Introducing apps for the new Office and SharePoint

Did you know that developers can now build a new class of apps for the new Office and SharePoint ? Watch this 90 seconds video to find out more!

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Microsoft Office 2010
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5 thoughts on “Introducing apps for the new Office and SharePoint”

  1. They’re looking at …
    They’re looking at Apple’s Market Cap and acting accordingly. Let’s just see how Microsoft’s execution holds up in the long-run.

  2. (I don’t mind it …
    (I don’t mind it as much in Office as in Windows 8. My comment would just get drowned in any one of those videos, however.)

  3. Please, PLEASE stop …
    Please, PLEASE stop with this app BS, Microsoft. I pay good money for Windows and Microsoft products, not for another version of a mac.
    (That’s one of the main reasons I wasn’t using mac in the first place, and here you are following right in their steps; even calling them “apps” for heaven’s sake)

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