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Record Your Screen with Quicktime – Mac OSX Lion

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In this video, Mahalo technology expert Justin Zagri teaches you the new Mac OS X Lion feature that lets you record your screen using Quicktime.

Recording Your Screen with Quicktime

The Quicktime player for Mac OS X Lion contains a new feature that allows you to record the activity on your computer screen. 1. Open the Quicktime player on your computer. 2. Go to File — New Screen Recording. You also have the option to select New Movie Recording, which uses your webcam to record a video, or New Audio Recording, which uses your microphone to record just audio. 3. A small gray box labeled Screen Recording will open up. 4. Before you start recording, adjust the recording options by clicking on the down arrow of the Screen Recording box. The options let you select which microphone to use, the kind of recording quality, whether to show mouse clicks in the recording and where to save the file. 5. Press the red Record button in the Screen Recording box. When you do this, gray text will appear on your desktop that reads: Click to record the full screen. Drag to record part of the screen. Click or drag to begin your recording. 6. The Quicktime box will automatically create a timer of the recording as well as the size of the file. Quicktime will record all the actions performed on the screen. 7. Click the Stop square in the Quicktime box to stop the recording. A new Quicktime window of the the video will open up for you to view. The Quicktime recording will not display the gray Screen Recording box. It will show a black circle where you made clicks with the mouse while recording. 8.  You can edit the video or export the file. 

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