Skype for Business a New Communication Tool

Skype for Business a New Communication Tool


Video and Audio Conferencing for 2 to 250 participants (at your desk or in a conference room)
Instant Messaging text or send files to an individual or a group
Screen Sharing show your desktop to others (replacing MeetingPlace)
Collaboration allow others to access or make changes on your desktop


  • Find someone
  • Add a contact
  • View contact card
  • Add audio, video & share files in an IM conversation
  • Switch between conversations
  • Find a previous IM conversation
  • Presence (Status)
  • Create a group
  • Send an instant message
  • Schedule a meeting
  • Record & Play back a meeting
  • Manage meeting participants
  • Need to invite more people?
  • Choose your view
  • Join a Skype meeting
  • Share your desktop or a program
  • Share a Powerpoint presentation
  • Share your desktop or a program
  • Share notes with OneNote
  • Share a whiteboard
  • Give control to others… and take back control
  • Select who can download shared files
  • Share a PowerPoint presentation
  • Share a file or a picture


Give control to others…

Allow others to flip through slides, contribute information, and make changes to a whiteboard or OneNote, PowerPoint or other kind of file, or demonstrate a program with just a couple of clicks. Take back control at any time.

  1. Click Give Control.
  2. Pick a particular person or click Give Control Automatically to automatically give access to
  3. anyone who asks for control of your desktop. Share your desktop or a program

Need to show everyone what you’re talking about?

…and, take back control

  1. In the meeting window, click the Present 1. Click Give Control again.

button. 2. If Give Control Automatically is selected, click it to clear it. Or to take

back control from a person, click Take Back Control.2.                                Click Present Desktop to show the entire

contents of your desktop… or…

Select who can download shared filesClick Present Programs and double-click the

In a scheduled meeting, you can restrict who can download a copy of a file program you want to share. you’re sharing—like if the information is still a draft or is confidential.3. Double-click the program you

  1. Click the Present button, and then click the Manage Presentable Content want to share. button.
  2. If you share a program, it will
  3. Click the Permissions button, and then select from:have a yellow border and a Now
  • Organizer – just the person who set Presenting tab on your desktop. up the meeting

  1. To stop sharing, click Stop
  • Presenters – just the people who the

Presenting on the bar at

organizer set up as presenters

the top of your screen, or • Anyone – all participantsat the top of the

conversation window.

Which Skype should I use?

Skype for Business is for connecting with a co-worker or business associate.

Skype is for connecting with your grandma, or chatting with friends while gaming.

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Share notes with OneNote

OneNote is fully integrated with Skype for Business. You, or anyone you’ve given permissions to before the meeting, can have access to the OneNote file and take notes.

  1. In the conversation window, click the

Present button, and then choose Shared Notes.

  1. Select an existing notebook, or click

New Notebook to create a new one.

Participants who joined the meeting using Skype for Business are automatically added to an attendee list in the OneNote.

Share a whiteboard

Need to show what you’re talking about? Draw it using the Whiteboard! It’s also great for brainstorming.

  • In the conversation window, click the Present button, click More, and then click Whiteboard.

Check out the toolset on the right side of the whiteboard. It’s even got a laser pointer.


Available * Online and available
Be Right Back ** Away from your computer briefly
Away *, ** Logged on, but have been away from computer for a period of time.
Off Work ** Not working or not available
Busy *, ** Hard at work and shouldn’t be interrupted
In a call * In a Skype for Business call (two-party call)
In a meeting * In a meeting (using Skype for Business or Outlook)
In a conference call * In a Skype for Business conference call (Skype meeting with audio)
Do Not Disturb ** Do not want to be disturbed. You will see IMs, but only if you’re both in the same Workgroup.
Presenting * Giving a presentation
Out of the office Set to OOF in your Outlook calendar
Offline * Not signed in
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