Reason 5 – How To Download And Install Free [Serials] (Best Tutorial)

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This Is A Tutorial On How to install Reason 5 If this Video Helps you please Thumbs Up and Suscribe If you need help please leave a comment below

Winrar Download

Utorrent Download

MagicDisc Download

It Should Take about 1-7 Hours To Download Reason 5 because it’s 7Gb File
Please Be Patient

Reason 5 Torrent Download

Seraial For Reason 5 Works With Windows & Mac

The torrent in my video is a hybrid that mean it could work with mac and PC All you need to do is download Vuze for Mac and winrar for Mac After the torrent is done : [Instructions by Fusi0nEra]

1 Mount the iso using Disk Utility (every mac has it, search it in Finder)

2 Click on the iso you mounted (should be on your desktop looks like a CD)

3 Drag the Reason Folder to your Apps Folder

4 Locate the Soundbanks Folder at the bottom, drag that folder to your desktop

5 Go to your Apps and open the Reason Folder

6 Now that the Reason Folder is open, go to your desktop and open the Soundbanks Folder, select the 2 items & drag it to the Reason Folder

7 Follow 4:25-5:35

ENJOY! If you have a Mac and it installed perfectly for you and you have better instructions please feel free to give advice Thank You.

Watch How to Mount ISO on a Mac

Link To Winrar for Mac

Link to vuze

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26 thoughts on “Reason 5 – How To Download And Install Free [Serials] (Best Tutorial)”

  1. There any program …
    There any program or patch to Spanish translation?

    Ty so much for the video !

  2. Wheres the iso for …
    Wheres the iso for mac, isn’t that the MagicDisk download that doesn’t work for Mac?

  3. We are upto V …
    We are upto V 6.5.1 now for the main site and it needs some USB key. 🙁 The end of reason has dawned!!!

  4. @NeoGenTV what do i …
    @NeoGenTV what do i do if it tells me i need to insert the dvd disc?

  5. naw man this …
    naw man this freakin works great, if you follow step by step you’ll have it, watch video very closely, and yeah it takes a longggggg time, thanks yo

  6. @NeoGenTV Hi when i …
    @NeoGenTV Hi when i open the containging folder it opens different than yours, and it doesnt let me extract files.. what do i do?

  7. Hey, thanks for the …
    Hey, thanks for the vid man, but i got a problem when i want to extract the files, it tells me that “the structure of the file is damaged”. Anyone with the same problem?

  8. me too, it’s so …
    me too, it’s so annoying, if anyone has info, please comment

  9. Well how much is it …
    Well how much is it? (and do you know where can i download the Reason 6.5
    with serial and stuff..

  10. @yfmkrzu yeah I was …
    @yfmkrzu yeah I was desperately searching for a nice software to compose killer beats. btw! i heard that this is the best software used by dj pro’s for their club mixes. get the best one here :

  11. Nice one! Worked a …
    Nice one! Worked a charm. Just be sure you highlight the exact same files he does when he is extracting them. He skips the top one and the last three.

  12. 50GIGA SPACE?!?!?! …

  13. This Is Complicated …
    This Is Complicated And NOT Thoroughly Explained For Mac Users

  14. The easiest and quickest way to do it, is to go to the disk utility, convert it to a dmg file, once it is done, open it with the two soundbank files. Done!

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