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The Google Home app will now help you decide what song you want to hear

One of Google Home’s biggest strengths is its ability to fill our homes with music on command. All we need to do is say, “OK Google, play Shape of You,” and it will dutifully comply, but if you don’t know what you’re in the mood to hear, the boundless options can be overwhelming. A new feature in the Google Home app is looking to help make it easier. Joining Watch and Discover, there’s a new Listen tab in the Google Home app that is dedicated to finding just the right music at just the right time. As Google describes, the new section “shows you curated lists of ready-to-stream, personalized albums and playlists from your favorite music apps, like YouTube, Google Play Music, and Spotify. You’ll also find compatible music and audio apps you already have on your phone or tablet, as well as a section to discover new apps to download.”To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
http://www.cio.com/article/3180997/android/the-google-home-app-will-now-help-you-decide-what-song-you-want-to-hear.html#tk.rss_consumerelectronicsMicrosoft Office 2010
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Fitbit app now offers guided Fitstar workouts

With its latest mobile app update, Fitbit is not-so-subtly encouraging people to use Fitstar, the guided workout app it acquired in 2015.Fitbit’s app now includes a “Guidance” tab that leads to a screen of recommended Fitstar workouts. Fitstar is a freemium service, so it’s clear why Fitbit would want to rope you into using the app. But you can still use lots of Fitstar features without paying.New guidance based on past Fitbit activity Fitbit now shows recommended Fitstar workouts based on your previous Fitbit activity. I worked out on an elliptical machine recently, for example, so Fitbit suggested I try Fitstar’s 7-Minute Workout or Cardio Kickoff. That’s reasonable, particularly the emphasis on cardio. Neither workout requires a subscription to Fitstar Premium, which costs $8 a month or $40 year. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
http://www.cio.com/article/3156514/mobile-apps/fitbit-app-now-offers-guided-fitstar-workouts.html#tk.rss_consumerelectronicsMicrosoft Office 2010
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The Making of Office 2010: OneNote Web App

Priya Vasudevan talks about OneNote and the web. Check out how you can use Web Apps with OneNote. Find Web Apps on Facebook for support, tips and the latest news: http://on.fb.me/bV8IMQ

Duration : 0:1:8

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How to install WHATSAPP on PC _ (3 MIN)

I don’t own this software… I’m just explaining the procedure how to Install WhatsApp on PC… Questions are answered below…

1.1 – Can I really use any phone number?
YES as a matter a fact you can even use the old school rotatary phones with no screen… a computer will CALL you back and give the authentication digits….

1.2 – Can I use the same number, I already use to whatsapp with?
NO, if you were to do so you need to re-install whatsapp. You won’t lose your chat-history. But I would ONLY recommend that in case your phone is unavailable for a while (like in case of a repair)

1.3 – How do I share files with my PC (via Dropbox)
YouWave & other Android devices use APK files, so whenever you Google for apps, put the text APK behind the AppName. For example: WhatsApp APK

– Download & Install the Dropbox for PC
– Create a account
– A DropBox directory will appear on your Desktop

– Google for: DropBox APK
– Download APK file
– Place APK file in the Dropbox directory

– Start YouWave
– Surf to www.dropbox.com (From Within YouWave)
– Login to your account
– Now Download & Install the Dropbox APK file

Yes, ironically we have to upload DropBox to DropBox itself to get it installed, because the original download link will redirect you to Google Play.

Everything you put in the DropBox folder of your PC is now shared with YouWave. Now search: WhatsApp APK and place that in the DropBox folder.

APK files can also be downloaded from

Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=rL6793saxXg
1.4 How to send pictures and videos (Via Dropbox)
– Open dropbox from within Youwave
– Find your picture
– Then click and hold the picture… until a menu pops up
– Share…. / Share this file / WhatsApp

You can also use Astro Manager (highly recommended)

1.5 – Here are some popular YouWave Compatible APK’s
– WhatsApp (To chat with smart phones)
– Dropbox (To share files with your PC)
– ASTRO File Manager (To access the SD CARD)
– Epinephrine (To MSN)
– UberSocial (To twitter)
– FaceBook
– Youtube (To directly view youtube links)
– K9 Mail (To mail)
– ClockSync (WhatsApp shows wrong time on messages with Native Sync)

1.6 – I want Youwave to display my native language
– On the Home Screen, Press Menu Button
– Go to Settings, Language & keyboard, Select Language

1.7 – How to reset Youwave
Paste path in adress bar:

– close Youwave
– delete “youwave_vm01.vdi”
– copy & rename “youwave_vm01_golden.vdi” TO “youwave_vm01.vdi”

2.1 – I don’t have a credit card to buy this?
Nobody needs a credit card to buy this, you can create a PayPal account with just a email adress and a bank account at:

2.2 – How does paypal work?
You fill in your bank information to create your paypal account, and paypal will make 2 random transactions to your bank, which you must fill in on paypal… so paypal knows you own that bank account… than you can start making payments with no extra charge unlike credit cards… Demonstration Video Below

How To add A Bank Account To PayPal Account

2.3 – I don’t want to uninstall my Virtual Box
Create another windows user account or geust account

3.1 – App Not Installed
First solution:
– Download and Install WhatsApp via AndAppStore

Second solution:
– Download a WhatsApp.apk via google,,, (version 2.7.174, if possible)
– And pass via dropbox…

It might give another error when u try to install again…
just restart youwave and retry installation

3.2 – Other Errors?
Go to http://youwave.com/forum/
Post back how you solved it… so you can help others…

Duration : 0:3:2

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Enterprise Content Management and File Sync for iPad – Pigeonholes from Ai2

Sync all your company’s content. Click http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pigeonholes/id466021547?mt=8
for the free demo version.

Pigeonholes™ is the easiest application for managing content and syncing documents to one or ten thousand iPads without paying cloud storage fees. This enterprise content management app is ideal for corporations, schools, universities, municipal and state governments, law and financial firms, airlines, orchestras, or any organization that deploys iPads as part of its business model.

Pigeonholes gives your administrator total control over all the content that’s synced to the field: when it syncs, who receives which files, when content expires, and who can share documents. If your company has iPad users who need remote online or offline access to PDFs, spreadsheets, reports, images and other critical documents, Pigeonholes is for you.

Save your organization thousands of dollars by reducing or eliminating your printing costs FOREVER.

Try the free version on the App Store today. Visit http://www.pigeonholesapp.com/ or search for “Pigeonholes” on the App Store.

Pigeonholes is the latest from Ai2 Software. http://www.ai2.com or @Ai2Software on Twitter.

Duration : 0:0:29

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How to sync ALL calendars on 4.0 – iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad 4 3g 3gs – HowToiPhone.com

Visit http://www.howtoiphone.com for all your tutorial needs!
Add us on facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/How-to-iPhone-iPod-Touch-and-iPad/112052118844380?v

Duration : 0:2:56

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Best iPhone & iPod Touch Apps (Part 3)

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Best iPhone & iPod Touch Apps (Part 3)

These are some of the best iPhone & iPod Touch Apps that I have been using lately. Hope you enjoy them, and make sure to check out the other videos in this playlist!

Follow me on Twitter if you want!

Duration : 0:7:23

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Office Web Apps Real Time Colloration

Demonstartes how the Microsoft Office Excel Web App works cross broswer for spreadsheet editing and co-authoring

Duration : 0:0:14

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