Exam Prep Microsoft Outlook 2010/2013

In this tutorial video learn about exam question/answers for Microsoft Outlook 2013/2010. The ideas presented here and in the 3 MS Outlook tutorials can also prepare you for the Microsoft Exam 77-423. Please see Exam objectives and prepare accordingly.


Duration : 0:36:35

Microsoft Office 2010

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21 thoughts on “Exam Prep Microsoft Outlook 2010/2013”

  1. I just wanted to …
    I just wanted to say thank you. With your tutorial I achieved a 91% in the
    intermediate level of Excel ! It gave me the confidence to succeed! Your
    tutorial works!!

  2. thanks Amir, i have …
    thanks Amir, i have testing this afternoon for a position at my work and
    the outlook and word will both be on it.

  3. Really informative …
    Really informative Amir….but can you tell me exactly where the 30 trial
    for Outlook can be downloaded? I went to Microsoft.com and could not find

  4. Thanks so much for …
    Thanks so much for this, I’m starting a new position which will use a lot
    of Outlook! 

  5. Hey, i might have …
    Hey, i might have missed it, but I dont think you talked about how to
    create rooms or adding rooms for a meeting location.

  6. Thank you for …
    Thank you for offering this tutorial. It is a treasure as I’m looking for
    work and have to keep up with updated versions of Microsoft Office plus
    need to have an idea about what it is they want. 

  7. excellent tutorial, …
    excellent tutorial, just curious what the difference is between
    appointments and meetings?

  8. still a bit …
    still a bit confusing when you have a copy of your.pst in your local pc
    isn’t it the same with the.ost which is also resides in your local pc
    actually when you’re not connected to mail server you can also check your
    mail thru .pst? hope you give more details or maybe you make a video
    tutorial on outlook data files format moreover a touch on Microsoft
    exchange server mail flow. Thanks

  9. Hi Amir I have a …
    Hi Amir I have a question because my teachers always said that if you right
    click u dnt get full credit so is that really true because you mentioned
    right clicking alot

  10. These videos helped …
    These videos helped me ace my tests (in particular, 93 in PowerPoint). You
    have absolutely the best prep vids on Youtube.

  11. Thank you so much. …
    Thank you so much. I have been reading the MOS 2013 exam book but this is
    much easier. I am taking my exam on august 23rd.

  12. i just took an …
    i just took an outlook exam with 30 questions, and this video helped a lot!
    i would say all of the material that was covered here, was tested in the
    exam. i did pretty well for someone who has used outlook only once! thanks
    for the video!

  13. Want to change font …
    Want to change font because the text is too small for me. Please advise.

  14. I’m going for a …
    I’m going for a test on Outlook 2007 (along w/ Word, Excel). I’m watching
    this video b/c I didn’t see an exam prep video for Outlook 2007. They look
    pretty different.

  15. Hi Amir,
    Good …

    Hi Amir,
    Good effort, It was very nicely explained, you covered almost everything
    about outlook.
    Thanks for your time,

  16. Amir Parmarhttp://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/SimpleTekTorontoUCbrHwq9BwcWuP6l3vxGVBGw1105652892207565835820lE94ttojDsc
    Amir Parmarhttp://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/SimpleTekTorontoUCbrHwq9BwcWuP6l3vxGVBGw1105652892207565835820lE94ttojDsc

  17. Hi Amir, Just …
    Hi Amir, Just started watching your tutorials. I just got MS Office 365
    what a shock from 2003. Since I still use my old PC do you have any
    tutorials on Access 2003 and what is the equivalent on 365. Loved the fill
    forms tutorial. 

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