How to share files over a Lan for Windows 7

In this tutorial, I will show you how to setup a file sharing server on your local Microsoft Network.

First of all, to enable sharing on a Microsoft network, all computers that will access a shared resource must be in the same Workgroup or Domain.

To Change or view the workgroup of your system just right click on “My Computer”
(My Computer – Properties – computer name – Change – workgroup)
Note down the workgroup name and make sure that both computers are at the same Workgroup

After that make a folder on the desired computer and name it as you wish
Right click on it and go to properties and then to “Sharing” Tab
note down the Network Path
and click “Share” and choose your account so it can be protected if you use password!

Now go to the other computer and right click on “My Computer”
choose “Map network Drive”
(My Computer–Map Network Drive)

And then write the network path and choose the option “Reconnect at logon”
and click finish!
Example: \\Server\Share
————- \\(yours computer name)\(Shared folder’s Name)

-If it ask for a Username and Password
just type the account of the computer that shares the folder

-When you right click on “My computer” make sure it’s not a shortcut
or you won’t find the properties of your system

-This can be done with a desktop pc with a laptop over wireless network!

-The connection is possible if you have connected both computer with LAN cable or
they just share connection from the local Router

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14 thoughts on “How to share files over a Lan for Windows 7”

  1. Hmm the least i …
    Hmm the least i could tell ya mate u could check the accounts (some of them have turned off share, plus there are some 3rd party software like tune up utilities that disables administrative shares ) on your machine…if it writes access denied means that you can connect but not log in….Share settings n accounts mate i hope i helped.

  2. ine thing……. …
    ine thing……. HOW THE DID MY GF’s PICTURE WENT TO YOU?!!! xD, kidding, thanks man

  3. That’s a very nice …
    That’s a very nice and easy tutorial , I only have one issue
    After putting the correct network path in the (map net work drive )window and press enter
    i get (z:is inaccessible , access denied)1
    what could be the cause? this is the first time I connect any of these computers to LAN

  4. Ofc this theme is …
    Ofc this theme is from Hyperdesk – Dark Matter
    i have made a torrent for this!
    just google it or PM me !

  5. Well there are …
    Well there are plenty ways to solve that problem!
    One of them is to make another account on ur pc in order to be also pass protected
    but to solve ur prob just in the Admin password n username of shared folder’s Computer if that doesn’t work! just pm to solve it !

  6. I keep getting …
    I keep getting asked for name and password when trying to open the shared folders and no password that I have ever set on either computer is valid???? Any idea why? And password protected sharings off, win7 home premium to win7 ultimate. The Ultimate cant open but can see shared network PC, and sometimes it opens fine then the next day turn on PC and asks for PW.

  7. yeah.. thanks alot …
    yeah.. thanks alot mate.. you are a life saver .. tell me one more thing.. where can i have this theme.. its pretty cool

  8. MAANNN, I <3 LOVE …
    MAANNN, I <3 LOVE YOU, :D, YoU ARE THE KING OF THE RING… Thaaaaaanks Veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much

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