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iLOG Phone Date: 20120815 160443: Office 365 can be a great move for companies ANY SIZE, 1 – 1,999,999,999,999 employees. If you company is 50,000 or less, the standard Office 365 E1-E3 plans should be just perfect for you. For larger corporations, 100,000 or higher, you may want to think about the Office 365-D (D for Dedicated). With Office 365, you will always have the latest stable release of Office Professional Plus (E3 plan or higher), the latest SharePoint release, Exchange, and Microsoft Lync. You do not have to worry about maintaining servers, data centers, and higher a huge IT staff. You can reduce cost with Microsoft Office 365 and other cloud services.


In order to take full advantage of Office 365, there are four CNAME records, one TXT record, one MX record, and two SRV records that you need to add to your DNS. If your host or registrar does not support this, you may need to switch to a new registrar. My preference is GoDaddy. Network Solution is another good one. Lync, by itself, requires FOUR DNS records. If you have an internal DNS server, you may need to add one more CNAME record. See the next link for DNS records for the public DNS entries. Below that, there are some more links that can help you with Lync set up.

Lync Online DNS references:

Troubleshoot domain verification issues in Office 365:

Lync Attendee:
Lync Web App:
Configuring your Audio Conference Provider:
List of Audio Conference Providers:

External Communications:
Public IM (Windows Live):
Adding Windows Live vanity domains:

Information about Lync for Mac:

Prepare your internal network for Lync Online and Office 365:
“IP addresses and URLs used by Office 365”

How sign-in addresses and user IDs are managed in Lync Online, using SIP (Session Initial Protocol):

Troubleshooting authentication and connectivity issues in Lync Online reference:

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Microsoft Office 2010
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