Integrating Office Web Apps into Access 2013 Web Apps

Demo of adding the Bing Maps OWA to an Access 2013 web app

Duration : 1:1:47

Microsoft Office 2010
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2 thoughts on “Integrating Office Web Apps into Access 2013 Web Apps”

  1. Hi Angel – Thanks …
    Hi Angel – Thanks for your comments and question. They haven’t released
    the Apps for Office store for Access web apps, so I had to load the
    manifest file (
    manually. In my case it didn’t show up until the following day. I hope
    that when MS gets things sorted out and that store goes live, they’ll have
    that issue worked out. They keep saying “a week or two”, but they’ve been
    saying that for a few months. I also run the users group where we have free
    monthly webinars, so when things go live I will announce it there. Thanks

  2. Hey, great video! I …
    Hey, great video! I was wondering how did you get the add in to show up
    once you pressed the Apps for Office button on the right? Because in my
    case the add in does not show up, I hit the refresh button but no
    luck…..please help! I will appreciate it.

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