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Office 365 Healthcare Security

Office 365 for Healthcare (HIPAA Compliance and Security)
CyberStreams Website: https://www.cyberstreams.com
Office 365 Advisors Website: https://www.office365advisors.com
“One of the major considerations for Healthcare practices considering Office 365 is whether they will sign a HIPAA BAA…”

Call us today at 425-274-1121 regarding questions on PHI in the cloud.

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Microsoft Office 365 Educational Pricing

Office 365 Education Pricing

CyberStreams Website: https://www.cyberstreams.com
Office 365 Advisors Website: https://www.office365advisors.com

Call 425-274-1121 for questions about Education Pricing and purchase or trial process.

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Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Online

http://www.office365advisors.com/sharepoint/ Call today 425-274-1121 SharePoint Online brings the cutting edge platform technology of fortune 500 firms straight to the cloud for your small to medium sized firm. Easily create sites to share and collaborate with your customers, vendors, and employees.

Empower Your Stakeholders:
Customers: Easily create an improved public presence online which is both interactive and professional.
Vendors: Powerful intranet sites will allow employees to access all vendor information from one secure location, eliminating confusion for both your team and your suppliers.
Resellers: Reduce the cost of outbound logistics by providing resellers a simpler way to communicate orders.
Employees: Project Sites and Team Sites will allow your employees to bring the right talent to the plate at the exact moment it is needed.
Investors: Enable your internal sites to easily update key successes to management, investors, and the public as needed, keeping all stakeholders confidant in the future of your firm.

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Microsoft Office 365 Security

http://www.office365advisors.com Call today 425-274-1121 Learn all about security on Office 365.

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Microsoft 365 Exchange Online

http://www.office365advisors.com/exchange/ Call Today 425-274-1121 The same benefits that Exchange Server has been providing for decades are now available through the cloud. Achieve enterprise class security, hosted email, disaster recovery, and network management tools without the cost of expensive server hardware.

Unparalleled Support
Large 25 GB mailboxes and secure methods to send up to 25 MB attachments.
Geo-redundant server backup.
Reliably Cost Effective
99.9% financially backed uptime guarantee.
Includes free 24/7 access to a business class help line, web support, and email support.
Designed on a more affordable per user/per month basis, eliminating the upfront fixed costs of software.
Anywhere Access
Fully supports your business access needs from anywhere, keeping your employees connected.
PCs, Macs, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, iPhones and Nokia (plus many more).
All major web browsers.
Need to talk with an expert about your Exchange Online questions?

Call us toll-free now at 1-855-IT-BOOST.

What’s New in Exchange 2010?
Hybrid Support: Unlike Exchange 2007 and BPOS, Exchange Online 2010 is built from the ground up to support co-existence. This allows for customer of Office 365 to use hybrid systems as needed without the typical redundancy of costs associated with a hybrid network.
Improved Outlook Experience: Advanced search and indexing tools for both users and admins. Quickly search your entire network for emails on a specific topic if needed. Improved commands allow you to auto clear archive emails by age, folder, topic, user status, etc. IM system built into outlook keeps track of user busy status and allows employees to communicate more efficiently. User mailbox size is increased to 25GB and allows the sending of up to 25MB emails a wide range of media devices. Improved conversation view allows you to easily ignore conversations and entire future email streams.
Mobile Support: Seamless mobile access through Exchange ActiveSync. Individual users self-wipe helps prevent lost devices from affecting company security.
Partner Calendar Federation: New option in Exchange Online allows federation with important partners to allow shared calendar access. Use multiple calendars, internally, externally, as needed and access improved tools for setting meetings and picking conference rooms.
Exchange Unified Messaging: Hosted voicemail built into your inbox, right on the exchange server, removes the need to manage voicemail infrastructure. Functionality for voicemails to now auto-transcribe to text, which you can then read. Built in voicemail has video, Inline player, and caller ID functionality.
Security and Compliance: Exchange Online 2010 is protected by Microsoft Forefront. Features high-accuracy spam filtering and multiple virus-scanning engines, all included within the subscription. FOPE Admin center provides advanced policy rules and reporting by you. For the most advanced security needs, flexible mail routing allows you to route email through on-premises email servers or other hosted service. Finally, Exchange Online 2010 supports the use of third-party appliances for encryption and data leakage prevention. Legal hold options allow users to continue to function as normal during a lawsuit which demands a legal hold on email. Emails deleted are only removed from view of user.
Transport Rules: Easy to use condition rules can reroute messages as needed. Rules can be set to apply to all messages within or outside of an organization, easily configured with Web-based GUI.
Integration with IRM services: Exchange Online 2010 supports integration with on-premises AD RSM, activating advanced Exchange 2010 IRM features such as IRM in OWA, IRM search and Protected Voicemail. Transport Protection Rules and Outlook Protection rules also are supported.
Control and Visibility: Exchange Online Control Panel supports powerful Web-based tools for managing online environment, includes Multi-mailbox search and group management which can be delegated to non-IT users.
Remote PowerShell: A large number of features previously supported by remote PowerShell are now simple commands. Further, Remote PowerShell is still supported and allows scripting and automation of routine tasks, raw access tools for data management, and easy tools

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