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Pete Rock & C. L. Smooth “They Reminisce Over You”

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Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth were an influential rap group from Mount Vernon, New York. They made their debut in the rap world with their 1991 EP, All Souled Out. It sold moderately well enough to justify Elektra Records clearing the way for 1992’s Mecca and the Soul Brother LP.

As a producer, DJ Pete Rock (Peter Phillips) tended to prefer obscure soul and jazz sides for sample sources, frequently making use of horn-driven hooks. Lead vocalist CL Smooth (Corey Penn) tended to be philosophical in his raps, and he mostly avoided profanity. Their signature hit was They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.), a dirge for fallen friends–namely Troy “Trouble T-Roy” Dixon, a member of Heavy D & The Boyz, who died in 1990.

1994’s The Main Ingredient was the follow up, and they appeared on a string of guest appearances for remixes, soundtracks, and other works. Public Enemy, EPMD, Heavy D and Johnny Gill were among the artists they collaborated with, and they can also claim credit for producing (and performing on) Run-DMCs 1993 comeback single ‘Down with the King’. Despite all this, the duo failed to go gold on any of their own releases.

Separating in 1995 (shortly after a well-received Sprite TV commercial), they eventually reunited on a handful of cuts from Pete Rocks solo recordings: Soul Survivor (1998), PeteStrumentals (2001) and Soul Survivor II (2004). They also went on a brief reunion tour as a warm up for their then-anticipated new album, which ended with a show at London’s famous Jazz Cafe. Despite these intermittent collaborations, the pair has exchanged dismissive comments toward each other in separate interviews, disavowing plans for a full-fledged reunion.

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Sleeping Dogs – Meeting The Chick! – Part 4

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InterCall, Inc. Easy Online Meetings


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Cloud computing for your business recorded webinar – 28 February 2012

Cloud computing lets you back-up essential business data using IT systems and software that are accessible anywhere, any time, on the internet. Disaster events, in particular, highlight the importance of using IT solutions like cloud computing.

Our recorded webinar will show you how cloud computing can help your business be more agile and improve your overall efficiency and profitability.

Don’t have time to watch the entire webinar? Use the links below to jump straight to a section.

What is cloud computing 0:32
Benefits of using cloud computing 12:42
Considerations for your business 22:56
Cloud solutions for your business 25:36
Storage, backup and file sharing 40:15
Summary and questions 49:54

Download the workbook here http://www.smallbusinesswebinars.com.au/cloud.html

Register for more of our free webinars here http://a.pgtb.me/cp3Q

Note that this is a recording of a webinar from 28 February 2012. Some features of this presentation may have changed since this recording.

Read more about cloud computing for your business http://www.business.qld.gov.au/running/technology-for-business/cloud-computing-business

Connect with us:

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Online Master Degree Testimonials | Arkansas State University

Graduates of Arkansas State University’s
Master of Education Online Academic Partnership program:
It is a very big day. I’m so excited, my brain is jumping all over the place.
It just had always been a personal goal of mine to go back and get a master’s degree, and so this online program gave me that opportunity.

President of ASU:
“I confer upon each of you this Master’s Degree, and I declare upon you all the rights and privileges…”

It was directed towards to what I was doing in my own classroom at that time and that makes a huge difference. It wasn’t trying to fit a mold. It was what we needed as educators.

I was a little intimidated at first because I’m not that good with computers, but I had some co-workers who encouraged me, and it turned out to be a great experience…a wonderful experience.

I started 20 years ago on my Master’s, and then I decided it’s time to do it. My kids are in college, so…time to go.

I love the flexibility of setting my own schedule, being able to spend time with my kids in the evening, put them in bed, and then get started on my work. That was the best part, but the clarity of the instruction—I could go back and play the video back again and pause, write down notes, and things like that made it really easier.

I feel like a lot of things I was doing for the classes would actually transfer over immediately into my classroom. It’s not something where I had to wait for a degree before I could use it in class.

I had the opportunity to hear about Academic Partnerships, and once I went ot a meeting and looked at it, I said, “this seems to be doable.”

I’m an art teacher. I really don’t receive that much professional development, so I love how ASU let me step into the role of becoming a principal. I got to see what a principal does every single day, and how much responsibility [they have], and how they handle emergency situations. I got to be in the role of a curriculum coach. I didn’t realize how much research was involved—always analyzing data and making sure when you start with a brand new curriculum, how intensive it is.

I teach third grade, and my students are very inspired, “You’re in college!” And even my son, he goes around and tells everybody that his mom is in college and he’s always encouraging me to continue. He wants me to get my doctorate so he can call me Dr. Mom.

I had always intended to get a Master’s, and maybe even a Doctorate, but I thought I would have to wait until my kids finished college, and then I would have to take a leave of absence from school. I haven’t had to wait for either of those things in order to get my Master’s.

If I had to choose between an on-campus and an online course, I would definitely pick online because it would allow me to continue my outside activities besides work, and I could do it on my own schedule.

One of the main things that this program taught was how to reflect on your lessons. That’s not something that I was taught in my undergraduate studies, and that’s been a big plus for me.

This was the first time I had ever attempted anything like this, especially online. I’m just amazed that it all happened online, so it was a good experience. It was a wonderful experience. I wouldn’t change a thing!

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Email Setup on your BlackBerry Bold | BlackBerry Tutorials.co.uk

Follow our video tutorial showing you how to set up your email using your BlackBerry Bold 9000 smartphone.

Over 99 video tutorials and online technical support advisors are egar to help you with your BlackBerry Bold queries – http://www.blackberrytutorials.co.uk

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The Power of Ayahuasca and the Evolution of Humanity

In this video I describe my experience with ayahuasca. If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wearewildness or by email: wearewildness@gmail.com.

Disclaimer: I am not recommending anyone do ayahuasca; do your research. Not entirely sure on the legalities of this plant medicine. I would not suggest doing ayahuasca on your own, please seek a shaman or experienced guide to help you through the experience.

Links that I found interesting and very resourceful relating to Ayahuasca:


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Dash Berlin with Cerf Mitiska & Jaren – Man On The Run (Official Music Video)

DJ Mag Top 100 voting has started: vote for your favorite via http://top100djs.net. We’d like to thank all of you for your support!

Download this video on iTunes: http://bit.ly/DashManonRunVIDIT
Download this track on iTunes: http://bit.ly/DashManOnRunIT
Download the album ‘Give Me A Sound’ on iTunes: http://bit.ly/DashGiveMeASoundIT
Listen on Spotify: http://spoti.fi/DashManonRunSP
Download on Beatport: http://s.beatport.com/DashManonRunBP

Folluw us:

Remember that remix Dash Berlin did on Cerf, Mitiska & Jarens You Never Said? It rocked the crowds, all the way from New York to Amsterdam and everywhere in between. And it sure didnt only impress the trance lovers. The track was even nominated for Best EuroDance/Hi-NRG Track at this years International Dance Music Awards, which proves that a combination of their sounds was more than just musical chemistry. Right about time for a collaboration. Dutch producer collective Dash Berlin have now teamed up with the well known trance trio Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren. Matt Cerf and Shawn Mitiska, armed with singer Jaren, have been haunting the trance scene with previous hits Light The Skies and Saved Again. Man On The Run is the result of this exciting team up and the proof that these team players can truly live up to the expectations. Man On The Run is the catchy, piano-driven anthem that again shows how great a heavy bassline, a voice to die for and an emotionally charged melody can shape something beyond listening pleasure. This team has found their perfect match. Man On The Run goes deep, hits high and leaves everyone speechless, if not singing along.

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The Dewarists S01E01 – ‘Minds Without Fear’

The Dewarists is a new original series. Part music documentary and part travelogue, the show features inspiring musicians collaborating to create original music while traveling to locations across India.

In Episode 1, Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Imogen Heap (http://imogenheap.com) teams up with prolific composer duo Vishal-Shekhar for a track inspired by the Tagore poem, ‘Where The Mind Is Without Fear’. This episode was filmed at the luxurious, 475-year-old Samode Palace on the outskirts of Jaipur in Rajasthan.

The track is available for free download via our facebook page for one week only:

Imogen Heap will headline The Dewarists Stage at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Pune, to be held between 18-20 November. Tickets are on sale now!

Duration : 0:39:18

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Share your WebEx Desktop

Learn how to pass the ball using Cisco WebEx products. Keep your clients more engaged, eliminate confusion and streamline your business.

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