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Sass & Bide Interview – Sydney Fashion Week 2012 (MBFWA) with Yasmin Sewell – Episode 4 (1/2)

Yasmin Sewell – MBFWA 2012 Westfield Series:

Yasmin Sewell – Intro – http://youtu.be/z9qhHAkBBAM
Carla Zampatti Interview – Ep 1 – http://youtu.be/19yH3t5ama8
Ksubi Interview – Ep 2 (1/2) – http://youtu.be/60gW5lHP5hs
Ginger & Smart Interview – Ep 2 (2/2) – http://youtu.be/lmY5CHkhJjw
Nick Smith GQ Interview – Ep 3 – http://youtu.be/FxszgOl2s2E
Sass & Bide Interview – Ep 4 (1/2) – http://youtu.be/Z6CqfNcGMac
Zimmermann Interview – Ep 4 (2/2) – http://youtu.be/XpAVCd5H7Mw
Napoleon Perdis Interview – Ep 5 – http://youtu.be/lTN91J0Zm8k

Yasmin Sewell interviews designer Heidi Middleton and Sarah-Jane Clarke on their next collection named ‘Sing Brother!’, fashion inspirations, women around the world that wear Sass and Bide clothes, their views on the brand and what Australian style means to them.

What is Australian Style to You?

Edwina McCann – Editor, Harper’s BAZAAR
Pip Edwards – Stylist
Bambi Northwood-Blyth – Model

Kate Waterhouse – Style & Fashion Editor, Sun Herald
Susie Bubble – Blogger
MBFWA Models

Style Session Clothing from:

Arthur Galan
Carla Zampatti
Fleur Wood
Ginger & Smart
Leona Edmiston
Lisa Ho
MJ Bale
Sass & Bide
100 Squared

Website: http://www.westfield.com.au/au/
Google+: https://plus.google.com/116705982116614986647
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Westfield
Twitter: http://twitter.com/westfieldsyd

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Duration : 0:4:30

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JWHD – Stuff Crossdressers Say @JessicaWhoHD

GAMING CHANNEL – http://youtube.com/TrannyGamer

I’m sure that by now you’ve seen countless “Sh*t ____ people say” videos. But you know what? I haven’t seen a Sh*t Cross dressers say, so I decided to make it!

This is a compilation of thoughts, expressions, and sayings that I’ve experienced first-hand (either myself or meeting someone like me) or read online. I tried to be as inclusive and all-encompassing as possible, though I may have missed some things.

I hope you enjoy this one and find something you can relate to. Many of us go through the same struggles and feelings so my hope is to make a little light of it. Thanks for your support and I sincerely hope that this video brightens your day ♥.

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Hi, I’m Jessica Who? And yea, I’m a dude!


Polar Barra Productions
P.O. Box 140216
Gainesville, FL 32614-2851

Thank you so much for watching!!

Makeup – Make Up forever foundation, Dermablend concealer, Urban decay eyes,

Outfits – Dress by Francesca Collections
Button down shirt by Forever 21
Red top by Wal Mart
Bras by Victoria’s Secret
Wigs by Vogue Wigs

This video was filmed with a Canon Rebel T3i and edited in Sony Vegas Movie Studio 11.0

Music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod — http://incompetech.com

Duration : 0:5:1

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vLog #3 “Mommy Monday” + Outfit ♥f The Day #5

A typical Monday with my mom 😀
She has Mondays off so I try to clear my Mondays just for her.

This video was mainly based on showing you guys my outfit! So this is a collaboration of a vlog+OOTD!

*I n f o r m a t i o n o n m y o u t f i t:
Cape/Poncho: New York & Company
Dress (hidden under): American Apparel U-Neck Dress
Tights: Forever21
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Laced Gloves: ALDO
Rings: Forever21,miscellaneous..
Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff
Sunglasses: CHLOE

Thanks for watching!
Subscribe if you enjoyed it 🙂

My other pages/websites:
MY BLOG: http://annaversary.blogspot.com/2010/11/motherly-monday.html
MY TWITTER: http://twitter.com/annaversary
MY TUMBLR: http://annaversary.tumblr.com/
MY TUMBLR #2: http://annaversarysiphone.tumblr.com/

Duration : 0:12:43

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Color blocked Blue Orange & Pink (Collaboration with LipSH0CK)

::BLOG:: http://www.DestinyGodley.BlogSpot.com ::TWITTER:: http://www.Twitter.com/DestinyGodley

Hair: Brazilian Platinum Wigs
VIP number : 35

LIPSHOCK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWN2Jl80Rkg&feature=feedu
Song: Stone Crazy (Afro Deep Mix) Kafele @DJComeofAge

Products Used:
MUFE Concealer

Jordana Auburn

Prestige Azure

MUFE 203 and Loreal Tutti Frutti

Illumasqua Libido ID Bare Mineral Flawless Radiance

Makeup Links:

Head Wraps:


Eye Brows:


Duration : 0:5:40

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Justin Bieber Got a Haircut – Now He is Bald? Never Seen Before!

Justin Bieber shaved his hair off Like Britney Spears? He sure went from one extreme to the other! See Justin Bieber’s new haircut and let us know what you think of it. Sure this will give him a break so he will not be flipping his hair anymore which could hurt his neck. We remember Selena Gomez talking him into cutting his hair. Scooter Braun tweeted on Twitter that Justin Bieber did not cut his hair and that he just brushed it to one side.

Lets pray that he never shaves his head until he is bald although we like him no matter what. Justin Bieber gets a new haircut and we love his new Bieber Dew! His new style looks great and sure that girls will be chasing him around even more.

Now that Justin Bieber trimmed his hair he can see a brighter day with less hair to get in the way!

Be sure to check out our Justin Bieber remix and parody music videos. We will have some behind the scenes videos of Justin Bieber and his new song Pray.

More news on seven year old rapper MattyBRaps, Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson is coming soon.

Be sure to visit our channel often to see the latest prank video! Keep sending in your prank ideas and be sure to participate in our interactive video.

Audition for acting or singing and be on TV. See how by visiting our auditions website at:

Justin Bieber Releases ‘Pray’ Music Video! More details coming soon.

We own rights to images and media used in this video for informational, commentary, and educational purposes.

Music created by all4tubekids

Let us know how we did on the edited picture of Justin Bieber Was this breaking news to you?

Please share with your friends and all your contacts if you want to have a little fun and give them a little scare about Justin Bieber shaving his head.

Duration : 0:1:6

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