Vlogmas Day 10 ♡ Tupperware Queen & Benefit Advent Calendar Fun!

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Camera I used to record this video: Sony DSC-RX100 M3
Editing: iMovie

Duration : 0:6:28

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24 thoughts on “Vlogmas Day 10 ♡ Tupperware Queen & Benefit Advent Calendar Fun!”

  1. Benefit really went …
    Benefit really went downhill this yr on the calendar. $150 and they swapped
    bronzers and blush out for post it notes and paper clips and a hair tie.
    What were they thinking? Last yrs was wayyy better and cheaper.

  2. The benefit advent …
    The benefit advent calendar is waaayy too expensive for what you get!
    They’re better off putting mini deluxe sized eyeshadows or blushes or even
    little lip glosses in each than all those random things….like a post it
    note? really -.- Anyway, I think it’s cute how you went out in the rain as
    a favor to one of your loyal supporters. I love seeing that 🙂 ♥♥Sam

  3. the benefit advent …
    the benefit advent calendar is pretty expensive considering most of the
    stuff is either tiny or useless

  4. Omg Lewie and Zeus …
    Omg Lewie and Zeus yous are so tots adorbs ngawww and woooh that beauty box
    thing looks cool and can’t wait for the unboxing vid
    Love yah girly 

  5. how many people …
    how many people checked to see if they were on facebook after they heard
    the facebook chat sound? because i know i did

  6. That benefit advent …
    That benefit advent calendar is such a waste of money and a rip off!

  7. Sometimes if you …
    Sometimes if you take one light bulb out of the lights on the christmas
    tree and swap it with another light in the tree the lights will start to
    work again. I don’t know why but sometimes that works 🙂 

  8. Love seeing you …
    Love seeing you feature/notice weird comments. Always makes me chuckle

  9. i reckon the …
    i reckon the benefit advent calender isn’t as good this year, i was going
    to get it but the selection isn’t that good! WHAT IS WITH THE STATIONARY!

  10. I like your garden! …
    I like your garden! I wish I could have one instead of a balcony in the
    main road 🙁 

  11. That benefit …
    That benefit calendar is such a rip off! I mean… post it notes?!

  12. Hahaha you’ll be …
    Hahaha you’ll be glad that you were a creep and bought loads of tupperware
    containers, there is a gremlin that steals all the lids! I swear!

  13. My boy puppies play …
    My boy puppies play just like yours! That dress you were wearing looked
    cute from what I could see. :)

  14. Shannon, I …
    Shannon, I seriously love hearing your reactions to the different benefit
    products each video. It seriously makes my day!! Hahaha. I totally agree
    that the post-it notes and the hair thing do not belong in the advent

  15. I am so glad I …
    I am so glad I didn’t get that Benefit calendar…not paying that much for
    paper clips, hair ties and post it notes…

  16. I love that you …
    I love that you bought Tupperware online, so glamorous :p.

    Have you thought about getting a camera mount for your car as you and
    Hamish vlog from your cars quite a bit? I’m sure someone must make those.

    Also it just occurred to me that I would get such sore arms from holding a
    camera up like that to film all day lol!

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