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Email Setup on your BlackBerry Bold | BlackBerry Tutorials.co.uk

Follow our video tutorial showing you how to set up your email using your BlackBerry Bold 9000 smartphone.

Over 99 video tutorials and online technical support advisors are egar to help you with your BlackBerry Bold queries – http://www.blackberrytutorials.co.uk

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The Power of Ayahuasca and the Evolution of Humanity

In this video I describe my experience with ayahuasca. If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wearewildness or by email: wearewildness@gmail.com.

Disclaimer: I am not recommending anyone do ayahuasca; do your research. Not entirely sure on the legalities of this plant medicine. I would not suggest doing ayahuasca on your own, please seek a shaman or experienced guide to help you through the experience.

Links that I found interesting and very resourceful relating to Ayahuasca:


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Hide and Seek — One Man A Cappella Imogen Heap Cover

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Wow. Hold on, give me a second… I need to relax after this one.

This was crazy difficult. Not only was it just difficult note-wise, but the rhythms were ridiculous too. It was loads of fun though!

I started working on this in June. I did take July and August off while I was away for the summer, but all in all this is the product of a little less than 4 months of work.
There are 8 voices that you don’t see, but that’s just because I couldn’t fit them on screen. 4 baritone voices and 4 tenor voices do not have videos to go along with them, but there aren’t any splits in those parts so I don’t think that matters that much.

I’ll admit, I did cheat a little bit with the bass 2 part… I wasn’t planning on doing this song because of how low the bass part was. But one day (and singers will know what I mean) I woke up and for some reason I just wasn’t getting the high notes I usually do… but my range compensated by giving me ridiculous low notes… so I learned the bass part and took everything from there… believe me, I don’t normally have the low C’s and D’s that I sing in the video. But don’t take this to mean that I used autotune, because I never have and I never will. I just took advantage of a day where my voice was lower than usual,

The solo at the end is the top left box, the one wearing a bowtie. My soloists wear bowties now, bowties are cool.

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See you in the next video!

–arranged by Joseph Bates–

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Detention Room for Foreigners, Mok-dong, Seoul South Korea

Hunger-Strike during the lunch after 28 days (with legal absolute maximum 20) in Detention Room for Foreigners on fifth fl. Seoul Immigration Bureau of Ministry of Justice, Mok-dong, Seoul, South Korea.

24/7/365, ~110 “protected” foreigner in ~200m2 room.
No ventilation. No walks.
No beds — raw floor and 2 thin blankets for one man. Blankets was never cleaned (1-2 years to the date).
No sanitary.
No chairs. No normal tables. ~50% Protected are eating from the flour. Terrible food and there is no way even to buy normal.
Light and strong noise from 8AM till 2AM. Peoples are screaming in nights because of wounds done during arrests by Immigration Officers.
No working fire alarm system. Only one grates door. (Recently 9 mans died from a fire in similar Yosu “Protection” center)
Total Ignorance of law. No judgment – only “administration” and raw force.
No lawyers. No doctors.
No human rights. And no way to protest — the open case against Seoul Immigration Bureau is a legal ground for infinitive (until withdrawal the case) detention in THIS room.
Even hitting grates is prohibited. “Use the intercom”. But officers are “busy” to answer.
Immigration officers “knows only Korean language”, exempt situation, when they see personal interest/profit.

Some of protected are staying in this room months. I personally know 5 and 7 months cases.

Duration : 0:2:50

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ONC Announces Launch of “Direct Project” Pilots

View the press conference announcing the launch of Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) “Direct Project” with comments from Aneesh Chopra, Chief Technology Officer, White House; Dr. David Blumenthal, National Coordinator for Health Information Technology; and other key contributors.
The White House and ONC announced that providers and public health agencies in Minnesota and Rhode Island began exchanging health information using specifications developed by the Direct Project, an ‘open government’ initiative that calls on cooperative efforts by organizations in the health care and information technology sectors. (February 2, 2011)
The press conference was moderated by Farzad Mostashari, MD, ScM, Deputy National Coordinator for Programs and Policy, ONC, and includes remarks from Dr. David Blumenthal and Aneesh Chopra.
Designed as part of President Obama’s ‘open government’ initiative to drive rapid innovation, the Direct Project last year brought together some 200 participants from more than 60 companies and other organizations. “This is a new approach to public sector leadership, and it works,” said Chopra. “Instead of depending on a traditional top-down approach, stakeholders worked together to develop an open, standardized platform that dramatically lowers costs and barriers to secure health information exchange. The Direct Project is a great example of how government can work as a convener to catalyze new ideas and business models through collaboration.”

The two pilot programs that have already begun using Direct Project-based information exchange are in Minnesota and Rhode Island:

Minnesota: Hennepin County Medical Center, Minnesota’s premier Level 1 Adult and Pediatric Trauma Center, has been successfully sending immunization records to the Minnesota Department of Health. “This demonstrates the success that is possible through public-private collaborations,” said James Golden, PhD, Minnesota’s state health information technology coordinator.
Rhode Island: The Rhode Island Quality Institute (RIQI) has delivered a pilot project with two primary goals: (1) RIQI is improving patient care when patients are referred to specialists by demonstrating simple, direct provider-to-provider data; and (2) RIQI is leveraging Direct Project messaging as a means to securely feed clinical information, with patient consent from practice-based electronic health records to the state-wide health information exchange, current care, to improve quality by detecting gaps in care and making sure the full record is available to all care providers.
Other speakers included industry and government professionals who helped make the Direct Project launch a success: Mark Briggs, MSc, Chief Executive Officer, VisionShare; Glen Tullman, Chief Executive Officer, Allscripts; Sean Nolan, Chief Architect, Microsoft Health Solutions; and, Albert Puerini, Jr, MD, President and CEO, Polaris Medical Management, President and CEO, Rhode Island Primary Care Physicians; and, Todd Park, Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Duration : 0:48:14

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