Creating tasks and to-do lists in Google Calendar

Google Calendar provides a simple, lightweight task management tool for all users. View this video to see how to use this tool.

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11 thoughts on “Creating tasks and to-do lists in Google Calendar”

  1. Wonder what a p …
    Wonder what a p card is. 🙂 Thanks, this answered my question.

  2. Thanks for all the …
    Thanks for all the information. It was helpful. One more thing that
    attracted my attention is the deadline below your to-do list. It’s amazing!
    How to make it visible?

  3. ClipPod has been a …
    ClipPod has been a great tool for us to store our todo lists inside Google

  4. Dear Berklee TS, …
    Dear Berklee TS, How do I view/create Google Tasks from my Iphone/Ipad
    Mini? You have a very professional video; thank you for setting the

  5. I like the way you …
    I like the way you pronounce your word very clearly. Nice work.

  6. I went the google …
    I went the google calendar today (11 June 2014) the display have changed 🙁
    i can’t find the todo list on the calendar anymore.

  7. I run a plumbing co …
    I run a plumbing co and I have a few employees. On my calendar they all
    have different colors for the jobs they are responsible for. I want to
    make tasks for each one of them to do. Only problem is I dont see a way to
    keep the color coordination on my gtasks the same as the color for my
    individual employees on the calendar.

  8. Dear Berkhlee Ts. I …
    Dear Berkhlee Ts. I need a solution to my todo list more smart. for
    example : I want to get reminder in my phone every 10th day of the every
    month at 09:00pm. do i use task or calnedar any solution ?

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