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Ikarus T3 17/02/2011 1001084
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VirusBuster 17/02/2011 1.5.6
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It’s your Office, delivered fast to your Windows PCs

Experience productivity on demand with your new, personalized Office 365

ProPlus. Office applications, with all of your settings, are nearly instantly streamed

to your PCs. Office 365 ProPlus includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook,

OneNote, Access, Publisher, and Lync.

Get enterprise-grade security, side-by-side support for previous versions of Office,

streamlined update experiences, and IT controls that let you manage Office on your

terms and with your tools and processes.

Top 10 reasons to try Office 365 ProPlus Preview

1. Deploy more easily than ever
This version of Office was built from the ground up to be the easiest version ever to

deploy. It’s designed so your current add-ins and customizations just work.

Powerful new Office telemetry tools inspect file and application compatibility, and

optimized provisioning allows IT to quickly deploy broadly without uninstalling

existing Office applications.

2. Enjoy the power of the cloud—on your terms
Use existing IT tools and processes for delivering software, no need to change your

management infrastructure before installing. Automation and Group Policy

management tools give you full control over how Office is installed and configured.

3. Get personal productivity on demand
Stream Office applications to your PC, so you’re up and running nearly instantly.

Run this version of Office alongside earlier versions, no extra work involved.

4. Monitor performance centrally New Office telemetry tools give IT more power to

monitor the health and performance of Office across your organization and

support you while you migrate from earlier versions of Office. Proactive controls

help ensure that Office performs at peak levels to keep users productive.

5. Keep data more secure Enhanced security and multifactor authentication

protects your files, devices, and users, letting your users easily access the

information they need while meeting security and compliance requirements. New

tools for Excel scan spreadsheets and perform diagnostics for errors, hidden

information, and broken links, and they can help prevent fraud by searching

workbooks for inconsistencies.

6. Get started more quickly and easily An improved Start experience helps you

begin creating documents and presentations more quickly. Easily access templates

and your recently viewed documents and folders

7. Build a social network Combined, SharePoint, Lync, and Exchange create

powerful social networks for your organization. Stay connected to the people you

work with and communicate with important contacts via voice and video.

8. Discover and share insights from your data
Excel gives you intuitive and new ways to explore your data, inspiring new insight.

With one click, visualize and analyze data in greater depth than ever before.

Combine Excel with SQL Server to centrally analyze and quickly generate insights

into large data stores.

9. Create and share beautiful documents
Create visually striking documents and presentations with Word and PowerPoint

on your own or with others. Stay on top of the latest changes to a shared document

and the conversations in the document. Use the new online sharing feature in

PowerPoint to share with your audience even if they don’t have PowerPoint.

10. Add the power of the web and media to documents
Integrate rich web or intranet content directly into your documents and bring your

files and data to life with real-time views into dynamic content. Stay up to the

minute with reporting systems, integrate directly with map services, or see what

your customers are saying without having to update your files.

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Microsoft Office 2010
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