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Repair Outlook Data Files (.pst and .ost) – Office 365 Exchange


Repair Outlook Data Files (.pst and .ost)

My IT Support Department recommended rebuilding the user Profile for Outlook when the .ost file is damaged.
Outlook working with Office 365 will rebuild .ost file.

Error msg Cannot display the folder.

“Windows Search” exited without properly closing your Outlook data file … .ost “Microsoft Outlook” must be restarted.

Quick fix recommended by IT Support

Go to this folder, replacing USERID with the User’s account name:  C:\Users\USERID\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook

Delete the Outlook Data File, .ost

Open Outlook, it will rebuild the user’s profile.

If you decide to repair existing file then continue with instructions below.

Repair Outlook Data Files (.pst and .ost)

If your Microsoft Outlook Data File (.pst and .ost) won’t open or you suspect that the data file is damaged, use the Inbox Repair tool (Scanpst.exe) to diagnose and repair errors in the file. The Inbox Repair tool checks the Outlook Data Files on your computer to see if they’re in good shape.

Repair a .pst file

  1. Exit Outlook, and browse to <drive>:\Program Files — or, if you see a Program Files (x86) folder on the same drive, browse to that instead. For example, C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86).
  2. In the Search box, type Scanpst.exe.

If the search doesn’t find Scanpst.exe, try searching in the alternative folder mentioned in step 2, above — Program Files or Program Files (x86).

  1. Double-click Scanpst.exe.
  2. In the Enter the name of the file you want to scan box, enter the name of the .pst file you want the tool to check, or click Browse to select the file.
  3. By default, a new log file is created during the scan. Or, you can click Options and choose not to have a log created, or to have the results appended to an existing log file.
  4. Click Start.

If the scan finds errors, you’re prompted to start the repair process to fix them.

The scan creates a backup file during the repair process. To change the default name or location of this backup file, in the Enter name of backup file box, enter a new name, or click Browse to select the file you want to use.

  1. Click Repair.

    A copy of the log file is saved to the same folder as the .pst file.

  2. Start Outlook with the profile that contains the Outlook Data File that you repaired.
  3. Switch to the Folder List view in the Folder Pane by pressing Ctrl+6.

In the Folder Pane, you might see a folder named Recovered Personal Folders that contains your default Outlook folders or a Lost and Found folder. Although the repair process might recreate some of the folders, they may be empty. The Lost and Found folder contains any folders and items recovered by the repair tool that Outlook can’t place in their original structure.

You can create an Outlook Data File, and drag the items in the Lost and Found folder into the new data file. After you’ve moved all the items, you can remove the Recovered Personal Folders (.pst) file. This includes the Lost and Found folder.

If you can open the original Outlook Data File, you may be able to recover additional items. The Inbox Repair tool creates a backup file with the same name as the original, but with a .bak extension, and saves it in the same folder. You may be able to recover items from the backup file that the Inbox Repair tool couldn’t recover.

To recover items from the backup (.bak) file, make a copy of it and give the copy a new name with a .pst extension, such as bak.pst. Import the bak.pst file into Outlook, and then use the Import and Export Wizard to import any additional recovered items into the newly created .pst file.

See how to import a .pst file by reading Import Outlook items from an Outlook Data File (.pst).

Re-create an offline Outlook Data File (.ost)

Some account types, such as Microsoft Exchange Server, use an offline Outlook Data File (.ost). This type of data file is a copy of information saved on your mail server. If you encounter problems with an offline Outlook Data File (.ost), the file can be re-created by downloading a copy of your items again. We don’t recommend repairing an offline Outlook Data File, so if your offline data file isn’t usable, you should re-create it by doing the following:

  1. Exit Outlook.
  2. In Control Panel, click or double-click Mail.

Where is Mail in Control Panel?

Mail appears in different Control Panel locations depending on the version of the Windows operating system, the Control Panel view selected, and whether a 32- or 64-bit operating system or version of Outlook is installed.

The easiest way to locate Mail is to open Control Panel in Windows and then, in the Search box at the top of the window, type Mail.

Note    The Mail icon appears after Outlook starts for the first time.

The title bar of the Mail Setup dialog box contains the name of the current profile. To select a different existing profile, click Show Profiles, select the profile name, and then click Properties.

  1. In the Mail Setup dialog box, click E-mail Accounts.
  2. Click the Data Files tab, select the Exchange account, and then click Open File Location.

    A file explorer window opens to the location of the data file for the Exchange account. The Account Settings and Mail Setup dialog boxes will remain open, behind the file explorer window.

  3. Close the Account Settings and the Mail Setup dialog boxes, then return to the file explorer window.

    Important   Be sure to close these two dialog boxes before you delete the file. If they aren’t closed, Windows may display an error message about a conflict.

  4. In the file explorer window, right-click the Exchange data file and then click Delete. The next time you start Outlook, a new .ost file is created for the account.
Microsoft Office 2010
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Create Bootable Windows 10 DVD/ISO How To

Here’s a complete step by step guide on how to create a bootable Windows 10 DVD. You can use the newly created disc for installing Microsoft’s latest OS on a PC that supports a DVD drive.

upgrade windows 7 to windows 10

At this point in time, it’s pretty clear that Microsoft might not push out an official Windows 10 DVD to consumers any time soon, like it did for previous versions of Windows. Instead, the software giant is focusing more on digital downloads and USB drives. And while you have the option to create a bootable Windows 10 USB drive right on the fly, there are users who still prefer to go the old fashioned way of having a DVD lying around for installing an OS on their desktop or notebook. Today, we’ll show you how you can create a bootable Windows 10 DVD right from your PC in a matter of minutes.

Create Bootable Windows 10 DVD

Before we even begin, it’s worth noting that you should have a stable enough Internet connection for the download of the Windows 10 ISO to take place. Apart from that, we recommend that you buy at least two empty DVDs for creating the bootable medium, in case one fails for some reason, or the user gets something wrong during the creation process. With that out of the way, let’s dive right into the process.

1. Download the official Windows 10 media creation tool from here. Grab the 32-bit or 64-bit version of the tool, depending on the currently installed version of Windows on your PC.

2. Launch the tool.

3. Ignoring the ‘Upgrade this PC now’ option, select ‘Create installation media for another PC.’ Once you’ve made your choice, click on the ‘Next’ button to move forward.

Screenshot (12)

4. Select the language, architecture and edition of Windows 10, then click on ‘Next.’

Screenshot (13)

5. Select the ‘ISO file’ option and click on ‘Next.’


Screenshot (14)

6. The tool will now ask you to select a location where you wish to save the Windows 10 ISO file. We recommend saving it on the desktop in a dedicated folder. Hit ‘Save’ to begin the download.

Screenshot (15)

Depending on the speed of your connection, the process might take a while, but in the end, you’ll be left with the official Windows 10 ISO file in the location of your choice.

Burn Windows 10 ISO To DVD

Once your Windows 10 ISO is done downloading, all you have to do is burn the image file onto a DVD, and here’s how you can do it:

1. Insert an empty DVD into your PC’s DVD drive.

2. Right-click on the Windows 10 ISO you downloaded above.

3. Click on the ‘Burn disc image’ option which will launch the Windows Disc Image Burner tool.

4. Make sure you check the ‘Verify disc after burning burning’ option before clicking on ‘Burn.’

Once the process is complete, the disc will eject and you’ll be left with a bootable Windows 10 DVD.

Windows 10 is currently rolling out to users the world over via Windows Update, and since it’s a phased release, therefore not everyone will be able to get in on the Windows 10 bandwagon immediately. If you want to force the Windows 10 update onto your PC, then be sure to check out: Download and Install Windows 10 Right Now.

The post Create Bootable Windows 10 DVD – How To by Uzair Ghani appeared first on WCCFtech.Microsoft Office 2010
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Spreed ® Hands-free Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Built-in Microphone for Smartphones and Tablets (White)

Spreed ® Hands-free Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Built-in Microphone for Smartphones and Tablets (White)
Product DescriptionThe Spreed Conference Speaker is a compact wireless speakerphone with built-in microphone. Due to its small size and low weight you can take the Spreed Conference Speaker anywhere. It is compatible with every Bluetooth device such as iOS and Android smartphones/tablets as well as PC, iMac or MacBook. The lithium-ion battery’s lifetime is 8-10 hours, making it easier to stay connected all the time for what matters: Calls, Web meetings or music playback – wherever you are – at home, on the road, during a picnic or in your lunch break.

The digital amplifiers output power of 2 x 3W guarantees a perfect sound quality at an incredible Bluetooth range of up to 10 m. Audio devices that do not support Bluetooth can be connected to the Spreed Conference Speaker using the supplied 3.5 mm audio cable. Also included in this package is a USB power adapter and cable to charge your speaker.

The Spreed speakerphone enables you to easily make or answer calls wherever you may be. There is no better choice for conference rooms as well: Due to the latest echo cancellation technology and automatic sound adjustment for close and wide range, the microphone reduces ambient noise and guarantees perfect sound quality. Your online meeting, Skype call or Google Hangout meeting has never been better.

Spreed ® Hands-free Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Built-in Microphone

Product parameters:

Bluetooth specifications: Bluetooth V2.1+EDR

Transmission distance: ≤ 10 m

USB recharge voltage: DC 5V

New: High-capacity lithium-ion battery (8-10 hours runtime)

Output power: 3Wx2

Frequency response: 90 Hz – 20 KHz

Sensivity: 80 db ± 2 db

Signal to noise ratio (SNR): ≥ 76 dB

This package includes:

Conference speaker

3.5 mm audio cable

USB power cable

Power adapter (European plug)

User manual

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Logitech UC Solution for Cisco 725-C (Business Product), Cisco Certified Keyboard, Mouse, HD Webcam Desktop Combo

Logitech UC Solution for Cisco 725-C (Business Product), Cisco Certified Keyboard, Mouse, HD Webcam Desktop Combo
Product Description

Logitech UC Solution for Cisco 725-C
Fully-integrated UC desktop combo for Cisco voice and video calls
View larger
Logitech UC Solution For Cisco 725-C

Redefine Cisco Collaboration With One Streamlined Desktop Solution. Enjoy the convenience of Jabber voice, video, and messaging control with the only keyboard/webcam/mouse combo exclusively selected and certified by Cisco. This all-in-one desktop solution delivers seamless integration with Cisco VXC and Jabber, eliminates the clutter of a desk phone, and enables workers to quickly manage both voice and video calls directly from the keyboard. With a full-size keyboard that doubles as a call control center, high-quality HD videoconferencing and precision mouse control, you can easily bring better productivity and collaboration to any desk.

Phone and video controls at your fingertips
See keyboard features
View larger

Phone and video controls at your fingertips

It’s not just a keyboard. It’s a communication control center. With never-before-seen phone and video controls, the desktop Jabber experience is managed directly from the keyboard. Easy-access illuminated control buttons for call answer/end, video call initiation, mute, and volume make it easy to collaborate while staying productive.

Unparalleled HD video conferencing
1080p HD video designed for Jabber
View larger

Unparalleled HD video conferencing

Make a professional impression with crystal-clear face-to-face conversations in full 1080p HD video. Integrated UVC H. 264 encoding frees up PC bandwidth by putting video processing in the webcam. Built-in omni-directional mics with noise reduction ensure callers hear you clearly – even in busy open workspaces.

Streamlined design for the shrinking desktop
Compact setup for a clutter-free workspace

Streamlined design for the shrinking desktop

The corded keyboard replaces the need for a desk phone to save desk space. It’s perfect for small workspaces, hot-desking, cubicles, call centers, and anyone who appreciates a clutter-free workspace. Plus, workers will enjoy comfortable, fluid, whisper-quiet typing thanks to Logitech’s PerfectStroke key system.

Precision wireless mouse
Micro-precise scroll wheel
View larger

Precision wireless mouse

Designed for Cisco Jabber, this mouse delivers micro-precise scrolling and comfort. An ergonomic design with soft rubber grips looks good and feels even better, while advanced optical tracking technology ensures efficient productivity. The included Logitech Unifying receiver plugs into a USB port on the keyboard, saving a computer port for other devices.

Call status display
Displays caller ID like on a desk phone
View larger

Call status display

Just like the display on a desk phone, the keyboard’s LCD screen shows instant notifications of incoming caller IDs, call length, and more. So workers can easily see call status without interrupting on-screen work.

Plug-and-play setup
Easy-to-deploy USB connectivity

Plug-and-play setup

With simple USB connectivity, your fully-integrated UC desktop system is easy to set up, use, and deploy to a single desk, full department, or entire enterprise.

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Skype Translator For Windows Desktop With Support for 50 Languages!

Skype Translator For Windows Desktop With Support for 50 Languages!


Skype Translator

Skype has been doing several experiments to improve the user experience since 2014 by using Skype Translator. Last month, Skype made it easy for the users to download and try Skype Translator preview by removing the sign-up requirement. And there was a huge response from the users to try this innovative technology from Skype. Right after the removal of sign-up requirement, the popular calling app saw 300% hike in Skype Translator usage.

As per the blog posted on Skype, Skype Translator Preview will be launched for the Windows users (using Windows 8.1 or Windows 10) by the end of August and they can try this translator in 4 different speaking languages. They are English, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin. Additionally, it will also have 50 written instant messaging languages to translate from one language to other.

Features of Skype Translator:

  • By using this translator, you can call anyone of Skype and your conversation will be translated to the respective language of the opposite person in real time.
  • If somebody talks to you in Spanish language, the conversation will be translated in English on the fly and you can immediately answer back in English which will then converted into Spanish.
  • The transcript of the call will also be displayed on your screen
  • Messages too can be translated in real time with 50 instant messaging languages

How Does the Translator Works?

According to the company, “the training data for speech recognition and translation is fetched from the different sources such as  translated web pages, previous conversations, videos with captions etc. It records the conversations to help the machine teach better and hence, giving the users the best translation in all the four languages during Skype calls.” Same goes with the instant messaging, but it’s not hard as converting the live conversations. You can see the video of how to setup Skype Translator on your windows desktop right here:

Who Will Find it Useful?

Anyone in the world can use the Skype Translator Preview on their windows PC or laptop. However, the ones dealing with clients in different country with different language preferences will find it more immensely useful. There are times someone approaches you with a project, but he/she is unable to speak in English and can only speak the native language. This is the time when you, as a business owner, will find it pretty easy to deal such situations.

Skype is getting better with usage and user feedback. Translation ability will expand as more and more people use application.

Posted by: Harshil Patel in technology June 10, 2015



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Microsoft releases free Office apps for Android phones – News

Microsoft releases free Office apps for Android phones – News

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint up for grabs

Office for Android Phone

24 Jun 2015 at 21:55,

Bring Office 365 to the corporate level with Web apps for business operations

So cool being to keep us with email and documents with my phone app

Redmond’s plan to get its code running everywhere took another step forward on Wednesday when it released free versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Android phones.

Ever since Satya Nadella took the top job at Microsoft he’s been banging on about getting its software on every platform. iOS got it first, then Android fondleslabs, and in May Microsoft issued a preview for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Android phones. That program has now finished and the full code is available for download from the Google Play Store.

“We are so grateful to our preview users, and with their help we were able to test the apps on over 1,900 different Android phone models in 83 countries,” said Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president for the Office 365 Client Apps and Services.

“During the preview, we heard from thousands of these users, and over the last few weeks we were able to incorporate a lot of their feedback into the apps we’re launching today. For example, we made it easier to connect to other popular third-party storage offerings like Google Drive and Box, as well as many usability adjustments to make it easier to navigate commands within the apps.”

Only around half of Android users will be able to download the software, however: 51.6 per cent, to be exact. They need Android 4.4 or higher to work – only they won’t work on the preview build of Android M – plus a gig of RAM, and you’d better make sure you’ve got enough space for the software as well.

Word for Android is a 104MB download and takes up 177MB when unpacked, not including documents and other data. The Excel download is 93.27MB and unpacks to 168MB, and PowerPoint downloads as 91.07MB and is 166MB when installed.

That said, you might not need to download the apps in the future. Microsoft says it has partnered with 30 OEMs to get them preloaded on smartphones, including those from LG, Samsung, and Sony.

The free versions of the apps support core functions, including file creation, editing, and sharing. Documents can be stored on OneDrive, but also Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box.

The new apps are available on the Google Play Store, but that doesn’t operate in China – a massive market for Android users. Instead Microsoft has put the apps on Tencent, Baidu, Xiaomi, CMCC, and the Samsung Galaxy Store.

Office 365 subscribers, however, get some extra features, detailed here. ®

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New Windows 10 will STAGGER to Platform

Operating system will be released in ‘waves’

“We’ve said that Windows 10 will launch in the summer. Some of you have heard our partners working in the ecosystem speculate about a date, but we have not announced a date,” Belfiore said.

It turns out Microsoft has in mind not so much a release date (though there will be a moment when a release-ready build of Windows 10 is made available to PC makers), but rather a wave of launches.

“We are on track for the summer but you should have in mind this notion of Windows as a service,” he said.

“There are devices and features that will come not on the launch date but following it. Our main focus is to kick off with a great launch on the PC. Other devices, phone, HoloLens, Xbox, Surface Hub, will be staggered, probably not on the same date as the PC.

“In some cases, phone updates require us to go through mobile operator testing. The way to think about it is a launch wave that will start in the summer with the PC and then fill out over time as more devices come online.”

“That is also true of features,” he added. “There are some features that we’ve talked about that won’t be there on launch day. For example, extension support in the Edge browser won’t be there on launch date. The Win32 app support in the Store won’t be there on launch date. Some enterprise features will also come in the Fall.”

Why does Belfiore include Xbox in this list, given that Xbox One is already available? Users should perhaps expect a significant system update before it supports Microsoft’s new Universal App Platform (UAP).

Windows Phone is behind partly because Microsoft has a PC-first approach. “Our phone builds have been not as far along as our PC builds. In general our app work is happening first on the PC. We’re adapting the phone experiences later,” said Belfiore.

The Right Project Management Solution: From Microsoft SharePoint Online to Project Online

When it comes to project management, every individual, team, and organization has unique needs. Microsoft’s vision for project management is to enable individuals and teams to choose the tool that is the best fit for their specific project while still delivering the visibility that their organization needs to ensure focus on the right priorities. This session helps you understand how all the solutions across Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, and Project fit together so you can chart a realistic approach to project management for your organization that will deliver immediate value with an eye to the future.

Duration : 1:16:45

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Lync 2013: So einfach geht Kommunikation im Unternehmen | Microsoft

Neueste Infos, Veranstaltungen und Downloads zu Lync erhalten Sie hier:

Thema: Zusammenarbeit-B2B

Hier erfahren Sie für was und wie Lync im Unternehmen als Kommunikationswerkzeug erfolgreich eingesetzt werden kann. Einzelne Features wie Telefonie, Instant Messaging und Videokonferenzen werden ebenso vorgestellt wie die Anbindung an Skype und Outlook.

Duration : 0:7:57

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A & H Meyer Corporate Video

A. & H. Meyer has launched a new corporate video, an inaugural collaboration project with final-year Interactive Multimedia Design students of Taylor’s University. Students were placed into three teams, with one producing a video ad celebrating the flexibility, convenience and connectivity of A. & H. Meyer’s NETBOX range.

The collaborative version entitled “Wiring the World,” features a young executive on an overnight business trip. The spot sees him gear up for a multimedia sales presentation at a client company, in essence capturing the aesthetic value as well as the immersive user experience of the NETBOX products.

The semester-long project brought together students with diverse skill sets and emphasized not only producing an engaging final project, but also the importance of meeting professional standards.

Duration : 0:1:0

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