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How to share files over a Lan for Windows 7

In this tutorial, I will show you how to setup a file sharing server on your local Microsoft Network.

First of all, to enable sharing on a Microsoft network, all computers that will access a shared resource must be in the same Workgroup or Domain.

To Change or view the workgroup of your system just right click on “My Computer”
(My Computer – Properties – computer name – Change – workgroup)
Note down the workgroup name and make sure that both computers are at the same Workgroup

After that make a folder on the desired computer and name it as you wish
Right click on it and go to properties and then to “Sharing” Tab
note down the Network Path
and click “Share” and choose your account so it can be protected if you use password!

Now go to the other computer and right click on “My Computer”
choose “Map network Drive”
(My Computer–Map Network Drive)

And then write the network path and choose the option “Reconnect at logon”

and click finish!
Example: \\Server\Share
————- \\(yours computer name)\(Shared folder’s Name)

-If it ask for a Username and Password
just type the account of the computer that shares the folder

-When you right click on “My computer” make sure it’s not a shortcut
or you won’t find the properties of your system

-This can be done with a desktop pc with a laptop over wireless network!

-The connection is possible if you have connected both computer with LAN cable or
they just share connection from the local Router

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Tutorial – Server Backup, Online Backup, Data Backup Solutions by Secure Online Vault

In this tutorial we will show you how to backup your Servers using our Server Backup solution and making Bare Metal Recovery files by using SecureOnlineVault backup software.

Over the past decade the amount of digital information has been grown 10 times! However we often do not backup this data as this information is rapidly growing on several devices including our office, home, and portable devices. Many people simply ignore the value of their digital information until a disaster happens. Then the day comes when data loss actually happens and we are devastated at all we have lost. At that point, it’s too late. You’ve lost years of memories and items you needed for work and family.
Did you know every 7 seconds one hard drive crashes and all the data on that is lost! Yes,
every 7-seconds! If you are a home user your complete personal library of digital photos, music,
personal information will be vanished! If you are a business owner your company’s financial records and clients’ confidential information may be lost.
As a business owner you may want to know that 25% of the businesses which has a “data loss” incident will never reopen and 70% of them close within 1 year due to the accident. If you are in medical or dental field you may lose all patients’ data including medical history, contact information, appointments, and financial records.
Don’t let this be your story!! We have a solution for you. At SecureOnlineVault we offer you the most convenient and reliable way to back up all of your important documents, photos and more.
Why choose us?
All SecureOnlineVault’s data centers across the globe have 24 hours a day, 7days a week, 365 days a year onsite monitoring and physical security including biometric identification.
With just one single account you can you have access to an All-in-One Backup solution which helps you to back up unlimited computers and servers.
Secure Online Vault provides a 3-tiered military encryption system to protect your digital data.

Worried about accessing your backed up data somewhere other than your own computer?
No problem! SecureOnlineVault stores your information on a cloud so it can be accessed anywhere. Even your mobile device! But wait you can securely share the data with anyone by sending a simple email.
If you have certain obligation for data management such as in medical or dental offices we can assure the privacy of your backed up information by employing our UltraSafe technology to abide with HIPAA, SOX, SAS-70 compliance!
At Secure Online Vault we will keep all the versions of your files even for years with NO
EXTRA COST. With our flexible backup plans you can even schedule monthly, weekly, hourly, or instant online back up. Whichever best suits your needs.
With the use of SecureOnlineVault’s local backup system, you can backup your important files with an encryption to an external USB drive, a local network, a USB stick, or any other local medium for additional protection.
SecureOnlineVault also offers special backup solution for business servers. With our Server
Backup solution you have the option to “Bare Metal Backup and Recovery” of all of servers to restore all the configurations and save valuable time to set up your servers again.
Have a question about the set up? Need some help? We are ready to support you worldwide!
The choice is simple, visit us today at www.SecureOnlineVault.com. Don’t wait until your data is lost! Gain a peace of mind by using SecureOnlineVault.com!

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Using SIP Trunks with Lync Server 2010

Using SIP trunks with Microsoft Lync Server 2010 you can save money and provide flexible capacity beyond your wildest dreams. * Regarding the promotion mentioned in the last frames of the video: This promotion runs from Nov-23-2011 through June-30-2012.

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