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JWHD – Stuff Crossdressers Say @JessicaWhoHD

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I’m sure that by now you’ve seen countless “Sh*t ____ people say” videos. But you know what? I haven’t seen a Sh*t Cross dressers say, so I decided to make it!

This is a compilation of thoughts, expressions, and sayings that I’ve experienced first-hand (either myself or meeting someone like me) or read online. I tried to be as inclusive and all-encompassing as possible, though I may have missed some things.

I hope you enjoy this one and find something you can relate to. Many of us go through the same struggles and feelings so my hope is to make a little light of it. Thanks for your support and I sincerely hope that this video brightens your day ♥.

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Justin Bieber Got a Haircut – Now He is Bald? Never Seen Before!

Justin Bieber shaved his hair off Like Britney Spears? He sure went from one extreme to the other! See Justin Bieber’s new haircut and let us know what you think of it. Sure this will give him a break so he will not be flipping his hair anymore which could hurt his neck. We remember Selena Gomez talking him into cutting his hair. Scooter Braun tweeted on Twitter that Justin Bieber did not cut his hair and that he just brushed it to one side.

Lets pray that he never shaves his head until he is bald although we like him no matter what. Justin Bieber gets a new haircut and we love his new Bieber Dew! His new style looks great and sure that girls will be chasing him around even more.

Now that Justin Bieber trimmed his hair he can see a brighter day with less hair to get in the way!

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Justin Bieber Releases ‘Pray’ Music Video! More details coming soon.

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Music created by all4tubekids

Let us know how we did on the edited picture of Justin Bieber Was this breaking news to you?

Please share with your friends and all your contacts if you want to have a little fun and give them a little scare about Justin Bieber shaving his head.

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