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Taylor Swift embraces streaming, brings full catalog to Spotify and more

 After breaking up in 2014, Taylor Swift and Spotify are getting back together. To celebrate her album 1989 hitting 10 million records sold and her selling 100 million total songs, today the pop singer announced she’s making her full back catalog available on all streaming services starting tonight at midnight. Swift was already on Apple Music but now she’s opening up to Spotify… Read More
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Acast introduces programmatic ads to its podcast platform

 Acast says it’s time for podcasts to embrace programmatic advertising. With its publishing and monetization tools, Acast has already moved beyond the generally low-tech state of podcast advertising, but launching a marketplace for programmatic (i.e. automated algorithmic) ad-buying is the next step in that evolution. Read More
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You'll soon be able to listen to Taylor Swift's '1989' on Spotify

taylor swift

Taylor Swift, it seems, has apparently shaken off her reservations about subscription music services.

All of the pop star’s older songs and albums will be available through Spotify and similar services starting at midnight Friday, Swift’s management team announced Thursday via its official Twitter account.

Swift made the move to celebrate the fact that she’d sold 10 million copies of her “1989” album and had reached 100 million in song sales, according to the tweet.

“Taylor wants to thank her fans by making her entire back catalog available,” her management team said in the tweet.

Swift pulled her music from Spotify and other streaming services in late 2014 in a dispute over how much she was being paid when her songs were played. Spotify made a “come back” playlist for Swift right after she left the service.

Despite her stance toward other streaming services, Swift’s albums have been available through Apple Music since it launched.

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This startup wants to turn crazy-popular unboxing videos into a new 'QVC for millennials'

Eric Feng

The former CTO of Hulu wants to build a company that can change how Generation Z shops on mobile, creating what he likes to call a “QVC for Millennials.” 

Eric Feng’s plan is built around one thing that’s super popular with 20-somethings: Unboxing videos. 

“It’s not just people opening up the packs, but user reviews and comparisons, tutorials — the product review category is huge,” Feng said.

On Thursday, Feng unveiled his new company, Packagd. The startup plans to stream live video of the stars of unboxing videos talking about new products. Consumers will be able to watch the videos through Packagd’s apps and will be able to buy the products that are mentioned by just tapping on a “add to cart” button as the video plays.  

Over the last year, Feng and his team have been working in stealth to sign agreements with more than 20 YouTube stars and strike partnerships with brands like Best Buy and Microsoft to sponsor the videos.

Packagd’s business plan consciously drew inspiration from QVC, the cable channel where hosts showcased new products that viewers could order by calling a number displayed on their screens. Many placed their orders and many more watched just for the entertainment.

The live product demos are a bid to bring back the joy of shopping, something that Feng feels like has been stripped in the internet era. 

“Ecommerce has gotten so efficient that it’s not fun anymore,” said Feng, who is Packagd’s CEO. “People don’t window shop. People don’t shop with their friends. Amazon is relentless about minimizing the number of pages that you see before purchase.”

He continued: “For us, we want to bring discovery. We want you to have fun while you’re shopping.”

The plan to beat YouTube at its own game

Feng, who is also a partner at venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins, got the idea for Packagd after learning unboxing videos were exploding as a category on YouTube. The top 5 unboxing channels on YouTube have over 33 million subscribers combined, according to Feng’s Kleiner partner Mary Meeker.

YouTube has to cater to all kinds of different video creators and types of content. As popular as the unboxing videos have become, they could do even better if a company focused solely on them, Feng bet.

So Feng and his team built Packagd to work just for so-called unboxers, the group of YouTube stars that make their living un-packaging and selling products. Feng thinks Packagd can help them become as popular among young adults on their mobile devices as QVC hosts have been among the retirees glued to their TVs. And he’s banking that they can help sell products much like the hosts have done on QVC and Home Shopping Network.

Packagd Unboxed“We want you to discover not just videos for products you know about, but videos for products you don’t know about. And have those videos driving purchasing decisions,” Feng said.

For its modern and mobile spin on QVC, Packagd is starting with a six hour block of live shows that it will stream through its app every day. 

These aren’t intended to be the “Buy! Buy! Buy! The clock is ticking down!” style of infomercials you may see on TV. Instead, Packagd is encouraging its new hosts to take a more informal approach. They’ll chat with viewers live while streaming the unboxing videos they’ve already uploaded to YouTube. Feng hopes the effect will be more like interacting with a friendly expert than hearing a high-pressure sales pitch.

“Unboxers we feel have cracked the code on this content type. They created a content format that’s super interesting, super engaging,” Feng said. “We’re not asking them to create new videos. We’re not asking them to adopt it for our platform. We’re saying we want to showcase them in a different way.”

The company is starting with a new app called Unboxed that focuses on reviews of tech products, ranging from drones, laptops to smart home devices. Packagd plans to follow Unboxed with an app focused on beauty product reviews that it hopes to launch in two months. After that will come a toy review app. 

During each live show, the host will field questions from Unboxed users who will be able to submit them using a chat feature in the app. Users will be able to buy whichever products the hosts are touting via a purchase button at the bottom of their screens. If they do, they’ll earn loyalty points they can apply towards discounts on future purchases made through Unboxed.

Such purchases will benefit the hosts as well; they’ll get affiliate commissions. And they won’t have to share those with Packagd. Instead, 100% of the affiliate revenue will go the hosts, Feng said. 

Packagd plans to make money by convincing brands to pay to sponsor certain time slots of its live streams. Those partners could either work with a product reviewer to build a show or create their own. Either way, Unboxed service will work the same for users. They’ll  be able to ask hosts questions and buy what they see. 

“We want you to feel like you’re in the live QVC audience and talking to the host,” Feng said. “What drives a lot of transactions on QVC is affinity with the host.”

Beyond live demos

The company will offer users more to watch than just the six hours of live, hosted videos. To accommodate users who may not be interested in the product being touted at a particular moment in the live stream, Unboxed will also offer a library of hand-selected videos for a range of products. 

unboxedBut Packagd’s apps will be missing something you normally find on YouTube and on other video sites or apps: a search bar. That’s intentional; Feng want to encourage users to browse products and discover things serendipitously through the app rather than accommodate shoppers who already know what they want to buy.

“You don’t turn on QVC when you know you want the DJI Spark,” Feng said. 

It’s still another app

Despite Feng’s conviction that mobile shopping can be transformed, he acknowledges the challenge Packagd faces.

“Look, it’s a crap-shoot,” Feng said. “That’s the thing with all these consumer companies, but it’s one where we’ve tried to be logical about it.”

While the company’s been able to convince product reviewers to host its video stream, it will have to lure in consumers too, and they may be harder to attract. If they’re already watching product videos on YouTube or finding products on Instagram, they may not see the need to download a new app to get similar information. 

(Packagd plans to use product giveaways and a physical booth at the electronics show, E3, to convince them to give the app a try.)

Still, Feng is hopeful that if Packagd builds something better for both unboxers and consumers, success will follow. The company has already raised $7.5 million from top Silicon Valley venture capitalists, who are betting it will do for unboxing videos what Twitch did for gaming.

Even though YouTube is the dominant player today, it’s investing too widely and not focusing enough on translating its popularity into purchases, Feng said. That’s where there’s an opening for Packagd, he added. 

“I’m hoping the fact that these videos are so popular means there is demand to consume them. I think the bigger existential question is does that demand to consume those just stay on YouTube?” Feng said. “It may. We may not be able to pull it off. That may be a real competitive risk that we just can’t solve. But we won’t know until we launch and try.” 

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Uber’s CEO wrote a frat-like letter to employees about how to handle sex, drinking, and kegs at a company party

Travis Kalanick Uber CEO

“Do not throw kegs off tall buildings” seems like an obvious rule.

But maybe not an Uber. 

In advance of a 2013 company party in Miami, CEO Travis Kalanick felt it necessary to spell it out for employees, along with a whole host of other do’s and don’ts. 

On Thursday, Recode made public an internal email Kalanick sent to his hundreds of employees ahead of the 2013 bash. Reading a lot like what a college fraternity president might send out to his brothers, the email spelled out in sophomoric terms rules not only about drinking and what not to do with kegs but also about sex.

Sex with Uber colleagues was definitely in the don’t category, Kalanick wrote, unless “you have asked that person for that privilege and they have responded with an emphatic ‘YES! I will have sex with you'” and “the two (or more) of you do not work in the same chain of command.”

Seemingly commiserating with employees about the rule’s implications, Kalanick added, “Yes, that means that Travis will be celibate on this trip. #CEOLife #FML.”

FML is short for f**k my life. 

He also helpfully noted that puking on the premise would incur a $200 fine. 

Uber representatives did not immediately respond to requests for comment about the leaked email.

The leaked email comes amid a months-long investigation into Uber’s workplace culture. The company acknowledged on Tuesday it had fired over 20 employees as a result of the investigation into sexual harassment and other bad behavior at the company. 

The spotlight has been on the company’s bro culture since Kalanick launched an internal investigation in February after a former employee, Susan Fowler, said in a personal blog post that she was sexually harassed and experienced gender bias during her time at the company. The company has been interviewing its employees internally, as well as having Perkins Coie and Holder investigate the company’s workplace.

You can read Kalanick’s full memo to his employees on Recode.

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Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16215 for PC + Build 15222 for Mobile

Hello Windows Insiders!

Today we are excited to be releasing our #TacoHat Thursday build – Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16215 for PC – to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring! We are also releasing Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 15222 to Insiders in the Fast ring.

Our goal is to do a Windows Insider webcast on our Mixer channel every month. This month’s webcast will take place next Wednesday June 14th from 10:30am – 12:00pm (5:30pm- 7:00pm UTC). Be sure to tune in!

What’s New in Build 16215 For PC

Start & Action Center bring elements of Fluent Design

This build introduces new UI for Start and Action Center that includes elements of our new Fluent Design System which was announced at Build 2017.

Start improvements include:

  • Acrylic: If you have transparency enabled for Start, you’ll notice it’s now been updated to use the new acrylic design.
  • Vertical resize: No more glitches at the bottom of the frame.
  • Horizontal resize: The frame now starts resizing horizontally immediately (like vertical resize), as opposed to only “snapping” to certain widths.
  • Diagonal resize: The frame can be resized diagonally!
  • Resize grips: It’s now easier to “grip” the edge of the frame to start resizing.
  • Tablet mode transition: Smoother transition into tablet mode.

A new look for Action Center: Action Center has been redesigned based on your feedback to provide much clearer information separation and hierarchy. And the new design for Action Center also includes elements of our Fluent Design System such as acrylic! (and in case you were wondering, we’ve also added acrylic to our notification toasts!). As a reminder, you can customize the visible quick actions by going to Settings > System > Notifications & actions.

A new look for Action Center

Note: we’re investigating a bug where notifications in the Action Center lose their outline if acrylic falls back to having no transparency. This will be fixed in a later flight.

Microsoft Edge Improvements

Pin your favorite websites to your taskbar: Pinned sites are back! We heard your feedback, and are in this build you can now pin a website to the taskbar from Microsoft Edge! We’ll use the site’s icon to give you quick access to your favorite sites right from the taskbar. Simply select “Pin this page to the taskbar” from the settings menu in Microsoft Edge.

Pin websites to your taskbar with Microsoft Edge!

Full screen mode (F11) in Microsoft Edge: This build introduces a new Full Screen experience in Microsoft Edge. Simply press F11 or choose the new Full Screen icon in the Settings menu to take your websites full-screen. You can exit Full Screen view by pressing F11 again, or by clicking the Restore icon in the top-right corner.

Full screen mode (F11) in Microsoft Edge

Annotate Books in Microsoft Edge: We’ve added the ability to annotate EPUB Books by highlighting in four colors, underlining, and adding comments. To get started, select some text, and choose an option from the menu.

Annotate Books in Microsoft Edge.

To add notes as you read, select text, tap or click the Add a note button and add your note.

Add notes to your annotations in books

To edit or delete your note, click the Edit your note button.

And you can edit those notes

Microsoft Edge PDF improvements: We’ve added more highlight colors and the option to Ask Cortana in PDFs in Microsoft Edge.

Other Microsoft Edge Improvements, including:

  • Microsoft Edge’s splash page (seen when newly launched) so that the color transitions more smoothly to the Start and New Tab pages.
  • You will now be able to close the Microsoft Edge app directly using the close button, even when a JavaScript dialog is showing.
  • We’ve added an option to “Add tabs to favorites” from the right-click context menu on tabs. Using it will create a Favorites folder with all the sites open in tabs in the current window.
  • New tabs will now animate more smoothly onto the tab bar when opened and closed.
  • We’ve improved session restore behavior so that when a multi-window Microsoft Edge session is restored by clicking on a link (for example, from an email), the window in focus at the end of restoration is the one containing the new link.

Cortana Improvements

Taking Cortana reminders to the next level through vision intelligence: Most of us have experienced taking a picture of upcoming event poster or bookmarking an event site for future reference, only to forget about it later. With this build, we’re rolling out two new features starting with the en-us market to help you never again miss an event you’re interested in!

Cortana camera roll insights: With your permission, Cortana will now prompt you to create a reminder when she notices event posters in your camera roll! To try it out, make sure you’re signed into Cortana with your MSA or work account, and then give Cortana permission to access your camera roll via Settings > Cortana > Permissions & history > “Manage the information Cortana can access from this device”. The next time you take a picture of a flier for an upcoming event, Cortana will reach out asking if you want to create a reminder for that time.

Note: Cortana will only provide insights when your device is plugged into a power source and on an un-metered network.

Cortana will now prompt you to create a reminder when she notices event posters in your camera roll

Cortana Lasso: Are you a pen user? If so, Cortana can now help keep track of future events on your screen! Use the new lasso tool to circle the relevant information and Cortana will recognize the time, and offer suggested follow-ups through a context menu. Keeping track of upcoming events has never been easier! To try it out, go to Settings > Device > Pen & Windows Ink > Press and hold, and select Cortana Lasso in the dropdown picker. Find a website with upcoming event info, or an event poster someone shared in social media – once you have the event on your screen, just press and hold the pen back button, circle the time information, and watch Cortana do her magic. That easy!

Note: For this to work, your pen will need to support Press and Hold – for example the pen that came with the Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, or Surface Studio.

Use the new lasso tool to circle the relevant information and Cortana will recognize the time, and offer suggested follow-ups through a context menu.

Evolving the handwriting experience in Windows 10

Using your feedback to evolve the handwriting experience: We’ve been hard at work incorporating your feedback, and with today’s build we’re introducing a new XAML-based handwriting panel – with more gestures, easier editing, emoji, and more!

New features include:

Write as much as you want in the panel with the new conversion & overflow model! As you write, you’ll now see your previous words convert to typed text within the handwriting panel. When you fill the handwriting panel and lift your pen off the screen, the text will shift so you have room to continue writing. Press the commit button to insert all the text and clear the slate.

• Write as much as you want in the panel with the new conversion & overflow model!
Select text to edit it: See something you want to change? If you select text while the handwriting panel is open, that text will now appear within the panel so you can easily make alterations.

Make corrections within the handwriting panel by overwriting converted text: Was something misrecognized? Instead of using the suggested text alternate, you now have the option of just inking the correct letters right on top of the converted text!

• Make corrections within the handwriting panel by overwriting converted text.

Make corrections using ink gestures: Once your written words have been converted to type, or if you’ve selected existing text, you can now easily make simple edits from within the handwriting panel using our four new gestures: strikethrough, scratch, join, and split. Try it out!

• Make corrections using ink gestures.

Easier access to emoji and symbols: We’ve added two new buttons to the handwriting panel, so you can easily input emoji or symbols without needing to switch to the touch keyboard Simply tap the button, pick the character you want, and you’re set to go!

Reducing the chance of palm rejection: We’ve added a new setting in Pen & Windows Ink Settings so finger inking needs to be explicitly enabled – this will help avoid inadvertent ink being drawn on the handwriting panel as you’re writing with your pen.

Floating by default: While you still have the option to choose, we’ve made the decision for the handwriting panel to now by default appear next to where you’re writing. To change modes, tap the new keyboard settings menu button in the top left corner of the keyboard.

Improved handwriting recognition for English (United States): We’ve made some changes to our US English handwriting recognition engine to improve its accuracy. Would love for Insiders to try it out and share feedback on how it feels now.

English mode for Simplified Chinese handwriting: To further improve the recognition accuracy of mixed input (when Chinese and English characters are inked together), we’ve added an English mode button when handwriting in Simplified Chinese. Just press the button, ink the desired English words, and the inking done in English mode will be recognized using the English (United States) handwriting recognition engine. After your inking in English is finished, you can press the English mode button again to go back to default mode.

• English mode for Simplified Chinese handwriting.

We rely on your feedback to let us know how this new experience is doing, and will be using your feedback to determine readiness. Please try writing some things and log feedback about the experience here. If your PC has pen support, then the handwriting engine for each language should download automatically when you add it to your language list. If it doesn’t, you can go to Optional Features and choose to download it. We’re currently investigating your reports that there’s been some lag when inputting ink in recent builds.

Find My Pen: Don’t know where you put your pen? The pen doesn’t have a GPS, so we can’t help you there, but what we *can* do is tell you where you were when you last inked on your computer. Which is what we’ve done! Head over to Settings > Update & Security > “Find My Device” to see what it’s all about.

We can now tell you where you were when you last inked on your computer.

Pen interaction improvements:

Scrolling with pen. In the effort to create a more intuitive pen interaction on Windows, we are emphasizing natural and direct manipulation of content with pen. You don’t have to “hunt and peck” for scrollbars or frequently switch between pen and touch when navigating; now you can scroll content directly and fluently as you would with your finger. Want to see it working?

Selection with pen. We also revised selection with pen by giving it more control over the selection process. Not only are we showing selection grippers whenever text is selected via pen, but also are allowing for a consistent and fast selection of content – text, objects, or ink—by dragging the pen while the barrel button is pressed.

Note: scrolling with pen is currently only supported for UWP apps, however we’re working on adding it for Win32 as well (like File Explorer). Selection with pen isn’t yet up and running in Microsoft Edge, but it will be coming in a later flight. This will also impact selecting text with pen in epubs and PDFs in order to try the new Microsoft Edge features shown above. For now, please use another input method if you’d like to see how it works.

Hardware keyboard Improvements

Entering emoji on your hardware keyboard just got easier: We’ve heard your feedback, and today we’re happy to announce the new Emoji Panel! Press Win + period (.) or Win + semicolon (;) while focus is in a text box and the Emoji Panel will pop up for you to quickly scroll through and pick the emoji you want.

The new Emoji Panel!

In the “People” emoji category, you can change the skin tone of the emoji by clicking the button on the top-right:

In the "People" emoji category, you can change the skin tone of the emoji.

In addition to using your mouse to select an emoji, you can also navigate through the panel by using the following keys:

  • Arrow keys – Navigate among emoji
  • Tab / Shift + Tab – Switch emoji category
  • Enter – Select an emoji
  • Esc – Close the panel​

Currently this emoji experience is only available when English (United States) is the active language of your keyboard. As a reminder, if you need to switch between the languages in your language list, you can use the Win + Space hotkey.

Converging our touch keyboard experience

We have a totally new touch keyboard on Desktop! If you’ve been jealous of better keyboard features on your phone, then you’ll be happy to hear with today’s build we’re bringing those familiar phone keyboard experiences to your PC with our new XAML-based touch keyboard!

This includes many popular requests we’ve heard from you such as:

Enhanced Text Prediction: We’ve made a bunch of improvements to our text prediction engine to make it more intelligent. For example, you now don’t need to type anything other than “Text ” to complete the frequently used message, “Text me when you get a chance” using the suggested words. If you’re using a UWP app, you can also now enjoy Emoji suggestions!Try it out! Type “birthday ”, “coffee ”, or “dog ” and see what happens! Prediction is currently only working with the English US keyboard, however we’re working on enabling more languages

Enhanced Text Prediction.

Improved emoji experience: If you switch to the touch keyboard’s emoji view, you’ll find can now smoothly scroll through the entire contents of each emoji category, rather than page by page. You’ll also notice that any additional available emoji candidates based on your most recent word are displayed at the top in the candidate area

Improved emoji experience.

One-handed touch keyboard: Following extensive research on tablet postures, we’re adding a new keyboard layout to provide the most comfort when holding the device in your hands! It looks similar to a phone keyboard – smaller and more narrow. You can freely put this smaller touch keyboard wherever you want (although we recommend docked to the side of your screen ) and use it with one hand. To switch between languages, press and hold on the &123 key. Note: This keyboard takes the place of the split keyboard layout

One-handed touch keyboard.

Shape writing with the one-handed touch keyboard: One of the most powerful phone keyboard features for fast and easy text input involves swiping over the keys without releasing your finger on the screen. We call it shape writing. Today we proudly announce the first shape writing keyboard on PC! Because it’s works just like your familiar phone-style one-handed keyboard, you don’t need to do anything to learn it again. Just use it as you would use your phone’s touch keyboard. Bonus: it also works with pen! Shape writing is currently only supported for the English US keyboard, however we’re working on enabling more languages.

Shape writing with the one-handed touch keyboard.

A new touch keyboard settings menu: Along with all our other improvements, we’ve updated the way to switch into Handwriting panel and other keyboard layouts. You can find our keyboard settings menu icon at the top left corner of the touch keyboard. It’s a one-stop settings panel for all the layouts (Default, One-handed, Handwriting, Full) and modes (Docked, Floating), as well as a shortcut for jumping to language settings.

As we light up these new keyboard experiences, it’s very important that we receive your feedback to help make improvements and ensure we ship a polished experience to Windows users. If you have a touch or pen capable device, please take a moment to try it out in any languages that you speak and give feedback in as much detail as possible. Our readiness decision will be based on what you tell us. (PS – don’t forget you can move the keyboard around when it’s undocked by dragging the move icon in the top right corner!)

Please note the touch keyboards for Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages are not working with this build – we will fix this as soon as possible in an upcoming flight.

Dictation on the Desktop: Our keen-eyed Insiders may have noticed a microphone button in the touch keyboard pictures above – that’s because you can now use dictation to input English or Chinese text on desktop! Simply tap the microphone button in the top left corner of the touch keyboard or handwriting panel, or press the new dictation hotkey Win + H to start dictating. Currently only available for English (United States) and Chinese (Simplified) input methods.

Besides dictating text, you can also use voice commands to do basic editing or to input punctuations. Below are some examples of English dictation voice commands:

  • Say “press backspace” to inject a backspace character
  • Say “clear selection” to unselect the text that has been selected
  • Say “press delete” to inject a delete keystroke
  • Say “delete that” to delete the most recent speech recognition results, or the currently selected text
  • Say “delete last three words” to delete the last three words
  • Say “stop dictating” to terminate the dictation session
  • Say “end spelling” to terminate spelling mode
  • Say “go after ” to move the cursor to the first character after the specified word or phrase
  • Say “go to the end of paragraph” to move the cursor to the end of the paragraph
  • Say “move back to the previous word” to move the cursor to the left side of the previous word
  • Say “go to start of ” to move the cursor to the first character before the specified word or phrase
  • Say “go to the start of paragraph” to move the insertion point to the start of paragraph
  • Say “go down to next sentence” to move the cursor forward to next sentence
  • Say “go to the end of the sentence” to move the insertion point to the end of the sentence
  • Say “move to the start of the word” to move the insertion point to the start of the word
  • Say “go to the left” to inject a left arrow into input
  • Say “move right” to inject a right arrow into input
  • Say “select ” to select the specific word or phrase
  • Say “select that” to select the most recent speech recognition result
  • Say “select next three words” to select the next three words
  • Say “start spelling” to switch to spelling mode
  • Say “comma” (or “period”, “question mark” etc.) to input the punctuation “,” (or “.”, “?”, etc.)

Shell Improvements

Enhancing your Share experience: We want sharing to be easy and natural. With the last build we added people-first sharing, and with this build we’re bringing another new Share feature to your desktop:

Copy Link: Don’t see the app you’re looking for in the Share UI? If you’re sharing a link – like a website in Microsoft Edge, or an app from Store – we’ve added a new option in the Share UI to copy that link to your clipboard, so you easily can paste it into your app of choice.

We’ve added a new option in the Share UI to copy that link to your clipboard.

New local media folder detection for UWPs: Photos, Groove Music and Movies & TV all have one thing in common: exploring your local content based on the folders you provide. We’ve heard your feedback that sometimes local media is missing as a result of folders not being included, so with this build we’re adding new logic to address this. After a storage scan, we will now detect relevant media folders you might want to include in your collection when looking at the files via UWP apps, and suggest them to you when you go to add new folders. Want to try it out now? Add a new folder with 30+ pictures, songs, or videos to your desktop. Go to Storage Settings and press the refresh button to trigger a scan. The next time you go to add a folder to your favorite UWP (such as Groove Music), you’ll see this new experience:

New local media folder detection for UWPs.

Note: If no new media is detected, you will see the file picker dialog.

My People Improvements:

  • We fixed an issue where the icons of contacts pinned to the taskbar would appear cut off when using small taskbar icons.
  • We’ve updated our logic so that if you have the My People flyout open, you can now drop a file onto any of the contacts pinned in the overflow area to initiate a share with them.
  • We’re updated the sound made when you receive an emoji from one of the contacts pinned to the People bar in the taskbar.
  • We improved My People reliability and fixed an issue where hit testing would become offset after adding or removing items from the systray.

Night light improvements including:

  • We fixed an issue where mirroring a display and then disconnecting from it would break night light on that screen.
  • We fixed an issue where when night light had been manually enabled, and the device entered then exited S3 sleep, night could then become disabled.
  • As a result of your feedback, we’ve updated our logic to now use a quick transition into night flight if applicable after rebooting or manually enabling night light.

Settings Improvements:

New Video Playback Settings: Head to Settings > Personalization > Video Playback and you’ll now find some additional controls for media enthusiasts. If you have an HDR monitor, we’d love to hear your feedback on how video streaming feels when these new options are enabled. We’ve also added some battery settings for you to decide whether you’d prefer to optimize video streaming for battery usage or video quality.

Note: You’ll noticed a “Unsupported video type or invalid file path” error at the top of the page. This is a known issue we’re looking into, it shouldn’t otherwise impact the usage of these settings.

A new HDR and Advanced Color Settings Page: If you have at least one connected display that supports HDR, you’ll now see some additional information! Go to Settings > System > Display > “HDR and advanced color settings” to find more details about the HDR settings of the currently selected display.

Per-App Defaults Settings Page: In the past, when using Settings you had to start with your file type or protocol if you wanted to make a change to the default app. That’s changing with this build, and you can now start with your app, and then see the available options for what it can handle. To see this new option, go to Settings > Apps > Default apps > “Set defaults by App”. Choose an app and click ‘Manage’ to see all the file types and protocol associations for which the app is the default. This page takes the place of the one that had been available in Control Panel, as part of our ongoing effort to converge the settings experience.

Per-App Defaults Settings Page.

Updated Network connection properties page: We’ve heard your feedback that setting a network profile to public or private isn’t discoverable, so we’ve updated the Network connection properties page to make it easier and prominent. Instead of the previous toggle under “Make this PC discoverable”, you’ll now find two radio buttons to select whether the profile should be public or private.

Updated Network connection properties page.

A new context menu for Wi-Fi networks in the View Available Networks flyout: To get you where you need to go faster, we’ve added a new context menu full of quick actions when you right-click one of the listed Wi-Fi networks. Options include Connect, Disconnect, View Properties, or Forget Network.

Windows Update improvements:

View your active Windows Update policies: If there are any applied group policies for Windows Update, a page will now appear in Windows Update Settings so you can look through them.

Understanding your updates: We now list out the individual update status and progress in Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update. So if there are multiple updates pending (for example, a new build, a driver update, and a definition update for Windows Defender), you can see and track each different status, which wasn’t as obvious with the single progress bar used in prior builds.

Other improvements in Settings include:

  • You can now add other AAD work/school users from Settings.
  • We’ve heard your feedback, and have adjusted the order of the Settings categories so that the new Cortana category is now more central, and the Windows Update category is now once again the final one in the list.
  • When moving or uninstalling an app from the Apps & Features Settings page, you’ll now see a progress bar.
  • We fixed an issue where pinned secondary tiles would appear as groups in that app’s Notification & Actions Settings.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in garbled characters when viewing the new tips in Settings on non-English languages

Gaming Improvements

Game bar improvements:

  • Based on your feedback, the Game bar (Win + G) now has a button to enable or disable Game Mode for the current game. Its icon will be updated soon in a future flight.
  • The Game bar (Win + G) now allows you to take screenshots of games running in HDR. Sharing those screenshots to Xbox Live using the Xbox app will come in a future update of the app. Note: broadcasting does not support HDR. Screenshots will be taken in the resolution of the game window, which enables the 4K screenshots that are now supported. Game Clips and broadcasts will be transcoded to 1080p if the resolution is higher than that.
  • Screenshots of games running in HDR should now correctly save a copy in PNG that is tone mapped to SDR.
  • Bitrate changes during game broadcasting to Mixer should now be smoother and more seamless.
  • When broadcasting to Mixer, you can now specify the language that you are speaking during the broadcast.
  • The resources made available to games running in Game Mode have been tweaked on popular machine configs, including 6 and 8 core CPU machines, resulting in improved game performance for games running in Game Mode.

If you missed our announcement introducing Mixer and all the goodness along with it, check it out here!

Developer Improvements

Per app Runtime Broker: If you open Task Manager, you will notice UWPs now use per-application instanced Runtime Broker processes, rather than all sharing a single session-wide Runtime Broker. This will help improve resource attribution, resource management, and fault tolerance.

Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) no longer requires Developer Mode! Previously, you had to enable Developer Mode (Settings -> Update & Security -> For Developers) in order to run Bash & Linux tools on Windows. This restriction has been lifted; you can now run Bash on Windows without developer mode being enabled! More information here

Hyper-V gets virtual battery support: You can now see your machine’s battery state in your VMs! To try this feature, create a new VM using the “New-VM” cmdlet, and add the “-Prerelease” flag. This will give you a pre-release VM that will have this feature enabled.

Other improvements including:

  • Registry Editor is now per-monitor DPI aware! That means it should no longer be blurry when used in mixed DPI environments, or when changing DPI.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in VIM being broken for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) users in result flights.
  • We fixed an issue where the choice command was failing when run in a Command Prompt script.

Ease of Access Improvements:

Narrator Improvements:

  • Scan Mode on By Default: The largest change that you will experience is that Scan Mode is now on by default. This means that:
    • Up and Down Arrows to get through everything: You can simply use the up and down arrow keys to get through all of the content of your application.
    • Press Space to Interact: To interact with simple controls (such as buttons, checkboxes, toggle buttons etc. you can press the space bar).
    • Editbox Switching: If you navigate to an edit field using the up and down arrows, Narrator will automatically turn off Scan Mode so that you can type into the edit field. When you are ready to exit the edit field you can use the up and down arrows to exit the edit field and Narrator will turn scan mode back on.
    • Turn off Scan Mode with Caps + Space: If you want to turn off scan mode, and want to get back to the old way of doing things, press Caps + Space. It will be turned off for that app and you will hear “Off”.
    • Remembering the state of scan mode by application: If you explicitly turn off scan mode, by pressing Caps + Space in an application, this choice will be saved in an exceptions list so that when you reopen the application Scan Mode is off. To remove this application from the exceptions list you can press Caps + Space again
    • Left and Right Arrow to move by character: Left and right arrows will move you by character
  • Since Scan Mode is now on by default, we’ve removed the popup dialog when first launching Narrator explaining how to start scan mode.
  • Narrator Input learning: This will allow you to learn the keys on your device. Narrator will tell you the key that you have pressed, and the Narrator command associated with it. This mode can be turned on and off with Caps + 1.
  • New and improved hotkeys:
    • To read from where you currently are through the rest of the application you can press Caps + R for Read.
    • To jump to the beginning of an application you can now press Caps + Home and to jump to the end of an application you can press Caps + End.
    • The read window command, Caps + W also had some improvements in this release. Caps + W will now read both the controls in the window and the text.
  • Narrator Getting Started User Guide: There is now a button in the main Narrator UI to the Narrator User Guide located here, where you can find more information about scan mode and all of the Scan Mode commands.

Braille improvements: Narrator users can type and read using different braille translations, choose a blinking cursor representation, and choose the duration of “flash messages”. You can also now perform braille input for app shortcuts and modifier keys, which enables you to use your braille display for common tasks such as:

  • Pressing the Tab key
  • Pressing the Escape key
  • Pressing the Windows key
  • Pressing sequences like Win + U to open Ease of Access Settings
  • Pressing sequences like Alt + F to open the file menu
  • Pressing sequences like Ctrl + S to save
  • Pressing sequences like Ctrl + Alt + N
  • Using first letter navigation in lists
  • And more!

For the app shortcuts, there are also new commands to perform that input. Here’s a list of example commands (Braille dots = Keyboard input):

  • Space + dot4 + dot5 = Tab key (Tab key)
  • Space + dot1 + dot2 = Shift + Tab key (Set skipping of blank braille windows on/off)
  • Space + dot2 + dot3 + dot4 + dot5 = Alt + Tab key (Set track screen cursor on/off)
  • Space + dot2 + dot4 + dot5 + dot6 = Windows key (Set sliding braille windows on/off)
  • Space + dot1 + dot2 + dot3 + dot5 = Windows + Tab key (Set autorepeat on/off)
  • Space + Routing Key 1 – 12 = F1 – F12 keys
  • Dot7 = Backspace key
  • Dot8 = Enter key
  • Space + dot2 + dot6 = Escape key
  • Space + dot3 = Cursor left key
  • Space + dot6 = Cursor right key
  • Space + dot1 = Cursor up key
  • Space + dot4 = Cursor down key
  • Space + dot2 + dot3 = Page up key
  • Space + dot5 + dot6 = Page down key
  • Space + dot2 = Home key
  • Space + dot5 = End key
  • Space + dot3 + dot5 = Insert key
  • Space + dot2 + dot5 + dot6 = Delete key

Inject and hold one or more modifier keys followed by another letter or key:

  • Space + dot8 + dot1 = Hold Windows key
  • Space + dot8 + dot2 = Hold Alt key
  • Space + dot8 + dot3 = Hold Ctrl key
  • Space + dot8 + dot4 = Hold Shift key
  • Space + dot8 + dot5 = Hold AltGr key
  • Space + dot8 + dot6 = Hold Caps Lock key
  • Space + dot8 + dot7 = Un-hold all modifiers

Introducing Color filters: Windows 10 now includes color filters at the system level, including filters designed to make it easier for people with color blindness to differentiate between colors like red and green and to make it easier for people with light sensitivity to create and consume content. You can find these new filtering options under Settings > Ease of Access > Color and High Contrast” (previously called High Contrast Settings).

Windows 10 now includes color filters at the system level, including filters designed to make it easier for people with color blindness to differentiate between colors.

Magnifier UI improvements: We’ve updated the Magnifier zoom in and out buttons to have a more modern style.

Note: You’ll notice a new “Enable bitmap smoothing” option in Magnifier Settings. This feature isn’t functioning yet, but we’ll let you know when it is.

Font Improvements

Please welcome UD Digital Kyokasho-tai to our Windows font family in Japan! We’ve been listening carefully to your feedback, and starting with Build 16215, we have a new inbox font when you install Windows 10 in Japanese. This font maintains the feel of handwriting – the shapes of tear drops and sweeps – by carefully controlling the weight of the strokes, while also leveraging designs that address concerns for those with low vision or dyslexia. Our research shows that the font increases readability of textbook content. Please try typing a few phrases using this font and let us know what you think!

Please welcome UD Digital Kyokasho-tai to our Windows font family in Japan!

 Japanese Input Method Editor (IME) Improvements:

More contextual predictive candidates: Predictive candidates are now more contextual than with the Creators Update so you can smoothly input your desired text

More contextual predictive candidates.

The predictive candidate window is now suppressed in search boxes: The IME predictive candidate window will be hidden when you are typing in search boxes such as Bing search or the Microsoft Edge address bar, where suggestions are already shown from the app or service.

• The predictive candidate window is now suppressed in search boxes.

Improved reliability and several bug fixes: Please try out the experience in this build and let us know if it’s improved for you. Includes fixing an issue where the IME Pad and the Japanese IME User Dictionary Tool weren’t launching when focus was set to input fields in Microsoft Edge.

Traditional Chinese Input Method Editor (IME) Improvements:

  • Improved Bopomofo IME learning: We’ve modified the Bopomofo IME to make it learn which candidates were selected and adjust the suggested candidates based on the ones you pick more frequently.
  • Improved IME mode handling:

    • We’ve modified the behavior of input mode for the Bopomofo IME to now respect your preferred default mode in settings when switching to this IME from other traditional Chinese IMEs.
    • When the Bopomofo IME is turned off (either intentionally or accidentally), it is now possible to toggle the IME back on by pressing shift key, or clicking on the mode icon in the language bar.
  • We’ve addressed the issue where the Traditional Chinese ChangJie and Quick IMEs would enter into full width for alphanumeric characters, despite preferred default mode being configured to “Chinese”.
  • Improved reliability and bug fixes including:

    • We fixed an issue from recent flights where moving focus away from the Microsoft Edge window while the Bopomofo IME was the active input method would result in the window becoming unresponsive.

Changes, improvements, and fixes for PC

  • Language Packs via Settings > Time & language > Region & language are available again starting with this build.
  • The issue causing updating to the latest builds to get stuck at 12% should be fixed. If you still hit this, please send us feedback in Feedback Hub so the team can investigate.
  • We fixed the issue causing you to be unable to type in your password to log in to any UWP apps such as Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Messenger apps.
  • We fixed the issue causing Outlook 2016 to hang on launch due to an issue where the spam filter gets stuck reading the Outlook Data File and the UI waits indefinitely for it to return.
  • We fixed an issue from the previous flight where Microsoft Edge would crash when enabling or disabling extensions.
  • We’ve removed the power option to “update and shutdown” for now as it wasn’t working.
  • You may see Recovery Drive tool show up under “Recently added” on Start after updating to this build. We have made a change that makes the tool, previously only accessible via Control Panel, to now be available in the Windows Administrative Tools folder in Start.
  • We fixed an issue where an unexpected Wireless Display Media Viewer app with a blank icon was visible in Start after upgrading on certain devices.
  • We’ve made some improvements to our facial recognition, along with a new toast you’ll see prompting you to further train Windows Hello if having issues signing in when a large amount of backlighting detected.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in Windows Hello Face failing to work on the previous flight for a large number of non-English languages.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in games such as Civilization VI, Galactic Civilizations III, and Expeditions: Viking failing to launch on recent builds.
  • We fixed an issue where inbox UWP app icons were overscaled in Cortana search results.
  • We’ve heard your feedback, and have adjusted the text in our prompt to initiate cross device notifications from saying “Trust this PC?” to now say “You got a message on your phone. Want to see phone messages on this PC too?”.
  • We fixed the issue causing some people to hit Error 0x8000ffff while trying to launch an isolated Edge session in Windows Defender Application Guard.

Known issues for PC

  • Features that are delivered on-demand from Windows Update such as Developer Mode, .NET 3.5, and Speech Packs will not be available for this build. If you are a developer and require Developer Mode – please ensure it is enabled BEFORE taking this build. 
  • On some PCs with enterprise configurations, you may not be able to open PDFs in Microsoft Edge on this build. As a workaround, you can download PDFs and open them with a third party reader or the Reader app from the Windows Store.
  • Microsoft Edge may load web pages at the wrong scale factor (highly zoomed in) on some devices with high density displays. As a workaround. switching to another tab and back should resolve this problem.
  • Some PDFs may open in a cropped view (zoomed in) in Microsoft Edge, and part of the content may be inaccessible to the user. Additionally, input to these PDFs may be offset to the wrong location on screen. As a workaround, you can download PDFs and open them with a third party reader or the Reader app from the Windows Store.
  • After upgrading, inbox apps that are the same version on the downlevel OS and uplevel OS will disappear from Start. If you are impacted by this, please go to Settings > Apps > Apps & Features, select the impacted app, tap “advanced options”, click reset, and that should fix it.
  • We’ve made a fix to address your feedback that PDFs aren’t opening in Microsoft Edge. This will resolve the issue for most Insiders, however we’re still investigating one issue specific to those with Windows Information Protection (EDP) enabled. We’re working to address this as soon as possible in an upcoming flight.
  • New Windows Mixed Reality developers need to install build 16193 or RS2 RTM, plug in the Windows Mixed Reality headset and set up Mixed Reality, then upgrade to the latest FAST build for the best development experience. If you update to Build 16215 without setting up Mixed Reality, you will not be able to download Mixed Reality software. You will end up with multiple copies of each printer after upgrading. Only the copy with the highest number will work.
  • Wi-Fi will get turned off on certain devices like the Surface Pro 1 and Surface Pro 2 and some USB devices and won’t work due to a driver issue. To get Wi-Fi working again, you will have to roll-back to the previous build.
  • If you’re using a Chinese IME and try to type in Cortana, it will hang Cortana and not work.
  • Some UWP apps such as Twitter will crash on launch.
  • After updating to this build, Microsoft Text Input Application might appear on your All apps list and when you try to open it, it opens as a blank window.
  • The mini surveys we call SIUFs from Feedback Hub will not work on this build but please send us feedback as you normally would for this build!

Changes, improvements, and fixes for Mobile

  • This build also includes all the improvements from KB4016871 and KB4020102.
  • The copyright date is correctly showing 2017 now under Settings > System > About.
  • We fixed an issue where WhatsApp would not launch after updating to the latest Mobile builds.
  • We fixed an issue with using the Japanese 12 Key soft keyboard where the “right arrow” key did not input a space
  • We fixed an issue with the Bulgarian keyboard localization for the HP Lap Dock in Continuum.
  • We have further improved the reliability of notifications for apps with a paired Bluetooth device, such as Fitbit.
  • Improved the Time & Language settings page UX for Speech and Keyboard language downloads. Previously, the status would show “Downloading” for speech and “Installing” for keyboard. Unless, the user tapped on the language or navigated to the Update & Security settings page, there was no indication that a restart is required to complete the installation. Now when the update reaches the reboot pending state, a “Restart Required” is displayed under the language.
  • We fixed several enterprise device management issues.
  • We fixed an issue where notifications and Cortana’s cross-devices settings on your device were not being mirrored to your PC.

Known issues for Mobile

  • In some cases, the WeChat app may crash on launch.

No downtime for Hustle-As-A-Service,
Dona <3

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Elon Musk just revealed a new Tesla Easter egg — here are 15 other surprising facts about the electric cars (TSLA)

elon musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk just revealed a new Easter egg for the Model S and Model X on Thursday.

After proclaiming his love for “Monty Python” on Twitter, Musk revealed that US drivers can ask their Teslas to play any skit from the comedy. Owners can simply tap the voice button on the steering wheel and say “play ‘Monty Python'” to activate the feature.

But that’s not the only surprising feature in Teslas. Scroll down for our list of Tesla Easter eggs and fun facts:

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The Tesla CEO also turned his love of James Bond films into an Easter egg. Model S owners can hold down the “T” button to bring up the technician log-in screen, and typing in “007” will transform the car shown on the infotainment center into the submersible Lotus Esprit S1 car.

The Easter egg changes the suspension into “depth (leagues).”

Musk also created an Easter egg to pay homage to his SpaceX ambitions. Just like the James Bond Easter egg, holding down the “T” button will prompt a request for an access code. Enter “Mars,” and your infotainment screen will turn into the red planet.

As part of that Easter egg, the rendering of your car will turn into SpaceX’s Interplanetary Transport System.

Another Tesla Easter egg lets you “drive” down Rainbow Road — just like in Mario Kart!

RAW Embed

Clicking Autopilot four times in rapid succession will turn the road shown on Tesla’s infotainment console into a rainbow. Musk referred to it as a “psychedelic cowbell road.”

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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This CEO and her CTO husband have been working together for 30 years — now they're back with a self-funded startup

nancy knowlton david martin nureva

Back in 1987, Nancy Knowlton and her husband David Martin founded Smart Technologies, a collaboration technology company best known for the Smart Board high-tech classroom whiteboards.

The pair stayed with with the company until 2012, two years after a disappointing and controversial IPO that saw the company’s stock go from a $17 debut, all the way down to a low of $1.30 around the time the pair left. Foxconn ended up buying Smart in mid-2016 in a $200 million CAD deal.

In 2014, following a break, Knowlton and Martin decided they couldn’t stay away. Now, they have a new startup, Nureva, that was funded out of their own pockets — but with a similar mission to use technology to enable people to work together. Knowlton serves as CEO, and Martin is CTO.

The flagship Nureva product is Span, a spiritual successor to the Smart Board. It uses a projector to turn any flat surface into a big interactive screen for conference rooms and classrooms. This week, Nureva launches a complementary $3,000 wall-mounted microphone system that plugs into videoconferencing systems so anybody can be heard, no matter where in the room they’re standing.

Business Insider sat down with Knowlton and Martin to talk about Nureva, the changes in the tech market from 1987 to today, and what it’s like being in the tech business with your spouse.


Smart Technologies made the very first web-conference software for Windows, predating even Microsoft’s own NetMeeting. Nowdays, the buzzword for tech that helps you chat and work with colleagues near and far is “collaboration.” It’s a key part of the modern pitch at startups like Slack, bigger companies like Atlassian, and even tech titans like Microsoft.

But Knowlton remembers a time in the early nineties when a partner company warned her that Smart shouldn’t use the word “collaboration” — the partner’s marketing team insisted that the term would be more associated with the phrase “Nazi collaboration.”

nureva hdl3000

“Time does heal all wounds, apparently,” Knowlton said. 

The idea caught on, even though they didn’t use the word collaboration. Smart became an early pioneer in web conferencing software and hardware. Knowlton boasted that the company had 35% compound annual revenue growth over a 12-year period, a wild ride that she said was an “intense” experience. So while the ending wasn’t perfect, the pair said they’re grateful for their time there.

“We learned a lot of things through that process and valued working with the committed, capable people in the company,” Knowlton said.

The go-go days

When Knowlton and Martin left Smart in 2012, “we were in the midst of the go-go days,” as Knowlton put it. With the startup boom in full swing, and Microsoft’s $8.5 billion acquisition of Skype fresh on the industry’s minds, they decided to take another crack at the collaboration market.

Only this time, they’ve funded Nureva out of their own pockets, with an eye toward taking the time to do something different. Rather than be forced by investors into taking a short-term view, which Knowlton said played a big role in Smart’s ill-fated decision to IPO, Nureva is playing a long game.

nureva span

After a few false starts, the pair eventually settled on the Span system, and the new HDL-3000 microphone system. The goal, Martin said, is to replicate and replace the experience of using physical paper or whiteboards with digital interfaces, while also hooking into modern technologies that make it easier to work with people from all over the world.

Married life

Not everyone is cut out to start one company with their spouse, let alone two. Knowlton and Martin said the secret to their long-lasting partnership comes down to boundaries.

“[Nureva] is not a family business, it’s a normal kind of business,” Martin said. 

As a matter of principle, Knowlton and Martin keep their professional and personal lives largely separate. 

“Dave and I never make a decision outside the office,” Knowlton said. She said it’s “unfair” to her executive team if she and Martin make unilateral decisions without consulting the people trusted with helping lead the company. It could make them feel “diminished.”

At the same time, Knolwton said, it means there’s a certain level of trust. It’s hard knowing who to go into business with, and the pair can at least be assured that they share the same values. 

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The 'Game of Thrones' season 7 finale will be the longest episode yet

Game of Thrones season 7

You might have to take a long afternoon nap or have a giant cup of coffee before watching the season-seven finale of “Game of Thrones” later this summer. According to Watchers on the Wall, the finale episode of the beloved HBO series’ latest season will be a record-breaking 81 minutes long.

Quite a few epsiodes in the shortened season will be longer than we’ve seen in the past, with all but one reportedly being well over 50 minutes long. The sixth and penultimate episode of the season will be 71 minutes long.

This isn’t the first time “Game of Thrones” has done long episodes, but an 81-minute one is the longest, next to the season-six finale, “The Winds of Winter,” which was 68 minutes long. And the creators packed a lot of death (and other things) into that one. 

A lot can happen in 13 minutes on any TV show, especially “Game of Thrones.” We’re hoping for 13 minutes of Lady Mormont yelling at Littlefinger, but it will probably just be even more death. Season seven premieres with a 59-minute episode on July 16. 

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This Week on Windows: Beauty and the Beast, Yooka-Laylee and more

We hope you enjoyed today’s episode of This Week on Windows! Head over here for our Windows 10 Tip on how to organize your Start files with the new tile folders in the Windows 10 Creators Update, explore an ocean world and encounter majestic creatures and ancient secrets in ABZU, now in the Windows Store –  or, keep reading to catch up on this week’s news.

In case you missed it:

Here’s what’s new in the Windows Store this week:

HP launches new, cutting-edge portfolio of OMEN by HP gaming products with Windows 10

This week, HP announced a new portfolio of OMEN PCs, displays and accessories, packed with features designed to target the needs of gamers around the world. Built with Windows 10, these devices arrive equipped with the Xbox app and Direct X12, can take advantage of Xbox Play Anywhere and have Cortana* – your digital personal assistant who can help you complete tasks, set reminders and more – built-in. The new products announced include:

  • OMEN X Compact Desktop with a factory-overclocked GPU from NVIDIA and a versatile formfactor, creating the ability to dock and undock quickly for gaming in any room or attach the desktop to a backpack accessory for an unparalleled, untethered VR experience.
  • New backpack accessory with the OMEN X Compact Desktop for a new dimension of flexibility to the platform
  • OMEN mechanical keyboard, a mouse with weight customization, and a headset with cushioned ear cups to reduce background noise and mousepads designed for precision
  • OMEN Desktop with advanced thermal engineering, a modern powerful design and access to industry standard parts for easy upgradability
  • Improve your reaction time and maximize the potential of your GPU with the OMEN 25 display with AMD FreeSync or the OMEN 27 Display with NVIDIA G-Sync support
  • OMEN 15 and OMEN 17 laptops, with the latest high-performance graphics from NVIDIA and AMD, high-resolution displays with optional GSync and FreeSync technology for fast refresh rates and a single-access service panel

To learn more, visit HP.com!

Beauty and the Beast – Rent from $4.99 or buy from $14.99

Beauty and the Beast, now available in the Windows Store

The story and characters you love come to life in the live-action adaptation of Disney’s animated classic, a cinematic event celebrating one of the most beloved tales ever told. Rent or own Beauty and the Beast now in the Movies & TV section of the Windows Store.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 – Buy from $26.99

 Fear the Walking Dead Season 3, now available in the Windows Store

In the zombie-ridden wasteland formerly known as the U.S.-Mexico border, the remaining survivors will come together as they attempt to fight off the infected and rebuild not only society, but rebuild their families as well. Don’t miss the season 3 premiere of Fear the Walking Dead ($34.99 HD, $26.99 SD), available now in the Movies & TV section of the Windows Store.

Forza Horizon 3 Mountain Dew Car Pack  – Buy for $6.99

The Mountain Dew Car Pack for Forza Horizon 3 arrives tomorrow!

Seven new cars arrived today in Forza Horizon 3 with the release of the Mountain Dew Car Pack. From the ultimate track toy prowess found in the 2016 Lotus 3-Eleven or the sensible practicality of “Australia’s Own Car” the 1951 Holden FX Sedan, this car pack is full of fun, functional, and formidable cars to take to the track or your favorite road.

Microsoft Ultimate Word Games – Free

Microsoft Ultimate Words Game in the Windows Store

It’s new, it’s fun, it’s three games in one: Microsoft Ultimate Word Games (Free, with IAP options) is the ultimate collection of the three best word games for Windows 10. Start with Crosswords, featuring multiple board sizes, difficulties and lots of options, test your skills at Wordament to find words in a 4×4 grid of letter tiles and then play Jumble to create as many words as you can using the given letters.

Yooka-Laylee – Buy for $39.99

 Yooka Laylee

The two pals who lead the way to fun in Yooka-Laylee ($39.99) also give the game its name. The goal is to thwart corporate creep Capital B, but along the way Yooka and Laylee explore the huge, beautiful worlds unfolding before them, meet an unforgettable cast of characters and horde a vault-load of collectibles.

Father’s Day Collection

Father's Day Collection in the Windows Store

The Father’s Day Collection in the Windows Store helps dads everywhere get the most out of their special day. Find favorite apps for dads including Skype, iHeartRadio, Hulu, OpenTable, PGA Tour, WatchESPN and much more!

Have a great weekend!

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