What happens when the world’s largest advertising business tries to sell productivity software on the side? Beware the Googlighting Stranger. Learn more at

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Microsoft Office 2010

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25 thoughts on “Googlighting”

  1. What are you trying …
    What are you trying Microsoft..?
    Think yourself, if you are thinking and releasing videos about Google then, it is clear that you are afraid of Google Technology..
    if you continue on being like this.. you will be thrown out from this field by Google..
    so… you know what to do…
    stop wasting time like this and use time in Inventing new technologies…
    can you..?

  2. Sorry Microsoft but …
    Sorry Microsoft but this will not work this time! It worked with Netscape but Google is way out of your league! You criticize advertising but what you do is even worst and it’s called “unfair competition”. The fact that Google lets you post these videos on their website just shows what kind of people they are compared to you!

  3. When I saw the …
    When I saw the video I thought it said hes on the top of his gay

  4. Well, I am a pretty …
    Well, I am a pretty hard Microsoft fan for a lot of tech like Windows, VS, .NET, Dynamics but MS has missed the train for Web Standards, Mobile and is about to miss in Cloud. It is obvious that they see it too and they make such a video. What I would like to ask Microsoft is that, if Google Docs sucks and office apps on Cloud can not succeed, why do you have a product called Office 365 ?

  5. @MrTorrHumor they …
    @MrTorrHumor they don’t sell any info at ALL to advertisers. They sell keywords. If a Gmail message has the keyword ‘music’, then the advertiser can buy that keyword and have ads appear next to messages with the word ‘music. But the advertiser doesn’t see your data and Google uses it anonymously and also it’s done by machine, not person. Nobody sees your data except machines.

  6. Google is the best …
    Google is the best. Bing? WTF. There old. This video is on YOUTUBE, owned by GOOGLE.

  7. Google copies …
    Google copies everything, but what they do is that they see everything you do in their applications and they sell every move you take to advertisers.

  8. very funny. i’ll …
    very funny. i’ll also make it a point not to hire that singing guy, to be fair

  9. i always use google …
    i always use google doc to collaborate with my team then edited it offline with ms office. haha, just use pragmatic solution

  10. This is so …
    This is so appropriate. Google docs is next to useless and even google’s search engine has gone down hill. That new privacy policy is a joke.

  11. Wow.. a real …
    Wow.. a real pathetic grasp at straws here. Even if google docs disappeared your business wouldn’t be SOL. Every doc. you make you can save as a microsoft readable doc on your computer.. So if you were THAT scared of google changed or disappearing (yearRIGHT) just do that.

  12. Hahaha. Stupid …
    Hahaha. Stupid Stupid Stupid. What on Earth did Microsoft think they were going to gain from this? Everyone who supports Google now hates you, and you look pathetic.

  13. And also have you …
    And also have you ever heard of facebook book the change all the time in windows phone is kind of bad just tell ya also does windows phones have many apps am I going to develop for it not really

  14. @DUDEMIKE8 Ever …
    @DUDEMIKE8 Ever hear of Google Docs offline mode?

    At this time, the offline documents are in view only mode, but I expect that to change soon, probably around Google I/O in mid year.

  15. The Top Comments …
    The Top Comments seem a little fishy… while this crappy advertisement has over two times as many dislikes as likes, both top comments support this video. Something tells me that Microsoft is influencing the top comments……

  16. @procedural55 And …
    @procedural55 And Google is innovating? I thought it was hilarious when they came up the their new email feature called “Preview Pane” like it was this great new thing. Microsoft came up with that in Outlook 98, 14 years ago. What Google really did was finally get around to copying Microsoft’s innovation that is still the best way to ready email even today.

  17. @walterabyrd I can …
    @walterabyrd I can reach my documents anywhere too on my skydrive/Office365 and the best part is that I can actually use Excel, Word, Powerpoint natively to open those cloud documents with all of the office features. Have you ever tried editing a big Excel worksheet in Google Apps? What a disaster. You can’t paste very many cells at a time and it is really slow and clumsy to format it. You are stuck with the Javascript limitations with Google. You drank the Google juice.

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