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[Gumi & Rin] Chemical Emotion ケミカルエモーション [English Subtitles]

Note: Link to Romaji Download Below in Info Box

Rin and Gumi just look so attractive and classy in this song. Shoujo Ai or just a dance track about love? Who cares, I’ll take both. I love the beat and I really like the art. Some of the lines are really catchy and plenty of cool engrish too. Muhmue-san really made a winner this time!

(Update) Check out the translated “Maria Inside the Birdcage”, also translated by me here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ompjPteDrzg

A quick TL note: When Gumi sings about her gears making that sound (well actually it talks about just 1 silver gear) that is literally what she is saying. I am not sure if there is a specific reference that I should have translated there but I will just assume that she is referencing the “gears of her heart/feelings/soul” aka her inner workins or something like that. I chose not to make something up and translate it pretty literally so that people could decide for themselves what it meant to them.

Thank you to all my viewers for over 100,000 video views now. Consider this video to be a commemoration of that exciting event. I hope people continue to enjoy my videos in the future. (Note on 6/21/2012: LOL now this video itself almost has 100K views! I can’t thank everyone enough).

As always thanks for watching and feel free to contact me with translation questions (about my vids), song requests, comments, suggestions, and collaboration offers.

muhmue’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/muhmue (tell him to release this album for western fans :D)

Original Video: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm15201915
Muhmue’s Official Website/Link to CD: http://www.geocities.jp/officemuhmue/
Karaoke Video Link by request: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm15367164
Artist’s Profile: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=269553

Descent’s translation/discussion Blog: http://descentsubs.wordpress.com/
Descent’s Tumblr: http://descent87.tumblr.com/
Descent’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/descent87

Link to Romaji/Kanji/Translation: http://www.mediafire.com/?b7ty7j499l82wjg

Chemical Emotion Romaji

Watashi no naka no ai no suicchu wa itsumo ofu ni natta mama
Usui Kanjou wa yokuyou mo naku nanimo iwazu ukanderu

Firutaa de roka shita kokoro no anata wa tada no shingou de

Daremo ga modomeru shoukei wa tsukurareta mahoroshi

Kemikaru emoushion dejitaru na moushion
Todoketai omoi wa mukishitsu de

Gin no haguruma Ai ga nakereba

Mimizawarisuru oto nokosu

Kemikaru emoushion kotoba no iryuujion

Mawarikudoi serifu wa iranai

Kanjiru mama ni Nagareru mama ni

Watashi ni kisu o sureba ii

Gozen zero toki no kane wa watashi o kuroi no shinderera ni suru

Uso no doresu de mi o katamete wa kokoro no nai kao shiteru

Yousui no naka de kanjita mirai no jibun wa naiteru

Sonna memori wa sakujo shite Atarashii watashi ni naru

Kemikaru emoushion Dejitaru na Tenshon

keisan sareta koi no suteeji

Kiekake no ai Torimoshitai

Anata no Egao mitai kara

Kemikaru Emoushon Majikaru suteeshon

Kokoro no Uchi o hakidasu basho

Tatta hitokoto Ienakatta koto

Honne wa mune no naka ni aru

Kemikaru emoushon Dejitaru na Passhon

Parusu ni omoi Nosetemitemo

koboreru namida Tomerarenainda

Moeru kanjou Yomigaeru

Kemikaru Emoushon Ai wa eboryuushon

Toki to tomo ni watashi mo Kawaru

Anata no omoi Watashi no Omoi

Futatsu kasanari Hajiketa no

Kemikaru emoushon

Kemikaru emoshoun Dejitaru na moushon

Kemikaru emoshoun Dejitaru na moushon

Kemikaru emoshoun

Kemikaru emoshoun Ai wa eboryuushon

Duration : 0:4:46

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Lync 2013 and PowerPoint Presentations – Deploy of Office Web Apps Server (English enhanced audio)

A short webcast about Lync and its interactions with PowerPoint during conferencing and online presentations.
Made by Fabrizio Volpe for the Lync2013.org channel.
Dubbed in english by Sandra, english subtitles.

Duration : 0:8:50

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Business English Meetings 1

Are your meetings magnificent ? or are they rather mundane? Do your participants yawn and get bored or are they lively and engaged? Managing a meeting can be very difficult, add in a new language and it can be near impossible to say what you mean in an appropriate manner. At http://skype-englishschool.com we specialize in business English. We can help you to learn the correct vocabulary and phrases to lead your meeting with style.

Duration : 0:4:57

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The Business of English – Episode 4 – Australia Network

The Business of English is a video presentation broadcast regularly on Australia Network and also available online.

This 15-part series for intermediate to advanced English language learners looks at the language used in everyday business situations such as meetings, presentations and negotiations.

You can find the rest of the episodes, plus quizzes, tips and more at: http://australianetwork.com/businessenglish

Australia Network has a range of English learning programs online including vodcasts (video downloads) and more available at:

Duration : 0:9:43

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Google Docs in Plain English

Create and share online documents, spreadsheets and presentations. It’s free. You can:

1) Access your documents online from any computer with an internet connection.

2) Add collaborators to your document and Docs will send them a link to access the doc online (no need to send email attachments back and forth)

3) Decide who can view and edit each document (only you, some people, or everyone)

For a quick product tour, check out: http://www.google.com/google-d-s/tour1.html

Or to get started, visit: http://docs.google.com

Duration : 0:2:50

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Pronunciation – several sounds/words – English Meeting ESL Lesson

This is the pronunciation video that accompanies the Shoutcast 2 English Meeting video lesson.

A focused pronunciation lesson for North American English by EnglishMeeting with Dave Sconda.

Pronunciation can be fun to learn and with consistent practice, you can be speaking much more clearly. A clear speaker of English has more opportunities and feels confident in life.

Have fun practicing!


Duration : 0:4:38

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[Eng Sub]SHINee Onew Singing Compilation (Live) Part 1

How could you not love onew’s sweet, angelic, warm, emotional singing voice?
I love your everything – your voice, your smile, your eyes, your adorable onew sangte/condition, your dorkiness and cuteness, you as a responsible leader and a kind person
Song title – original singer – Date and programme
0:00 With Coffee – Brown eyes – 101201 KTR

0:18 Come back to Me – Seven – 100912 YHS

0:36 Man and Woman – Kim bum soo ft – 080709 KTR

1:33 Incurable Disease – Harim – 080720 Tablo’s Dreaming Radio

2:41 Forever More – James Ingram – 090914 SHINee Fan Meeting in Osaka

3:59 Now and Forever – Richard Marx – 100126 SHINee Fan meeting in Japan

4:51 Chungso(Clean Up청소) – The Ray – 101126 Byulbam

5:53 I Wanna Rock – Twisted Sister – 100915 ROA Curtain Call Fancam

6:19 Nessun Dorma – Luciano Pavarotti and others- 110102 SHINee first concert in Seoul

7:05 I’ll Give You Everything/All – Jo Kyu Man – 100813 Wonder Women

7:34 We Match Quite Well – Sung Si Kyung – 090217 Lee Sooyoung’s Radio (Byulbam)

8:13 Drunken Truth/The truth is in wine – Kim Dong Ryul – 081028 Fancam

10:11 One Year Later – Jessica (snsd) ft Onew – 090801 + 090829

12:32 The Name I Loved – Onew ft Kim Yeon Woo – 100821 SM Concert

I do not own any of the clips. I only subbed and edited the clips.
I translated Incurable disease, We match quite well, Chungso(by my crappy korean and various online translators). Other lyrics were found online.
Please forgive me if there’re any mistakes. I’m not Korean and it’s my first time making a video.
Sorry for the abrupt stops i was trying to get within the time limit

Credits to
오븐파는곳 & Randy19976 (Now and Forever)
Onew Side (The Name I loved, Nessun Dorma)
Onew Style (Drunken Truth)
Spring Rabbit (ROA)
weareshining.com (Forever More)
Soshified(One Year Later lyrics)

Duration : 0:14:46

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David Eiswert Doubts Apple, Google Will Be `Derailed’

Nov. 22 (Bloomberg) — David Eiswert, a portfolio manager at T. Rowe Price Group Inc., talks about the outlook for Apple Inc. and Google Inc.
Eiswert also discusses his investment strategy for technology shares and the evolution of the technology industry. He speaks with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television’s “Bottom Line.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Duration : 0:5:10

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Microsoft Office 2010 Starter Test on Netbook

http://ndevil.com – Short demonstration of the new Starter Version of Office 2010 on a netbook. It is not a Shareware but has Advertisement. Word and Excel only!

Duration : 0:3:11

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Part 6 – Babbitt by Sinclair Lewis (Chs 29-34)

Part 6. Classic Literature VideoBook with synchronized text, interactive transcript, and closed captions in multiple languages. Audio courtesy of Librivox. Read by Mike Vendetti.

Playlist for Babbitt by Sinclair Lewis: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7754E57A9802517D

Duration : 2:19:47

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