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5 Reasons Why in 5 Years Desktop IDEs Will Be Dead or Outdated

Most company get 5 year warranties with the products they purchase from Dell or HP.

System is being developed to contain the operating system in memory and hard drive componets will not be needed.

All storage and file access will be on the cloud. Every will be using subscription products or free products offered on the web.

You get the latest updates continually by your SAAS. Microsoft Office 365 is the best buy for the buck.

Get business solutions that model todays life style and technology.

cloud based IDE hosts all necessary services side by side, so that they are immediately available on demand. Projects are built on powerful machines, which will off-load developers’ computers. In simple words, it’s possible to use desktops and


Microsoft Office 2010
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Microsoft: Buy Office 365, Not Office 2013. Better Think About It!

Choosing Which Office Is A Big Decision

But there’s another consideration, too: With Office 2013, Office copies are apparently locked to one machine, forever. Better check out the Office 365 solutions for business and families this give you hte best advantage and you are not locked down to one machine forever. I use office 365 subscription for the family and it works the best. Kids at school and college need the latest version of microsoft office to do class work and stay ahead of the curve, while saving money. Share on: Microsoft: Buy Office 365, Not Office 2013. Or You’ll Be Sorry. Not just price: Microsoft has confirmed two new roadblocks designed to encourage users to choose subscription-based Office 365 over the traditional Office.ReadWriteWeb


Microsoft Office 2010
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Office 2013 looks set for January 29th Time is Now to put in your pre-orders

Office 2013 is ready to be released and its time to get ahead of the curve with it’s new office automation features. I will discuss more as the product gets release and consumers have a chance to purchase the produce or get a free trial.

It looks like we finally have a launch date for Microsoft Office 2013: January 29th. The date comes courtesy of a pre-order page on Canadian retailer Future Shop’s website for Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription service, which says that the product is


Microsoft Office 2010
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Microsoft Office 365: Connect and Collaborate Virtually Anywhere Now is the Time …

Now is the time to save money and get connected and safeguard your data with the new business solutions offered through Microsoft Office 365. Train. Coffee shop. Soccer field. Now you can connect, collaborate, and get things done—virtually anywhere—using Microsoft Office 365. Guided by business…/Microsoft_Office_365_Connect_and_Collabo…


New Product News – September 13, 2012

Cloud strategies are the new way of life in todays economy. We have to learn to tighten our belts and use the cloud business solutins to help harvest while people are willing to invest and spend in todays fashion. Apeal to your audiance and you will find them answering the call to the table. Give them something they can use, give the vision for their future. Quest Software released its email migration solution, Quest OnDemand Migration for Email, enabling customer migration of emails to Microsoft Office 365. This SaaS re-mitigates data without creating duplicates, ensures the security of organizational

Coveo introduced Coveo for Saleforce, utilizing an enterprise unified indexing engine in the cloud, with access to diverse systems such as Twitter, Gmail and Microsoft Exchange. This solution enables user access to other applications without having to leave


Partners Can Now Bill Office 365

“What we had earlier was a separate program for Office 365 where you became an office 365 Partner of Record (Microsoft parlance for Office 365 reseller). Even though you trained resources and acquired certifications as per the cloud competency, you had

Office 365 Cloud Solutions Support, bring the office online and secure limit your overhead and work your business to acheive todays success.


We’d love to tell you more about Office 365, or get you started with a trial.

Ready for work. Whenever you are.

Your life, in balance, from virtually anywhere.

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We would like to show you Microsoft® Office 365—cloud productivity designed
for you. Keep your life in balance from virtually anywhere, whether you’re one
professional or a small business.*

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Microsoft Office 365 is a set of web-enabled tools that combine Microsoft Office productivity with the latest Microsoft communication and collaboration technology.
A month-to-month subscription of Office 365 can help you get where you want to
go with your business, while keeping the rest of your life in balance.

Access professional, domain-based email.

Share calendars and contacts.

Chat via video, instant messaging, or audio calls.

Do it all with confidence and a financially backed, 99.9 percent uptime guarantee.

We’d love to tell you more about Office 365, or get you started
with a trial. Contact us today!

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What to Expect From Microsoft Office 365

Although Microsoft is not necessarily known as founders in any area today, no one can accuse them of not being alert to new computing trends and technologies. Their new cloud-based collaboration tool, Microsoft Office 365, looks to be a well-built rival for Google Apps.

Microsoft's Business Productivity Online Standards Suite has been on the market for some time, and the new generation represents a full commitment to the benefits of cloud computing in Office 365. The software as a service is now in beta, and sees Microsoft joining together the online versions of its products for communication and collaboration in an integrated, 'no updates necessary', examination.

Office 365 will be launched later this year (in 2011) and is set to contain:

• Microsoft Office Professional Plus for normal desktop applications
• Sharepoint Online for collaborative tasks
• Exchange Online for email
• Lync Online for integrated communications

Later, an adaptation of Office 365 including Microsoft Dynamics CRM will also be launched.

A complete rundown of the functions and features to be available through Office 365 has not been outlined by Microsoft. However, IT and tech industry analysts say that the offering is showing a lot of potential.

Michael Osterman, the Osterman Research president, said that “Conceptually, Office 365 is a great idea. From a functional perspective, integrating the online Office suite with hosted Exchange, SharePoint and Lync servers is going to be very useful”.

Osterman noted that having a consistent desktop experience for users across fixed machines and cloud computing will be a major boon, especially with the mobile workforce revolution in full noise. This reduces training time for transitions to cloud-based operations and ultimately improves efficiency.

One of the key upheavals for companies already using Sharepoint will not be the move to the cloud itself, but the simultaneous upgrade of Sharepoint 2007 to Sharepoint 2010, says a senior analyst with the 451 group, Kathleen Reidy.

Reidy recently quoted that, “SharePoint in Office 365 should be fairly full-featured… There'll be collaboration, content management, portal and search capabilities, for example, so a small organization will be able to set up an intranet, publish content and allow file sharing and collaboration around this shared repository,”.

Microsoft itself sees one of the most important benefits of Office 365 as its scalability and applicability to almost every corporation and business. For example, for the first time small businesses and non-profits may have access to large enterprise-scale software. Government organisations can use Office 365 to improve cost efficiencies, minimise training time and reduce IT workload.

There will be 3 different versions of Office 265 initially available: small business, enterprise and education. Each of these will have access to the 4 services stated earlier, with the standard Microsoft Office suite, SharePoint, Lync and MS Exchange all inclusive in the product.

Most impressively to some, Office 365 can be installed and operational within a small organisation in only a quarter of an hour.

Another worthwhile benefit of the platform will be access to technical support and troubleshooting, which can be tricky to get with Google Apps' free product. The pricing strategy however is seen as aggressive – lower-end packages are seen as predominantly accessible for small to medium sized businesses.

Reidy went on to say that, “Particularly for smaller organizations that typically wouldn't have the resources to buy, install, run and maintain SharePoint, this is a very cost-effective option that will give them quite a bit of functionality from a basic file-sharing, content management point of view,”.

If you think that your business or organisation could benefit from the flexibility of cloud computing then Office 365 will without a doubt be good for you. The platform doesn't require the need for extra infrastructure, a learning curve for the new system or revamped security measures.

If you want to know more about Microsoft 365 and cloud solutions, visit this site.

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