Microsoft Office 2013 Announcement Recap (Consumer Preview Download Link)

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The huge software package was announced two days ago when Steve Ballmer along with other Microsoft executives announced it.
They officially announced Office 2013 (which includes Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook, etc.) and Office 365 for the laptop and desktop PCs.
As expected, Microsoft is tying in cloud services to make a better ecosystem. Skydrive is tightly integrated with the 2 office softwares. This is of course to compete with the fast growing Google Docs which uses cloud integration. If you buy a version of one of the offices and sign up for a Live account, youll get 20Gb of free storage on Skydrive
The user interface for Office 2013 is not much different from the 2010 version, but little changes to the buttons make it easier for the fingers when on a windows tablet
There are tons of new features on each of the new office tools. As an example, Word is vastly improved, PDF files can now be edited on it and screenshots are integrated in word and many more features to be discovered soon!

Here some pictures of the most used services: word, powerpoint, excel
Microsoft has announced that windows rt devices will launch with the full office software. But XP, Vista and other Windows versions will not be compatible with this. (only Windows 8 and 7). No word on price yet but you can pick up the consumer preview right now (I have provided the link below in the description box)
Overall I think Microsoft has worked very hard on Office 2013 to make it user friendly to touch and mouse access and think this is going to be a very strong competitor to Google Docs.

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