Microsoft Outlook for iOS Review

When Google pulled ActiveSync support from Gmail the iOS Gmail experience suffered greatly. Since that day I’ve been trying to get back to that experience and now the wait is over. Outlook for iOS provides that experience and more.

It’s best feature by far is its speed. In addition to that is highly customizable without being overwhelming. There are also innovative tabs for accessing files and people that you’ve recently accessed via email.

If you’re looking for a great email experience that will help you tackle an out of control inbox while still being very responsive and giving you access to your Exchange account, then you should download Outlook for iOS today!

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Note about security concern: reading the privacy and security statements from Acompli (the company Microsoft acquired for this app) may lead to concern over using this app. Their servers are able to push mail to your device so quickly because they store your Exchange credentials and are fetching your mail and then pushing it to you. Gmail is handled different and an authorization token from Google is stored on their servers instead of credentials. For the stored Exchange credentials they mention that they are double encrypted and only the combination of the encryption key from the server and the encryption key from the app can unlock them. You’ll have to decide for yourself if this is of concern for you. Better yet, check with your IT department. They may have already decided for you.

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2 thoughts on “Microsoft Outlook for iOS Review”

  1. @Hawk999 It …
    @Hawk999 It wouldn’t allow me to reply to your comment (I think that’s a
    Google Plus setting), but from what I can tell there is no label
    management. Gmail also has categories and those show up as folders that
    you can move the message into. However, you would only be able to apply
    one category at a time since the message can’t exist in multiple folders
    within the app.

    I will also mention that I sent a message to their support from within the
    app about another feature request and they responded within a day directly
    in the app. It’s nice that the support requests are viewed as a
    conversation and tracked directly in the app.

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