Which is the best online office suite website?

I want to grab some info about online office suites which covers word, ppt, excel, front page and so on.

My mind things about these suites as best
office 365
google docs

whats your suggestion to me?

Go to http://www.live.com and set up an account "using your existing email address" and get Sky Drive and access to Microsft Office online.

Read this I sent it out to my customers a year ago

Microsoft Office 2010
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2 thoughts on “Which is the best online office suite website?”

  1. Please clarify and re-post. Word, ppt, excel, …. are all MS Office products. Do you want the best info on MS Office? Try the MS Office website. Google docs is not MS Office.

    Are you looking for the best office suite? My favorite is Word Perfect. Most compatible is MS Word, because everyone uses it. The best fee office suite is Open Office.
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