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Twitter’s Vine dies today, so download your videos pronto

It’s the end of the Vine. On Tuesday, January 17, Twitter’s video-sharing platform is morphing from the popular social network spin-off to an integrated part of Twitter. As part of the changeover, the Vine app will become Vine Camera. With the new app you’ll be able to record and edit six-second videos, and then save them to your phone’s camera roll or upload them to Twitter. The impact on you at home: January 17 is the last day you’ll be able to download your Vines via the mobile app or the vine.co website. After Tuesday, Vine.co will become an archival site where you’ll be able to view Vines, but the downloading feature will be turned off. If you’re seeing this notice after the download function is shut off you might try a third-party solution to grab your Vines—though we can’t guarantee they’ll work.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
http://www.cio.com/article/3158486/mobile/twitters-vine-dies-today-so-download-your-videos-pronto.html#tk.rss_consumerelectronicsMicrosoft Office 2010
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Microsoft Office 356 Complete Review (Office 2013 Enterprise) (DL)

A full review of Microsoft Office 365 that will be included in many versions of Windows 8. The full release will be coming out this fall alongside Windows 8.

The following programs are reviews:
Access 2013
Excel 2013
InfoPath Designer 2013
InfoPath Filler 2013
Lync 2013
OneNote 2013
Outlook 2013
Powerpoint 2013
Publisher 2013
Word 2013

Try it now for free: http://www.microsoft.com/office/preview/en/office-365-enterprise

Duration : 0:23:6

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When Julie (Neha Dhupia), a girl-next-door from Goa, gets dumped by her boyfriend, Neil (Yash Tonk), she moves to Mumbai. Here, too, she is physically abused by her boss, Rohan (Sanjay Kapoor). Heartbroken and emotionless, she loses faith in love and decides to become a call-girl. A chance meeting outside her work area, with Mihir Shandilya (Priyanshu Chatterjee), a multi-millionaire and one of the most eligible bachelors in town, leads to their instant liking for each other. Mihir is completely besotted by her beauty and, being a family-oriented gentleman, proposes marriage to her. All is well except that Mihir and his family are unaware of the fact of Julie being a high-profile prostitute. During a TV interview, Mihir surprises everyone by mentioning Julie to be ‘someone special’ in his life. Julie, now, is in a dilemma. How to tell her future husband about her socially unacceptable profession? Watch out for the way she uses media as a platform to reveal the truth to the world. Will Mihir accept her after knowing the truth?

Duration : 2:22:12

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FREE FULL VERSION Microsoft Office 2010 Professional! No fee, trial, or registration needed!


******Monday, August 20, 2012 and the link is still working****** ENJOY~

Instructions on how to download Microsoft Office 2010 Professional for FREE!:

1. Download a torrent. Ex. Bit torrent, u torrent
2. Download a software that can decompress compressed folders. Ex. Winrar, Winzip
3.To download the actual software there are 2 ways:

a) Go to Pirate Bay (piratebay.org) and search up “Microsoft Office 2010 Professional” look for the link that says “Microsoft Office Professional 2010 – No Serial Needed” by “darkfire09”
Click on “Get this torrent” after when you open the link. It should open the torrent you downloaded. After when you download it open it, and it should open in your winrar or other software. Click on extract all and chose the location. Then after when it downloads open the folder and click on “Setup”. The software should download for you!

b) This website will locate you to the exact website (might not work if the website is expired or broken): http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/6947477/Microsoft_Office_Professional_2010_-_No_Serial_Needed
Click on “Get this torrent”. It should open the torrent you downloaded. After when you download it open it, and it should open in your winrar or other software. Click on extract all and chose the location. Then after when it downloads open the folder and click on “Setup”. The software should download for you!

Enjoy!! =D

Please also like/comment/subscribe/ Thanks~

Duration : 0:12:42

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Microsoft Office 2010 [Serial]

Microsoft Office 2010 Serial key

Microsoft Office 2010 is a productivity suite for Microsoft Windows, and the successor to Microsoft Office 2007. Office 2010 includes extended file format support, user interface updates, and a changed user experience. A 64-bit version of Office 2010 is available, although not for Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.
On April 15, 2010, Office 2010 was released to manufacturing. The suite became available for retail and online purchase on June 15, 2010.Office 2010 is the first version to require product activation for volume license editions.

Page: www.crack-down.com

Download Serial:

Download Trial:

SERIALS WORKING 100% SS: http://img189.imageshack.us/img189/20/screenkb.jpg

Comments, and sub me!

Microsoft Office 2010 serial

Duration : 0:7:54

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Microsoft office professional plus 2010 PT Download

Links por partes (CORRIGIDO)

Duration : 0:0:57

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Synopsis: Two Indian Secret Service Agents, Ajay Saxena and Abdul, are not only co-workers, but also live like brothers and family. Their Chief asks Abdul to take charge of Project M, dealing with India’s nuclear capability for defense, while Ajay proceeds on a vacation to Switzerland. Once there, he meets with beautiful Anju and both fall in love with each other. When he returns to India, he is told that Abdul has been killed, the file pertaining to Project M is missing, and he is assigned the task of not only recovering the file but also apprehending the culprits. Ajay sets out to Bangalore and finds that Anju also lives there with her wealthy businessman dad, Brij Mohan alias BM.. Ajay will soon find out that his romance with Anju is short-lived as her dad may be connected with the masterminds who had the secret file stolen, and are now determined to do away with Ajay as they had with Abdul

Duration : 2:18:25

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Dash Berlin with Cerf Mitiska & Jaren – Man On The Run (Official Music Video)

DJ Mag Top 100 voting has started: vote for your favorite via http://top100djs.net. We’d like to thank all of you for your support!

Download this video on iTunes: http://bit.ly/DashManonRunVIDIT
Download this track on iTunes: http://bit.ly/DashManOnRunIT
Download the album ‘Give Me A Sound’ on iTunes: http://bit.ly/DashGiveMeASoundIT
Listen on Spotify: http://spoti.fi/DashManonRunSP
Download on Beatport: http://s.beatport.com/DashManonRunBP

Folluw us:

Remember that remix Dash Berlin did on Cerf, Mitiska & Jarens You Never Said? It rocked the crowds, all the way from New York to Amsterdam and everywhere in between. And it sure didnt only impress the trance lovers. The track was even nominated for Best EuroDance/Hi-NRG Track at this years International Dance Music Awards, which proves that a combination of their sounds was more than just musical chemistry. Right about time for a collaboration. Dutch producer collective Dash Berlin have now teamed up with the well known trance trio Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren. Matt Cerf and Shawn Mitiska, armed with singer Jaren, have been haunting the trance scene with previous hits Light The Skies and Saved Again. Man On The Run is the result of this exciting team up and the proof that these team players can truly live up to the expectations. Man On The Run is the catchy, piano-driven anthem that again shows how great a heavy bassline, a voice to die for and an emotionally charged melody can shape something beyond listening pleasure. This team has found their perfect match. Man On The Run goes deep, hits high and leaves everyone speechless, if not singing along.

Duration : 0:3:58

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How to install WHATSAPP on PC _ (3 MIN)

I don’t own this software… I’m just explaining the procedure how to Install WhatsApp on PC… Questions are answered below…

1.1 – Can I really use any phone number?
YES as a matter a fact you can even use the old school rotatary phones with no screen… a computer will CALL you back and give the authentication digits….

1.2 – Can I use the same number, I already use to whatsapp with?
NO, if you were to do so you need to re-install whatsapp. You won’t lose your chat-history. But I would ONLY recommend that in case your phone is unavailable for a while (like in case of a repair)

1.3 – How do I share files with my PC (via Dropbox)
YouWave & other Android devices use APK files, so whenever you Google for apps, put the text APK behind the AppName. For example: WhatsApp APK

– Download & Install the Dropbox for PC
– Create a account
– A DropBox directory will appear on your Desktop

– Google for: DropBox APK
– Download APK file
– Place APK file in the Dropbox directory

– Start YouWave
– Surf to www.dropbox.com (From Within YouWave)
– Login to your account
– Now Download & Install the Dropbox APK file

Yes, ironically we have to upload DropBox to DropBox itself to get it installed, because the original download link will redirect you to Google Play.

Everything you put in the DropBox folder of your PC is now shared with YouWave. Now search: WhatsApp APK and place that in the DropBox folder.

APK files can also be downloaded from

Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=rL6793saxXg
1.4 How to send pictures and videos (Via Dropbox)
– Open dropbox from within Youwave
– Find your picture
– Then click and hold the picture… until a menu pops up
– Share…. / Share this file / WhatsApp

You can also use Astro Manager (highly recommended)

1.5 – Here are some popular YouWave Compatible APK’s
– WhatsApp (To chat with smart phones)
– Dropbox (To share files with your PC)
– ASTRO File Manager (To access the SD CARD)
– Epinephrine (To MSN)
– UberSocial (To twitter)
– FaceBook
– Youtube (To directly view youtube links)
– K9 Mail (To mail)
– ClockSync (WhatsApp shows wrong time on messages with Native Sync)

1.6 – I want Youwave to display my native language
– On the Home Screen, Press Menu Button
– Go to Settings, Language & keyboard, Select Language

1.7 – How to reset Youwave
Paste path in adress bar:

– close Youwave
– delete “youwave_vm01.vdi”
– copy & rename “youwave_vm01_golden.vdi” TO “youwave_vm01.vdi”

2.1 – I don’t have a credit card to buy this?
Nobody needs a credit card to buy this, you can create a PayPal account with just a email adress and a bank account at:

2.2 – How does paypal work?
You fill in your bank information to create your paypal account, and paypal will make 2 random transactions to your bank, which you must fill in on paypal… so paypal knows you own that bank account… than you can start making payments with no extra charge unlike credit cards… Demonstration Video Below

How To add A Bank Account To PayPal Account

2.3 – I don’t want to uninstall my Virtual Box
Create another windows user account or geust account

3.1 – App Not Installed
First solution:
– Download and Install WhatsApp via AndAppStore

Second solution:
– Download a WhatsApp.apk via google,,, (version 2.7.174, if possible)
– And pass via dropbox…

It might give another error when u try to install again…
just restart youwave and retry installation

3.2 – Other Errors?
Go to http://youwave.com/forum/
Post back how you solved it… so you can help others…

Duration : 0:3:2

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Microsoft Office 2013 Release Date – Check Microsoft Office 2013 Beta Download

Micorosoft Office 2013 Download Link – http://sharefiles.me/download/40850

File information
Report date: 2012-07-28 11:58:03 (GMT 1)
File name: MicrosoftOffice2013Plus.exe
File size: 33240 bytes
MD5 hash: 78993755f19aca089b29d2db43237099
SHA1 hash: c016345fdb61bbe4125d1b6d98f634a58ad2d2fd
Detection rate: 0 on 16 (0%)
Status: CLEAN
Antivirus Database Engine Result
a-squared 17/02/2011
Avast 17/02/2011 5.0
AVG 17/02/2011
Avira AntiVir 17/02/2011
BitDefender 17/02/2011
ClamAV 17/02/2011
Comodo 17/02/2011 4.0
Dr.Web 17/02/2011 5.00.0
F-PROT6 17/02/2011
Ikarus T3 17/02/2011 1001084
Kaspersky 17/02/2011
NOD32 17/02/2011
Panda 17/02/2011
TrendMicro 17/02/2011 9.120-1004
VBA32 17/02/2011
VirusBuster 17/02/2011 1.5.6
Extra information
File type: Executable File (EXE)
Packer: Nothing found
Binder detector: Nothing found
PDF analyzer: Nothing found

It’s your Office, delivered fast to your Windows PCs

Experience productivity on demand with your new, personalized Office 365

ProPlus. Office applications, with all of your settings, are nearly instantly streamed

to your PCs. Office 365 ProPlus includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook,

OneNote, Access, Publisher, and Lync.

Get enterprise-grade security, side-by-side support for previous versions of Office,

streamlined update experiences, and IT controls that let you manage Office on your

terms and with your tools and processes.

Top 10 reasons to try Office 365 ProPlus Preview

1. Deploy more easily than ever
This version of Office was built from the ground up to be the easiest version ever to

deploy. It’s designed so your current add-ins and customizations just work.

Powerful new Office telemetry tools inspect file and application compatibility, and

optimized provisioning allows IT to quickly deploy broadly without uninstalling

existing Office applications.

2. Enjoy the power of the cloud—on your terms
Use existing IT tools and processes for delivering software, no need to change your

management infrastructure before installing. Automation and Group Policy

management tools give you full control over how Office is installed and configured.

3. Get personal productivity on demand
Stream Office applications to your PC, so you’re up and running nearly instantly.

Run this version of Office alongside earlier versions, no extra work involved.

4. Monitor performance centrally New Office telemetry tools give IT more power to

monitor the health and performance of Office across your organization and

support you while you migrate from earlier versions of Office. Proactive controls

help ensure that Office performs at peak levels to keep users productive.

5. Keep data more secure Enhanced security and multifactor authentication

protects your files, devices, and users, letting your users easily access the

information they need while meeting security and compliance requirements. New

tools for Excel scan spreadsheets and perform diagnostics for errors, hidden

information, and broken links, and they can help prevent fraud by searching

workbooks for inconsistencies.

6. Get started more quickly and easily An improved Start experience helps you

begin creating documents and presentations more quickly. Easily access templates

and your recently viewed documents and folders

7. Build a social network Combined, SharePoint, Lync, and Exchange create

powerful social networks for your organization. Stay connected to the people you

work with and communicate with important contacts via voice and video.

8. Discover and share insights from your data
Excel gives you intuitive and new ways to explore your data, inspiring new insight.

With one click, visualize and analyze data in greater depth than ever before.

Combine Excel with SQL Server to centrally analyze and quickly generate insights

into large data stores.

9. Create and share beautiful documents
Create visually striking documents and presentations with Word and PowerPoint

on your own or with others. Stay on top of the latest changes to a shared document

and the conversations in the document. Use the new online sharing feature in

PowerPoint to share with your audience even if they don’t have PowerPoint.

10. Add the power of the web and media to documents
Integrate rich web or intranet content directly into your documents and bring your

files and data to life with real-time views into dynamic content. Stay up to the

minute with reporting systems, integrate directly with map services, or see what

your customers are saying without having to update your files.

Duration : 0:1:29

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