (Queen) Collaboration for “Born This Way ” album

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Time, Calendar and Date [vb 2008/.NET]


In this video i’ll show you how to get the current date and time. Also showing you the Calendar control in vb 2008.
Realy easy to do, but realy usefull for some programs :D.
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Alien Planets & Eyeball Earths: The Search for Habitable Planets

Find out, in 1080p, where to look for Extraterrestrial Life. What planets are likely to have the right conditions? And what makes Earth special? So far, in this age of planet hunting, we’ve yet to find anything like our solar system… with rocky inner planets in neat circular orbits, and evenly spaced gas giants on the periphery.

Instead, astronomers have glimpsed a diverse planetary zoo, with giant planets in wide orbits around their parent stars, others that swing in so close they leave a comet-like tail, or molten rocky worlds emblazoned with oceans of lava. These finds have added new complexity to theories of how solar systems emerge in the birth of a star.

As dust and gas swirl into the newborn star, they form a proto-planetary disk. Within this Frisbee-like structure, gravity sculpts planetary bodies that grow in size, sweeping up smaller bodies that form around them. Current theory holds that giant planets, forming on the periphery, commonly migrate into the inner solar system. This confirms the observation of so-called hot Jupiters orbiting perilously close to their parent stars.

But these giants may clear out smaller rocky planets that form close to the star, creating a planetary desert… just where you’d hope to find life. Does that make the search for another Earth a wild goose chase? To find out, a group of planet hunters, using the Keck Telescope in Hawaii, examined a sample of 166 sun-like stars within 80 light years of Earth.

To their surprise, they found that as many as a quarter of all sun-like stars should have planets roughly the size of Earth. Now enter the Kepler Space Telescope, launched in March 2009 on a mission to find Earth-like planets.

Over a four-month period in 2009, it observed the light of over 150,000 stars, within 3000 light years of Earth. The data showed that at least in one case, the planetary desert is not so barren.

The star Kepler 11 is a yellow dwarf similar to our sun. It has at least five planets close enough to be inside the orbit of our Mercury, with a sixth inside the orbit of Venus. There may well be additional planets further out. That won’t be known until 2012, when data from longer orbits is complete.

Overall, Kepler turned up 58 planets in the so-called habitable zone. Most are large gas planets, but who’s to say that some of them don’t have moons with liquid water? Think Avatar, Pandora.

With a growing planetary database, astronomers are beginning to redefine what it takes to spawn life as we know it. Ideally, astronomers will one day stumble upon a world about the size of Earth, with oceans, an atmosphere, a moon to stabilize its orbit, a robust magnetic field to shelter it from solar winds, and creatures beaming television shows into space that reveal their presence.

Until then, the most fertile ground for finding life turns out to be a long-overlooked class of stars.

M Stars, or red dwarfs, range from one half to one-twentieth the mass of our sun and make up 76% of all the stars in our galaxy. The most famous is in the southern constellation of Libra, just 20 light years away, called Gliese 581. A team of French and Swiss astronomers had been studying its light from a telescope in the mountains of Chile.

They noticed a slight jitter: the gravitational tugging of planets. From this so-called radial velocity, they deduced the presence of Gliese 581B, a planet with sixteen times the mass of Earth. At a distance of only six million kilometers, it’s bound to be very hot.

Then came planet C, with an orbit of 11 million kilometers. Still too hot. Then there’s D, at about 33 million kilometers from its sun.

At the outer edge of the star’s habitable zone, it receives only 30% of the light that Earth gets from our Sun. Compare it to Mars, where surface temperatures average around –59 degrees Celsius Astronomers suspect that Planet D is an icy world that migrated in from the outer solar system.

Red dwarfs are known as “Flare Stars” for the violent eruptions that take place on their surfaces. In 1985, the red dwarf AD Leo erupted with a thousand times more power than the worst solar eruptions. To find out what that would do to a planet in a close orbit, scientists simulated the blast.

They found that ultraviolet radiation from the star would split oxygen molecules in the planet’s atmosphere, forming ozone. That’s could be enough to shield it from harm. Studies like this are prompting scientists to redefine just what they mean by “habitable zone.”

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Dare MattG – 11! (Tim Deegan Take Over, Snowboarding, Meeting A Viewer)

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HEY! Welcome to dare mattg. Based on user comments and questions taken from youtube comments, twitter tweets, facebook wall posts. I have put together the newest episode of dare mattg. I answer your hard hitting important questions and do your silly yet fun to do dares. GET READDY!!

Music by http://www.youtube.com/slammjammusic

Thank you guys for making Dare MattG my most responded video series. I’m glad you guys are enjoying it! Id like to continue to make it but to do that I need your help! Send this video to your friends and leave as many comments as you like with several different dares and questions that way there will always be dares for me to do! You guys are awesome and I really appreciate all your support! Im glad I have people like you guys watching my videos! IF you ever wanted to talk just tweet at me @mattg124 I respond to almost everything! also join my site and chat with me and a bunch of other cool people http://www.mattg124.com

In this episode we have a special guest! TIM DEEGAN and we take dare mattg on the road and travel all the way to lucan ontario to hug the crap out of somebody! Tim and I eat vegimite, we try to snowboard even though theres a big lack of snow we talk about our favourite ways to please the ladies, we be hot guyz, I give birth to a watermelon baby, I wax my leg and be really manly well doing it, I get tested.. for math, we watch one guy one jar, we make a blanket fort, we play the in the pants game with movie titles, I get pied in the face, we talk about hard decisions and find a new place to live in canada.

If you have an interesting dare or question you want featured in the next one leave a comment , tweet @ me with #daremattg or post on my FB wall. I will go threw and pick the best ones for the next video!
Id just like to point out for those of you who complain that i pick “the stupid dares” as of right now i am not about to embarrass my self or get hurt, I pick dares that I can have fun with and still make (in my opinion) funny.

how to drive to lucan and hug somebody
how to eat vegimite
how to snowboard
how to please a lady
how to give birth / how to have a baby
how to wax your legs and still look manly
how to do math
how to make a sweet blanket fort
how to watch one man one jar

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how to make money online for free 2011


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Best Way To Make Money Online – 2011

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Best Way To Make Money Online – 2011

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how to make money online

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how to make money online free fast quick work at home work from home best online jobs home business best ways to make money online make money at home home business how to make money online free fast quick work at home work from home best online jobs home business best ways to make money online make money at home home business

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