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Configure Corporate Exchange Email with the Samsung Galaxy S™ II Skyrocket™: AT&T How to Series

Learn how to Configure Corporate Exchange Email with the Samsung Galaxy S™ II Skyrocket™.

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Configure Corporate Exchange E-mail with the Samsung Galaxy S II™

Welcome to AT&T How To videos.

Today we will show you how to Configure Corporate Exchange E-mail with the Samsung Galaxy S II™

To begin,
– From the home screen, tap E-mail.
Please Note: To setup an additional account, access the inbox and tap Account name- Menu key – Add account.

– Then enter your E-mail address and account password, and then tap Manual setup.

– Next tap Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

– Here you can enter your E-mail account information and then tap Next.

• Domain\User name
• Password
• Exchange server
• Use secure connection (SSL)
• Accept all SSL certificates

– A notification will be displayed. Then tap OK to continue.

– If there is a security policy enabled, a notification will display. Tap OK.

– Then configure the account options as desired, and then tap Next.

• Peak (synchronization) schedule
• Off-peak (synchronization) schedule
• Period to sync e-mail
• E-mails retrieval size
• Period to sync calendar
• Send e-mail from this account by default (only displayed if multiple accounts are configured)
• Notify me when e-mail arrives
• Sync contacts
• Sync calendar
• Sync task
• Sync SMS

 Now enter the desired E-mail account label, and then tap Done.

• If a security policy is enabled, scroll down and review the security policies, and then tap Activate to continue.

– Select the desired security type:

• PIN (Use a numeric PIN code): Enter and re-enter the desired PIN code, and then tap OK.
• Password (Use an alpha numeric password): Enter and re-enter the desired password, and then tap OK.

– Your Email inbox will be displayed.

– Test the setup by sending yourself an Email.

If further assistance is needed feel free to contact our online Business Support Team at www.att.com/biz. If accessing the site for the first time you will need to enter your device model and click “Go”.

Thank you for choosing AT&T.

© 2011 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. AT&T, the AT&T logo and all other AT&T marks contained herein are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property and/or AT&T affiliated companies.

Duration : 0:3:18

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Notetaking on iPad: NoteShelf Official App Review for iPad / iPad 2 HD

Notetaking on iPad: NoteShelf Official App Review for iPad / iPad 2 HD
What’s New in Version 3.0
– Zoom mode
– iOS Multitasking
– iOS Printing
– Export to iPad photo album
– Export quality improvement
– Stickers quality improvement
– New shelf theme
– Show date on notebook pages
– A number of usability enhancements
“Noteshelf is great! It has eliminated my need for paper notebooks” – Founder & CEO of Softbank

Noteshelf let’s anyone take effective and organized notes straight from their iPad. Download this writing utility today and begin taking digital notes while having this app’s comprehensive note template library, editing, customization, and organizational options at your fingertips.

Noteshelf utilizes optimized handwriting functions to enable users to quickly and easily input notes within the app by hand without worry. An innovative ‘zoom’ writing mode allows users to use their finger to quickly write by hand in large print, which is then minimized to it original size on the app’s virtual notepad. Stroke smoothening technology ensures that no matter how hastily users write, notes will always stay legible. Noteshelf also includes a unique ‘wrist protection’ feature that ensures writers do not strain their hands while taking notes by allowing them to rest their wrist on the iPad’s writing surface while they write without creating unwanted graphic marks.

Noteshelf also features a full array of varying functionalities which ensure that the app is flexible enough to fit anyone’s needs. The app’s template library includes 17 uniquely preformatted notesheets optimized to suit many specific user needs such as creating a day planner or keeping a personal journal. Noteshelf also allows users to embed and annotate photos within their notes and includes an extensive collection of over 450 individual icons, divided into 5 separate categories, so that note takers can easily yet effectively label and organize their notes. Taking this breadth of functionality into account — hand in hand with its practical editing functions and note exporting capabilities — Noteshelf is one productivity app for the iPad that just may turn out to be the last one you’ll ever need.

App Features:

– Zoom Handwriting capability
– Comprehensive Template Library
– Photo embedding and annotation capability
– Categorized icon/ label collection
– ‘Wrist Protection’ Writing Comfort function
– User interface optimized for in-app navigation
– Multiple note export options including: DROPBOX & EVERNOTE
– Unlimited undo/ redo editing capabilities
– Backup/ Restore functionality
– Interactive user guide

Noteshelf is developed by Fluid Touch.

Duration : 0:15:25

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Office 365 – Exchange Online

See www.My-Office-365.com – with Microsoft Office 365 costs from just £4 per user per month the web product is of enormous appeal to smaller businesses and set to be the winning cloud technology due to its ease of use and familiarity to Microsoft product users.

Duration : 0:1:5

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Reason 5 – How To Download And Install Free [Serials] (Best Tutorial)

For educational purposes only.
“Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.”

This Is A Tutorial On How to install Reason 5 If this Video Helps you please Thumbs Up and Suscribe If you need help please leave a comment below

Winrar Download

Utorrent Download

MagicDisc Download

It Should Take about 1-7 Hours To Download Reason 5 because it’s 7Gb File
Please Be Patient

Reason 5 Torrent Download

Seraial For Reason 5 Works With Windows & Mac

The torrent in my video is a hybrid that mean it could work with mac and PC All you need to do is download Vuze for Mac and winrar for Mac After the torrent is done : [Instructions by Fusi0nEra]

1 Mount the iso using Disk Utility (every mac has it, search it in Finder)

2 Click on the iso you mounted (should be on your desktop looks like a CD)

3 Drag the Reason Folder to your Apps Folder

4 Locate the Soundbanks Folder at the bottom, drag that folder to your desktop

5 Go to your Apps and open the Reason Folder

6 Now that the Reason Folder is open, go to your desktop and open the Soundbanks Folder, select the 2 items & drag it to the Reason Folder

7 Follow 4:25-5:35

ENJOY! If you have a Mac and it installed perfectly for you and you have better instructions please feel free to give advice Thank You.

Watch How to Mount ISO on a Mac

Link To Winrar for Mac

Link to vuze

Free Video Updates on Facebook:



Duration : 0:6:27

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Respond faster with Office Web Apps

View, share and edit your Microsoft Office documents on the web with Microsoft Office Web Apps. Using virtually any device connected to the internet*, view your Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft OneNote documents online and make basic edits on the go. See www.My-Office-365.com for the latest in Microsoft cloud computing, with costs from just £4 per user per month.

Duration : 0:1:47

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[TemptingGuides] Microsoft Office OneNote 2010

Are you curious about OneNote? Not sure what it’s for or how to use it? Wondering if it’s of a benefit to you? Then this video is what you need. This is a 20-minute overview of some of the popular features of this application; while not a comprehensive coverage, it will give you the general idea of what OneNote is all about.

Features covered:

– Creating a notebook and what a notebook consists of
– Capturing image text
– Searching within notebooks and images
– Handwriting, highlights and ink-to-text for tablet PCs and slates
– Organizing notebooks and pages
– Color schemes and background layouts (i.e. grid lines, lined paper, etc)
– Using different filetypes with OneNote (images, audio, etc)

Features not covered (so you know what else it can do. But it would take me hours to cover them all):

– Math input and ink-to-math
– Scrapbook creation with images and text
– Scanning pages into OneNote sections as searchable text
– Scanner capture (photos, etc)
– Webcam video embedding
– Audio recording
– Embedding Office documents
– Print/export of OneNote notebooks
– Backup and change history
– Accessing Notebooks from the web/Sharepoint

Duration : 0:20:40

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How to download Microsoft Office Word 2007 for free and install it

1 Turn Off Internet.

2 If you want you can use Power ISO

Power ISO: http://www.poweriso.com/download.htm

3 Install Office Word with the following key:


4 Turn internet back on.

Link for Download Office Word 2007: http://www.filefactory.com/file/2aa8k7n1p4qf/n/Microsoft_Office_Word_2007_by_master03hacker.rar (scrool down down)

Winrar Pass: (my channel name)

Duration : 0:6:3

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OneNote 2007 Demo: What is OneNote

See more OneNote 2007 demos at http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/help/FX100485311033.aspx Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 is an easy-to-use note-taking and information-management program where you can capture ideas and information in electronic form. Insert files or Web content in full-color, searchable format or as icons that you can click to access.

Duration : 0:5:7

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Office 365 – SharePoint Online

See www.My-Office-365.com for the latest in Microsoft cloud computing. With costs from just £4 per user per month Microsoft Office 365 is of enormous appeal to smaller businesses and set to be the winning cloud technology due to its ease of use and familiarity to Microsoft product users.

Duration : 0:1:5

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800MHZ CPU 7 Inch MID Windows CE Tablet PC WiFi HDMI APad

This video for 800mhz CPU windows operating systerm apad, more information on http://www.china365mall.com/800mhz-cpu-7-inch-mid-windows-ce-tablet-pc-wifi-apad_p707.html

Nowadays, MID is applied more and more widely. MID (Mobile Internet Device) is the portable mobile PC which is easier to carry than notebook. With MID, you can easily get Internet access and take entertainment at any time, such as search information, send and receive message and other Internet operation. It is your best assistant who can do everything for you with its powerful functions.
This APad tablet PC features 800MHZ CPU and Windows CE6.0 OS. It will ensure you a high performance in operation and high speed and smooth experience when surfing online. Since armed with wifi and light in weight, it’s convenient for you to enjoy everything you’re interested in.
What’s really exciting is that this 7 inch netbook even is a Live TV! The Apad tablet PC will never disappoint you from now on. While for those who are crazy about Youtube, this tablet PC will be your favorite. The tablet PC also has e-book reader, MSN, mainstream web mail service, and stereo speaker. In a word, it is really very practical!
Please do not miss it if you are interested in it! If you buy it now,You can aslo get a leather case together with the Apad!!!
It is in stock now and also available that we could provide you at a competitive wholesale price directly from the leader in wholesale electronics, China365mall. Don’t hesitate to purchase and please free to consult us.

§ 7.0 inch touch screen APad pocket PC
§ Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
§ Media player, Digital picture frame, Internet web browser
§ Windows CE6.0 operating system
§ Ebook and office word processing, Document (Word, Excel, PPT, PDF)
§ Communication software: MSN, E-mail. and 3G dial up
§ Support SD/SDHC/MMC (128-16GB)
§ Support USB host, HDMI out, OTG
§ Delicate body, lightweight portable

§ Primary function: pocket PC
§ Operating system: Windows CE6.0
§ Display: 7 inch touch screen
§ Storage: 2GB
§ Support SD/SDHC/MMC (128-16GB)
§ Wifi: 802.11b/g
§ Support USB host, HDMI out, OTG
§ Built-in games, and support download game software
§ Desktop tool: clock, calendar, etc.
§ Communication software: MSN, E-mail, 3G dial up, etc.(you can aslo download the softwares by yourself)
§ Sound Effect: built-in stereo speaker, MIC in&headphone out
§ Format:
Text format : PDF/TXT, etc.
Picture format: JPG/BMP/GIF/PNG
Video format: MP4/FLV/H.263/H.264/RMVB, etc.
Audio format: MP3/WMA/APE/FLAC/OGG/AC3, etc.
§ Language: English
§ Dimension: 193*114*13mm
§ Color: black

Package Contents:
§ 1×Pocket PC
§ 1×USB cable
§ 1×USB Switch Wiring
§ 1×HDMI cable
§ 1×Touch pen
§ 1×Travel charger
§ 1×User manual
§ 1×Leather Case

Duration : 0:6:0

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