Installation And Configuration of MS Exchange Server 2010

In this video I go through step by step installation of Exchange Server 2010.
We start with a fresh Windows Server 2008 R2, on which we first install all the prerequisites and then the Exchange itself.
Along the way I also talk about a few problems that I ran into in my past experiences with Exchange servers and tell you how to resolve them.

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Microsoft Office 2010
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  1. I would like to …
    I would like to appreciate you to making this video most helpfull

  2. Kindly assist me to …
    Kindly assist me to add a windows 7 PC with two user accounts User 1 and
    user 2 to active directory in windows server 2012. I only see Administrator
    account when logging in using the AD and cant access User 1 account or User
    2 account on the same windows 7 PC.

  3. Your tutorial …
    Your tutorial helped me a lot!
    My Exchange Server is now working just fine.
    Thank you!

  4. Adeola Aboyade-Cole
    Adeola Aboyade-Cole

  5. Thank you very much …
    Thank you very much Sir. it means alot to me as an IT Engineer. Thanks Very
    Much :)

  6. Hi,
    Okay I have one …

    Okay I have one scenario , I have small organisation with 7 user . we have
    server 2008 R2 is running with exchange 2010 but we are changing our domain
    name and company name. for example previous domain is but not its
    changing to . Is there any way then I could edit the exchange
    server setting then we will receive emails on new domain i.e. ( new
    domain ) . I have rename the active directory name but I am still
    struggling to configure the exchange 2010 with new domain. Could you please
    help me ? Should I re install everything again ( like server 2008 R2 and
    exchange 2010 ? or Could I edit some setting in exchange to receive new
    domain emails. If you could help me . Much appreciated. Cheers…..

  7. very useful video, …
    very useful video, please let me know how to configure if we donot want
    that users cannot download attachment from outside organisation.

  8. Hi Sir,

    I am …
    Hi Sir,

    I am having a problem with my exchanger server 2010 setup with Windows
    Server 2012 R2 Standard the module under Microsoft Exchange on-premises
    like (Organizational Configuration,Server Configuration, etc..) Please help

    Many Thanks,

  9. Thank you very much …
    Thank you very much for the guide. Very informative and helpful.

  10. very helpful, very …
    very helpful, very good understandable even with my bad english, thanks a
    lot man 🙂 earned a subscribe and a like

  11. Hello How are you …
    Hello How are you friend
    Installation And Configuration Of MS Exchange Server 2010

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