How to Backup and Restore an Exchange 2010 Mailbox Database – How to backup and restore a mailbox database on Exchange Server 2010 using Windows Server Backup.

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Microsoft Office 2010
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7 thoughts on “How to Backup and Restore an Exchange 2010 Mailbox Database”

  1. I tried the same …
    I tried the same steps, but when I try to recover , i cannot choose Application because it is gray and disabled., what to do?

  2. No, not possible …
    No, not possible to restore a backup from one version of Exchange to a different version of Exchange.

  3. How about the …
    How about the following scenario, a company were using Small Business Server 2011, but grew too large, and needed to migrate over to standard servers, in the migration another exchange 2010 were installed, a DAG server could not be created because of Windows Server Enterprise requirements, How do i move everything from the SBS-exchange over to a new fresh Exchange 2010 server, there isnt any plans on keeping the old sbs server at all but will be completly removed once the transfer is complete.

  4. Is this also …
    Is this also possible to do this on Ex2003 and restore it on Ex2010 ?

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