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Hands on with the new Microsoft Surface Studio at SXSW 2017

IDG.tv’s Jimmy Conrad takes the Surface Studio for a test drive to see if it can elevate his already incredibly polished drawing skills.
http://www.cio.com/video/75675/hands-on-with-the-new-microsoft-surface-studio-at-sxsw-2017#tk.rss_consumerelectronicsMicrosoft Office 2010
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Sony’s SXSW Wow Factory is a virtual-reality playground full of wild demos

We got a glimpse of Sony’s future—a world full of augmented- and virtual-reality experiences that let you leave the headset behind.
http://www.cio.com/video/75735/sonys-sxsw-wow-factory-is-a-virtual-reality-playground-full-of-wild-demos#tk.rss_consumerelectronicsMicrosoft Office 2010
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We Are Wizards – Trailer

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“A tremendous film about the intriguing world of Harry Potter fandom. Alternatively funny and moving this is probably one of the best films I’ll see in 2008. Grade: A.”
–Laremy Legel, Film.com

“… a highly enjoyable illustration of how, even in the limited universe of pop culture, people create, refract and remix their own stories.”
–Andrew O’Hehir, Salon.com

“There is a raging Wizard Rock scene in this country, and I had no idea until watching the film We Are Wizards. The documentary profiles some of the power players in the underground Harry Potter creative community. I’m not talking sinister meetings in the woods about the Dark Arts. Instead, the film offers us a seven-year-old rock star and his teen pop idols, hilarious audio-commentary set to the movie and online creative writing sites waging war with corporate agents.

The books’ themes of good versus evil and using inner strength to overcome challenges serve as a catalyst for many to face personal obstacles, or just to meet like-minded folk and have fun. It is staggering to learn of the different ways people touched by J.K. Rowling’s book series are honoring the characters and story with their own ideas, passion and talents. The Harry Potter mythos allows the nerdy, the average, the young, the downtrodden, and the bored a chance to borrow a little inspiration and step out of their respective worlds to be a part of something BIG. Not to say the aforementioned groups are lacking in talent. The fan arena is simply a staging ground for sharpening skills and surprising oneself with the results – much like the epic story of a boy wizard.”

– Adrienne O’Keefe (courtesy of the SXSW Film Festival)

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Duration : 0:2:56

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SXSW 2011 with GoToMeeting


If you need a web conferencing tool you need GoToMeeting. You can try it risk-free for 30 days and you’ll never want to attend a regular meeting again. Here’s some footage of random strangers at SXSW who also love GoToMeeting!

Facebook: http://facebook.com/GoToMeeting
Twitter: http://twitter.com/gotomeeting

Duration : 0:1:44

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