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Notetaking on iPad: NoteShelf Official App Review for iPad / iPad 2 HD

Notetaking on iPad: NoteShelf Official App Review for iPad / iPad 2 HD
What’s New in Version 3.0
– Zoom mode
– iOS Multitasking
– iOS Printing
– Export to iPad photo album
– Export quality improvement
– Stickers quality improvement
– New shelf theme
– Show date on notebook pages
– A number of usability enhancements
“Noteshelf is great! It has eliminated my need for paper notebooks” – Founder & CEO of Softbank

Noteshelf let’s anyone take effective and organized notes straight from their iPad. Download this writing utility today and begin taking digital notes while having this app’s comprehensive note template library, editing, customization, and organizational options at your fingertips.

Noteshelf utilizes optimized handwriting functions to enable users to quickly and easily input notes within the app by hand without worry. An innovative ‘zoom’ writing mode allows users to use their finger to quickly write by hand in large print, which is then minimized to it original size on the app’s virtual notepad. Stroke smoothening technology ensures that no matter how hastily users write, notes will always stay legible. Noteshelf also includes a unique ‘wrist protection’ feature that ensures writers do not strain their hands while taking notes by allowing them to rest their wrist on the iPad’s writing surface while they write without creating unwanted graphic marks.

Noteshelf also features a full array of varying functionalities which ensure that the app is flexible enough to fit anyone’s needs. The app’s template library includes 17 uniquely preformatted notesheets optimized to suit many specific user needs such as creating a day planner or keeping a personal journal. Noteshelf also allows users to embed and annotate photos within their notes and includes an extensive collection of over 450 individual icons, divided into 5 separate categories, so that note takers can easily yet effectively label and organize their notes. Taking this breadth of functionality into account — hand in hand with its practical editing functions and note exporting capabilities — Noteshelf is one productivity app for the iPad that just may turn out to be the last one you’ll ever need.

App Features:

– Zoom Handwriting capability
– Comprehensive Template Library
– Photo embedding and annotation capability
– Categorized icon/ label collection
– ‘Wrist Protection’ Writing Comfort function
– User interface optimized for in-app navigation
– Multiple note export options including: DROPBOX & EVERNOTE
– Unlimited undo/ redo editing capabilities
– Backup/ Restore functionality
– Interactive user guide

Noteshelf is developed by Fluid Touch.

Duration : 0:15:25

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iPhone 4 Tutorial Part 1

In this section we cover:
Powering and Locking, Home Screen Layout, Soft Key Usage, The Home Button, Volume Controls, Keyboard and Text Entry, Placing a phone call, Multitasking, Declining Calls, Voicemail.
This tutorial was made by MobileConceptz Group LLC. Although demonstrated on an At&t iPhone 4 it is still applicable for the Verizon Wireless iPhone 4. Copyright 2011 MobileConceptz Group LLC All rights reserved.

iPhone 4 Tutorial
iPhone 4s Tutorial

Duration : 0:10:36

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Best iPhone & iPod Touch Apps (Part 3)

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Best iPhone & iPod Touch Apps (Part 3)

These are some of the best iPhone & iPod Touch Apps that I have been using lately. Hope you enjoy them, and make sure to check out the other videos in this playlist!

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Duration : 0:7:23

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DropCopy Shares Files for iPad, iPhone, and iPod

Mauricio shows how you can easily share files and clipboard text between iPhones, iPod Touches, the iPad, iPad2 and Macintosh computers with DropCopy!

Duration : 0:5:2

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How to sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with Gmail, Google Calendar & Contacts

http://TheAnywhereOffice.com In this video I show you how to sync your Gmail, Google Contacts, and Multiple Google Calendars (up to 25) with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch so you can send/receive mail, schedule appointments, and call any of your contacts from anywhere – instantly. Now that’s The Anywhere Office in action!

For more tips on using your iPhone or working from anywhere visit http://TheAnywhereOffice.com and subscribe to this YouTube Channel.

Duration : 0:9:41

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FileXChange: share files between iPhone and Mac, PC, Linux and Android by iStartApp

FileXChange is available on the AppStore: http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/filexchange/id428955307?mt=8

iStartApp is proud to present FileXChange, the application to use your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad as a flash memory, and transfer files with Mac, Windows, Linux and Android devices.

FileXChange main features include:
– Enhanced ease of use: intuitive graphics and video tutorial
– File transfer through WI-FI and Bluetooth
– File transfer with most operative systems including Android
– Email, zip and unzip functions
– Most common file formats supported
– Password protection

With its user-friendly interface, FileXChange is specifically designed to make file-transfer a straight-forward operation. As the user opens the app for the first time, a video tutorial will guide him/her through the main features of FileXChange.

FileXChange supports most common file formats, including:
– Word files (.doc, .docx, .txt)
– Excel files (.xls, .xlsx)
– PDF (.pdf) Keynote (.key)
– Numbers (.numbers)
– Pages (.pages)
– Powerpoint (.ppt)
– Most image formats (.png, .jpg, .gif and more)
– Most audio formats (.mp3, .wav, .aif and more)
– Most video formats (.mp4, .m4v, .mov and more)

For more information, visit our website: www.istatapp.com

Duration : 0:1:56

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iPad File Sharing

If you are looking for a simple way to share files between your iPad and your Mac, then take a look at Air Sharing.


Duration : 0:8:12

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Features of iOS 5 on iPhone 4 & iMessage!

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Name: Kim Nguyen
Email ID: KimHoaiNamNguyen@me.com

iOS 5 Bootup Benchmark:

iOS5 Installation:

I explain some of the features of the iOS 5 on the iPhone 4.

Apple says that iOS 5 includes more than 200 new features. These are the nine that matter.

Software Updates Over Wi-Fi.

Android users have long enjoyed wireless syncing and software updates. Apple had to catch up and finally has. The need to connect one’s iOS device to one’s computer with a cable only serves to remind users how iOS limits them. Good riddance.

Camera Software Improvements

You can now launch the iPhone/iPod touch 4th generation camera by double clicking the home button. And you can take a picture using the Volume Up button. Score one for simplicity. The software update also adds optional grid lines to help frame shots, pinch-to-zoom support in the preview screen, the ability to swipe to the camera roll from the preview screen, and the ability to tap and hold to lock focus and exposure. (The iPad 2 and iPod touch 4th generation support only exposure lock, not focus lock.)

[ Apple’s iPhone 4S arrives on Friday, October 14. Is it worth considering? ]

iCloud Support

While iCloud is not well-suited for backing up lots of data–Apple offers only up to 50 GB–users with a modest number of images and media files should find the service a convenient way to make their files available across all of their iOS and Mac OS X Lion devices. Certainly it’s better than the old method–syncing via cable to iTunes and dragging copied files out of iTunes to one’s desktop.


With iMessage, you can send an unlimited number of text messages, at no cost other than your time, to other iOS 5 users. Best of all, you don’t have to change your texting habits–iMessage in build into the Messages app.


The Push notification system that arrived in iOS 3 has been greatly improved. Instead of the intrusive modal dialog boxes that used to pop up, Notifications now appear briefly as banners atop the screen. The messages can then be viewed in the Notification Center, accessible from any app by swiping down from the top of the screen.


Apple’s version of a To-Do List is important because Reminders are location-based and work across iCal, Outlook, and iCloud. Thus a Reminder to stop by the pharmacy on the way home would appear on your iPhone as you pass the pharmacy. Reminders can be set using Siri, the new voice recognition software available on Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 4S.

Twitter Integration

Now you can sign into Twitter once and tweet from a variety of apps, including Camera, Maps, Photos, Safari and YouTube. And thankfully, Apple hasn’t made existing Twitter clients redundant.

Under Hood

Along with visible improvements to Apple’s Mail and Calendar iOS apps, there are many new capabilities in iOS 5 that aren’t readily evident. A lot of these have to do with how iOS devices interface with corporate IT systems. For example, IT administrators can now disable email forwarding to prevent company messages from being sent to external accounts. They can also turn off syncing with iCloud or iTunes, thereby limiting the replication of files on personal systems.

New APIs

Apple is introducing 1,500 new developer APIs, which allow third-party developers to take advantage of iOS 5 improvements. So in the months ahead, expect to see a lot of apps that integrate with iCloud and other Apple services.

iOS 5 requires an iPhone 3GS, 4, or 4S, an iPod touch 3rd or 4th generation, or either of the two iPad models released to date. It’s available through iTunes.

Duration : 0:6:49

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Control Your Computer From Your iPad With LogMeIn Ignition

Download LogMeIn: http://bit.ly/9yVtwf

Visit their site to download the application on your Mac or PC: http://logmein.com

LogMeIn is an application that will let you control and view your computer from an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Visit the site: http://tysiphonehelp.com

Follow Me: http://twitter.com/tysiphonehelp

Subscribe to my other channels:

Thanks for watching!

Duration : 0:5:48

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Productivity App for Marketing Leads Customer Service from your Mobile Phone

Marketing application for small business owners. Introduction video on the benefits of HEOsoftware’s smart phone applications for small business marketing and customer service on the run.

Duration : 0:3:18

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