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Announcement: Office 365 Pricing – How to Buy One License

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Microsoft Office 365 (Plan P1) – 1 month term  |  Learn more
1 user license at $6.00 per user license, per month $6.00
per month
Subtotal $6.00

Why Office 365?

Office 365 makes sense at any budget. Starting at $6/mo/user any organization can afford to have Microsoft’s top communications platform. Work together using Microsoft’s familiar products no matter where you are. Collaborate and communicate effortlessly on email, calendars, documents and web conferences. You are protected by enterprises-class datacenters and backed by Microsoft’s 99.99% uptime SLA. Streamline IT and retire old hardware and software.

Additional partner information:
631 965-5110

via portal.microsoftonline.comMicrosoft Office 2010
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Announcement: Office 365 for professionals and small businesses (Plan P)

Click the ‘Buy’ button to begin setting up your account.

Microsoft Office 365 is a pay-as-you-go subscription service. Sign up today and get virtually anywhere access* and the productivity features listed below.

Computer Systems Cloud Specialist has configured a custom collection of Microsoft Online Services especially for you.

Review your customized collection here:

Buy Office 365

Get started with the right Office 365 plan for your organization here. Office 365 for professionals and small businesses is just $6 per user per month.


This purchase offer includes:
– 1 user licenses Microsoft Office 365 (Plan P1)

Additional partner information:
516 307-6619


Per user/month

Key Features


Email, calendar, contacts, personal archive, and 25 GB mailbox storage with 35 MB attachments with Exchange Online


Online document viewing and basic editing capabilities with Office Web Apps


Easily access and view files from your mobile device with Office Web Apps


Consistent file formatting from desktop Office versions to web versions with Office Web Apps


Sites to share documents and information with SharePoint Online


Easily design and maintain a professional-looking public website with SharePoint Online


Instant messaging, presence, online meetings, and PC-to-PC audio/video calls with Lync Online


Share your desktop with colleagues and partners with Lync Online


Premium antivirus and anti-spam filtering with Microsoft Forefront Online Protection for Exchange

Microsoft Office 2010
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Office 365 Overview Why Cloud?

Why Cloud? Why Now?

Highly connected users and devices
Cloud solutions have matured rapidly
Ever-increasing cost of managing infrastructure
Disaster recovery is becoming essential
People can work from home hot spots when area outage.
Aging collaboration solutions
We receive the latest updates

Devices IOS and Android phones

Cloud when and where you need it – on demand roaming and always up-to-date

Microsoft Exchange essential colaboration tools including Email, Calendaring, Contacts, and Tasks.

Document Management, Team Colaboration, Web Portals, Dashboards – sharepoint

Security and Reliability
Antivirus/Spam Data Leak Prevention
GEO-Redundant Copy of data in remote locations

24×7 Online & Telephone Support
“Evergreen” Service – Always on latest versions and capabilities

Office Web Apps – View and Edit Documents in the Web Browser and maintain full fidelity

Enterprise E-Mail with Exchange Online
50 GB Mailbox – Standard Offering
Unlimited Size Archives
Outlook and Outlook Web App
Support for ActiveSync based modules

Collaboration with SharePoint
Intranet Portal with Web Content Management
10 GB Initial Tenant + 500 MB added to starage pool for each subscribed user
SkyDrive Pro – 25 GB per User. Your offline storage synchronized with enterprice Sharepoint.

Communicate withLync Online
Desktop sharing

Office 365 Government Suites

Office 365 Free Trial

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Buy Microsoft Office 365 – Configuration Guide

Office 365 Available Now

Microsoft Office 365 uses the cloud to deliver enterprise-level productivity solutions to businesses of all sizes—and enables you to expand your customer base and drive new revenue. And you can further extend your reach to new markets and deepen engagements by delivering solutions that combine cloud-based and on-premises offerings, creating Microsoft SharePoint sites, and providing IT-management services.


Purpose of this Document

This document outlines the steps necessary to configure Microsoft Online Services. It also provides pointers to commonly asked questions about items such as client configuration and network connectivity requirements.

Quick Start Instructions

This is a quick outline of the key steps to activate and configure your Microsoft Online Services subscription.

These steps are a checklist or quick overview of the process to activate Microsoft Online Services. Detailed steps follow this quick start.

1. Go to http://mocp.microsoftonline.com

2. Login with your Windows Live ID (create a Windows Live ID if not already available)

3. Enter your company and profile information

4. Click the Catalog tab to choose a BPOS trial or purchase a subscription

5. Enter Computer Systems Cloud Specialist (Partner ID: 3327242) as your Microsoft partner

6. Activate your subscription and wait 2-24 hours for an email from microsoftonline.com indicating your site has been provisioned

7. Login to https://mocp.microsoftonline.com using your original Windows Live ID, click the subscriptions tab, and choose Get Credentials.

8. Login to https://admin.microsoftonline.com using these credentials.

9. Begin adding users, configuring your domain, and configuring online services

Additional help is available at the Microsoft Online Services Administration Center. Read the help sections on:

 Adding users and groups

 Active Directory synchronization

 SharePoint Online configuration

 Email migration


Note: Computer Systems Cloud Specialist has a Microsoft consulting practice that can accelerate your deployment of Microsoft Online Services. Contact your CSCS Account Manager to obtain services from a CSCS consultant.


Email: support@office365cloudsupport.com

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a technology that uses the internet and central remote servers to maintain data and applications. Cloud computing allows consumers and businesses to use applications without installation and access their personal files at any computer with internet access. This technology allows for much more efficient computing by centralizing storage, memory, processing and bandwidth.
A simple example of cloud computing is Yahoo email or Gmail etc. You dont need a software or a server to use them. All a consumer would need is just an internet connection and you can start sending emails. The server and email management software is all on the cloud ( internet) and is totally managed by the cloud service provider Yahoo , Google etc. The consumer gets to use the software alone and enjoy the benefits. The analogy is , ‘If you only need milk , would you buy a cow ?’ All the users or consumers need is to get the benefits of using the software or hardware of the computer like sending emails etc# Just to get this benefit #milk# why should a consumer buy a #cow# software /hardware ?
Cloud computing is broken down into three segments: “applications,” “platforms,” and “infrastructure#” Each segment serves a different purpose and offers different products for businesses and individuals around the world# In June 2009, a study conducted by VersionOne found that 41% of senior IT professionals actually don’t know what cloud computing is and two-thirds of senior finance professionals are confused by the concept,#1# highlighting the young nature of the technology# In Sept 2009, an Aberdeen Group study found that disciplined companies achieved on average an 18% reduction in their IT budget from cloud computing and a 16% reduction in data center power costs##2#

Cloud Computing Deployment Models

Public Cloud

Public cloud or external cloud describes cloud computing in the traditional mainstream sense, whereby resources are dynamically provisioned on a fine-grained, self-service basis over the Internet, via web applications/web services, from an off-site third-party provider who bills on a fine-grained utility computing basis# In simple, For use by multiple organizations on a shared basis and hosted and managed by a third party service provider#it is very useful# Its free of cost#
Talk to a broker of cloud solutions, Get independent advice here: http://www#dcx#com#au

Community Cloud

A community cloud
Microsoft Office 365 today is concept of Cloud Computing is realized in a business solution that works for small business owners. http://community.office365cloudsupport.com

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How Microsoft Partners Are Selling Office 365

How Microsoft Partners Are Selling Office 365

Now that it’s available, partners are prepared to start offering Microsoft’s biggest bet in the cloud to date.

The release of Office 365 is arguably the most disruptive new offering to the Microsoft channel in recent memory and one that will change the way many partners sell messaging, collaboration, productivity and communications.

Even if you continue to sell only the on premises-based versions of Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and Office, partners know they will have to have a discussion about Office 365 with their customers.

How quickly Office 365 takes off is anyone’s guess, but Microsoft has gone out of its way to make it appealing to small and midsize businesses (SMBs), while hopeful of penetrating large enterprises as well. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says the company has sold millions of Business Productivity Online Services (BPOS) seats and by all accounts Office 365 is a major improvement over BPOS.

“Office 365, where Office meets the cloud, is a big step forward,” Ballmer said on June 28, when he announced the global availability of its new cloud service. The questions that remain are: Will there be a spike in demand for Office 365? Or will it be more measured?

“I think you’ll see the flood gates open,” says Chad Mosman, principal consultant with Microsoft partner MessageOps and one of the first Office 365 MVPs. The reason, he argues, is the technology behind Office 365, namely Exchange 2010 and SharePoint 2010, were designed to run in the cloud. “The 2007 versions that were used for BPOS were not designed to run in the cloud, yet Microsoft forced them to run in the cloud,” Mosman says. Specifically, the older versions were not built on a multitenant architecture, while the 2010 releases are.

Now that Office 365 is available, primarily to new customers while BPOS migrations will likely start happening this fall, many of Microsoft’s largest cloud partners anticipate a quick surge in demand. “We feel like a lot of prospects in the market have been in a holding pattern,” says Tony Safoian, CEO of SADA Systems Inc. “Now that the product is actually in market, we expect many more organizations to take a look at it seriously.”

Adds Niv Dolgin, SADA’s director of IT services: “I think it will certainly be a floodgate situation but actual numbers are difficult to estimate. But we’re very optimistic that the opportunity will be such that we can be selective about the accounts and projects we undertake.”

Avanade, meanwhile, sees more measured movement to Office 365 from BPOS. “My guess is over the next 18 months we’ll be doing a lot of work in helping customers transition to Office 365,” says Bob Fahey, senior director for cloud services at Avanade. “We’ve taken some big strides in making sure people are fully trained and ready to help deliver as quickly as we can.”

Jay Ritchie, a technical architect at CDW, a large account reseller with one of the largest BPOS customer lists, is not certain whether there will be an immediate spike in demand or whether it will be more measured. “We’re not sure what will happen, but we are ready for both,” Ritchie says.

“Office Pro Plus will give us a lot of momentum due to customers looking to update their current Office suite — we’ll be able to leverage that in a larger collaboration conversation.”

Jay Ritchie, Technical Architect, CDW

CDW is a Cloud Accelerate partner, Microsoft Premier Deployment Partner and Cloud Partner Advisory Council member, “all of which gives us great insight to planning, allowing us to solidify our go-to-market strategy,” he says. “We’ll begin to move beyond hosted e-mail and focus more on the value of the entire suite, including Office Pro Plus. Office Pro Plus will give us a lot of momentum due to customers looking to update their current Office suite — we’ll be able to leverage that in a larger collaboration conversation.”

Dave Cutler, general manager of Slalom Consulting in Chicago is planning a similar approach. With BPOS, the big seller for Slalom was Exchange Online. “It was the e-mail side,” Cutler says. “It had SharePoint, it had Office Communicator, it had Live Meeting, which were valuable tools, but people were really interested — at least in our experience — in the e-mail side.”

What Cutler has seen so far with Office 365 is that there’s an increased interest in the full suite. “Certainly e-mail continues to be a strong driver, but people are really interested in the capabilities of SharePoint, people are really interested in the capabilities of Lync, and we’re seeing people look to deploy the suite,” he says.

As such, Cutler is changing his sales motions around the full value proposition of the Office 365 suite. “You get the ‘better together’ message; three products with presence that links them all together, the coordination that brings them all together. I think Office 365 really opens that door to that better together message. So we’re changing the way we sell it, we’re changing the way that we represent it, and the way we position it with our customers to make sure people understand the true value of the platform, not just a single product in the platform.”

Services Opportunities
As with BPOS, partners who sell Office 365 subscriptions earn 12 percent of revenues for net seat additions plus 6 percent on renewals, totaling 18 percent margins in year one and 6 percent in subsequent years. That’s a far cry from the margin opportunities associated with deploying on-premises Exchange and SharePoint systems. But Microsoft officials say there’s plenty of opportunity to earn services dollars with Office 365.

“The real opportunity for partners is the professional services they surround Office 365 with,” says John Betz, director of product management for the Microsoft Business Online Services Group. “Whether it’s help desk or deployment or SharePoint customization — the subscription fees are nice but the larger opportunity is for making the technology apply to the business. It’s partners upping their game, getting out of patching and managing servers and spending the contract dollars on addressing the business need.”

Computer Systems Specialist has configured a custom collection of Microsoft Online Services for you to try.

Review your customized collection here:


This trial invitation includes:
– 10 user licenses Microsoft Office 365 Trial (Plan P1)

Additional partner information:


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Microsoft unveils Office 365 In India

Microsoft unveils Office 365 In India

Microsoft eyes on-demand software market with cloud version of its Office offerings

Microsoft unveils Office 365 In IndiaMicrosoft has announced the launch of Office 365 in India to offer easy access to cost effective business productivity solutions on the cloud. This novel service will enable the enterprises to use Microsoft Office- including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, email and other software on a pay-per-use model.

Office 365 is built ground up with an updated platform and new infrastructure investments and is backed by the industry’s most rigorous financially-backed SLA, and will be available in different ‘packages’ in 40 countries depending on the size and need of the customer organization. These plans start for as little as $2 for basic e-mail to $27 per user per month, allowing SMEs and enterprise customers to access Microsoft’s popular e-mail, collaboration, conferencing and productivity capabilities online. This includes the most advanced versions of Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online as well as an option to get the full power of Office Professional Plus desktop software, along with Office Web Apps.

The Office 365 plan for Small Businesses is optimized for organizations with 25 users or less and includes Office Web Apps, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online at approximately $6 per user per month.

This launch is part of Microsoft’s comprehensive Cloud Services Strategy. Almost all of Microsoft’s on premise enterprise solutions are already on the cloud, and the launch of Office 365 takes it to the next level. Microsoft’s customers can choose to deploy either cloud based or on premise solutions, or both, depending on their need, and in turn experience the flexibility and cost control needed to drive higher business productivity.

SaaS or “on-demand software,” is a model in which software and its associated data are hosted centrally (typically in the cloud), and accessed using a web browser over the Internet. Cloud computing facilitates sharing of technological resources, software and digital information. Since this technology is internet-based, data and solutions can be accessed from anywhere using a browser. It is this market Microsoft is eyeing with the new product.

In the coming months, Microsoft Office 365 will also provide significant opportunities to a huge ecosystem of partners that will sell, customise and provide consulting, migration and managed services for Microsoft Online Services to Indian small and medium businesses.

Microsoft Office 365 provides all of the familiar enterprise class productivity solutions on a flexible usage and payment model, delivering streamlined communication with high availability, comprehensive security and simplified IT management. Customers who have already started using the services are realizing savings from reduced hardware, software and operational costs.

More on Microsoft unveils Office 365 In India

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India one of the world rising stars in internet marketing and software development. Office 365 should do well in cloud environment.

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Future of Office 365 Cloud Professional

Compare Microsoft Productivity Software and Solutions

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Top Quotes about Cloud Computing


“The Google applications just weren't robust enough to compete with Office Outlook functionality.”

–James Nolan,
James C. Nolan Law Office

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“We attribute more than 500 million minutes saved to the migration. These time savings largely come from the integration of the solution.”

–Stephen Peterson,
Proctor & Gamble

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“With Lync, communication is much more efficient because people do not have to switch programs to make a call or join a meeting.”

– Michiko Noborisaka,
Nikon Corporation.

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“When we returned to Microsoft Office after our experience with OpenOffice, you could practically hear a collective sigh of relief, across the entire district.”

–Bailey Mitchell,
Forsyth County Schools

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