iPad 3 Pages Tutorial: How to Create, and Share Documents. P1

This is part of a long series consisting of tutorials for the Pages app on the iPad 1, 2, and 3 (The New iPad) In this episode, I cover how to add a new document, share, and basic functions of the home screen.
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Microsoft Office 2010
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20 thoughts on “iPad 3 Pages Tutorial: How to Create, and Share Documents. P1”

  1. For get this app …
    For get this app for free, go here with your ipod/iphone/ipad: 
    m.freemyapps. com/share/url/1bd5265d (remove the space before “com”)
    Download at least one sponsor app, run it for 30 seconds, for unlock the game and get it.

  2. No, you would have …
    No, you would have to have the program which is not available on a PC, however, it easily exports to a word document.

  3. Is there a way to …
    Is there a way to modify a Pages document on the PC? For example, via iCloud.

  4. The word files for …
    The word files for me work fine most of the time, but if it is not working, you could always ask apple. They are usually very fast to respond. 😀

  5. do you have any …
    do you have any expiriences with the word file, like is it working fine?

  6. Well that sounds I …
    Well that sounds I will be looking forward for more, currently I’m a little lost in the app but I hope your videos will make it easier to use. Thank you 🙂

  7. Hey! Thank you so …
    Hey! Thank you so much for the kind words. If there is a lot of demand for it, I will be doing a series for Keynote, but in the future. This right now is just for pages, and will hopfeully consist of about 20-30 videos! Thanks 😀

  8. I really hope that …
    I really hope that you can post a video on keynotes as well. Pages video was very helpful! (:

  9. This was the only …
    This was the only useful tutorial so far anyways I would really like to know about all the new features of pages. I am not yet sure if I should get it or not?

  10. Yes, there is, and …
    Yes, there is, and I will get into that feature in another video! Thanks for asking. Subscribe so you know when it comes out 😀

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