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98% of all businesses in the US are small business, how would an increase in taxes and health care costs?

affect their productivity

They always hurt them–we’ve got a long history of seeing just that. There are costs to doing business and when they increase, those costs have to be passed on. That makes us less competitive in a global market and when we’re talking about something NONE of us have true control over (taxes and to a degree health care) then that means less money in the local community to spend as well–whether on an essential service or good or a luxury item–so it always is a negative.

BTW, solid plan that we need because especially with Boomers retiring, this just can’t continue:
That means preventative care (physical with follow up). Real medication (no Medicare "donut holes" the really ill are ripped off again.) No bogus ridiculously low "caps" on needed medical procedures. No abuse of the ER. No paying for the silly with the sniffles to go to the doc for free. No more bankruptcies over medical bills. I want THIS plan that ends abuse of the taxpayer, takes the burden off employers, provides price transparency, and ends the rip-off of the US taxpayer at the hands of greedy insurance CEOs (which has been repeatedly documented).
Read the PDF, not the blurb, for the bulk of the plan. Book is searchable on
Cassandra Nathan’s Save America, Save the World

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How to save a small biz from going under?

My brother’s 5 year old Swimming Pool and Backyard Company is failing. I want to help him salvage it because he has worked so hard, and has been successful up until now.
With the current economy crisis and the fact that no one can get loans or take out equity, etc. he has seen a significant decline is business productivity and new customers. In addition, he allowed his former partner to use his credit to obtain business and personal accounts…needless to say the outcome was not in my brother’s favor. His credit was ruined, and he is drowning in business debts. AND my brother and SIL are expecting their 1st baby. What a nightmare….I have taken over his business office and books free of charge, so that he can let his paid book keeper and office personnel go, and he has closed his office spaces and moved his office to his home so he can shave off expenses…..I’m trying to keep his overhead and outgoing expenses as minimal as possible….but he needs more help. UGH.

Are there any resources for small business owners in this type of situation? Is there any hope for him and his business? Can he possible seek outside investors or silent partners at this stage? Anything??

Please help!!!???

He wont go under, you can relax. I am a flyer deliverer. THe bussinesse i deliver for are small bussinesses. I deliver to 500 homes a day for them for only 5 cents a flyer. A black and white flyer with the bussiness name, what they do, how much it costs, and a coupon for 15% percent off on it will intice people to use the flyer. At this point what he simply needs to do is attract customers. He can deliver door to door and family members can to. create the flyer on the computer at home then take it to a printer who has a laser printer. Its alot cheaper than small home one. Drive around and look for all the people who have pools. put a flyer in thier mail box. Keep on doing it and somone will reply to them. Word of mouth will get around from them to. Its not over, just advertise this way. Its ceap and effective. take care.

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minimum wage and small business?

i am writing a paper on this topic. I took economics 3 years ago and remember talking about the effects of minimum wage on small businesses. It had pros and cons from a owner’s perspective and a employee’s perspective. Ex. loss of jobs, productivity, etc etc. If you know an article or a journal or anything i can use as sitation (or you own knowledge)… please post. Thank You

Here are listed the top resources about your issue below:

www .best-ranks .com/minimum_wage.htm

Benefits of Small Business CRM?

Thanks! its great..
May i know the benefits of small business crm? Is it worthy to increase the productivity ? Where can I get it?

CRM benefits for small business are not limited to just customer support operations. A small business stands to reap the rewards of streamlined business processes. Sales and marketing functions and can be safely seamlessly integrated and quickly automated. By storing entire business data in a common virtual platform businesspersons can gain access to mission-critical information on time. This helps to radically increase business productivity.

The Cloud's Impact on Workplace Productivity

Watch as Chris Capossela, Senior Vice President of Microsoft's Business Division, discusses how cloud computing has changed and improved the nature of productivity in the workplace, and explains the benefits of moving to the cloud with Microsoft Office 365.

“End users are always up-to-date, and they can get to everything with just an internet connection—they don't have to VPN inside a corporate firewall, just to do email or get to their documents.” — Chris Capossela, Senior Vice President, Microsoft Business Division


Science & Technology


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Office 365 Public Beta (Enterprise version) | SaaS | ZDNet UK

Office 365 Public Beta (Enterprise version)



It’s been a few months since Microsoft allowed a limited number of people onto the first beta of its next-generation online business productivity platform. An extension of (as well as an update to) Business Productivity Online Services (BPOS), Office 365 is best thought of a cloud-hosted set of Office servers, providing the full, end-to-end, set of Office tools without burdening the IT department with in-house implementations of Exchange, SharePoint or Lync.

Our initial Office 365 preview looked at the small business version of the service. With the public beta we’re now using the Enterprise version, on plan E3 (£15.75 per user per month). Like the small business version, the enterprise Office 365 offers multi-tenanted versions of the Office family servers — Exchange 2010, SharePoint 2010 and Lync 2010. There’s no need to install software or configure server hardware: everything is ready for you to use, with a relatively simple control panel to handle configuration and customisation. Microsoft is promising reliability too, with a 99.9 percent uptime service level agreement, backed up with financial guarantees.

Logging on
Both enterprise and small-business users get similar views of the service when they log in for the first time. There are shortcuts to key services, like Outlook Web Access for email and calendar, as well as links to the main SharePoint site and to download the Lync client. There’s one difference: Enterprise users don’t get the shortcuts to the Office Web Apps that small-business and kiosk users see.

Log on as a user, and you’ll see a basic start page that gives quick access to web mail and SharePoint team sites, as well as download links for applications. You’ll also find help in setting up a desktop PC to work with the Office 365 service

Microsoft doesn’t expect users to use this page all the time: instead, it’s suggesting they’ll be more likely to work with Office 365 from their familiar desktop tools, including Outlook. If you’re using a subscription with access to Office 2010, you’ll find that Office 365 services integrate well with the desktop tools, giving you access to collaboration features and, in the case of Outlook 2010, Lync-based tools that let you create and manage online meetings without leaving your calendar.

If you’re using Lync, at this point it’s perhaps best restricted to internal communi


Office 365 Cloud Service will get you up and running with the latest technology and software that Microsoft can offer at a best business value.

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As a small company employer, I can not afford unproductive employees. Especially new hires. Any ideas?

As we all know, small businesses need immediate productivity from new hires. With cash and budget being issues, I am looking for inexpensive but effective way of ramping up my new hires. I can not afford to pair them with other senior employees as it takes their time away from the work. Any suggestions?

This is definitely one of the constant struggles of small businesses.
Employers in most areas are lucky right now, that they can get experienced person for entry-level/sub-entry level pay. As the economy improves you have to increase their salary or risk losing them and being in the same situation.

I don’t think you can ever get away with the direct contact with senion employees during the training period. However, you can do things to reduce the amount of time that is needed – have detailed (and accruate) procedure guides and task lists. These will be costly (i.e. time consuming) to create, however, they are a "life savers" if you have employees unexpectedly out for a period of time.

As a small business owner, information can be one of your key assets.?

Why must you, as a business owner, manage information as a resource?
How might the Internet and related communication technologies change your business?
What are some of the ways that information technology can improve productivity and performance in your business?

Is this an essay for a class? Because I read your other post and they both sound like they’re questions from an essay or from an homework assignment.

I want to buy a new laptop to run a small business.?

I am also interested in buying Microsoft Office 2007 to help me with productivity. I am proficient with Office 2003 and heard that the functionality is about the same but the layout is different. Is Access 2007 a relatively good database or should I look in to something better? Like I said I am already familiar with 2003
What is a good laptop to buy that is reasonably priced (PC).
17" is too big to carry around, I was thinking 14" or 15"

hp’s are good, lenovo’s are better. you will find no better than lenovo for business, disregard anything anybody says.

i find that macs aren’t that good for their price. my macbook 2.4ghz is more of a novelty item, i actually enjoy my vista laptop more. macbook pros are just macbooks with a 8600m and a bigger screen, but for $700 more. i like the windows version of office so much better, it’s not even funny.

if you’re proficient with office 2003, don’t upgrade. it’s really different, and i don’t like it.

while lenovo’s aren’t the sexiest things around, they’re inexpensive, gritty, and can survive a good fall. in fact, it actually has a sensor so that when it senses an increase in g’s, it turns off the hard drive. it also has a crash recovery button.

upgrade the HD of the laptop listed to 320gb, and another gig of ram and you’re set.

Bussiness Princples and Managment questions?

Which of the following is used as an indicator of a nation"s economic wealth?
underground economy
a TQM chart
number of new business start-ups each year

The failure rate for non franchised businesses is higher than the failure rate for franchised businesses.

Offering employees the chance to purchase stock has been shown to increase productivity.

The demand for a product refers to
the number of similar products that will be offered for sale at a particular time and at a particular price
the number of similar products that will be bought at a given time at a given price
the price at which a product will sell most readily
the most competitive price for a product

Over half of all businesses fail within the first three years.
Commercial businesses engage in producing things.

In the United States, starting a small business
is subject to many government controls
is fairly easy
requires a physical facility
entails a large initial investmen

The quantity of products produced within a given time is known as

A profit-sharing program
raises worker productivity
raises funds for the company
always lowers overall profits
has no effect on effectiveness
What type of business produces goods that other businesses use to make things?

An example of the underground economy occurs when a parent gives a child $3 for doing a household chore.

What is one typical effect of re-engineering?
improved work flow
production delays
job confusion
more production steps

Wholesalers and retailers are classified as industrial types of businesses.
In return for payment of franchise fees, a franchisee is given
exclusive rights to sell the franchised product
a guaranteed profit
complete protection from business failure
absolute independence

The price of a product is determined primarily by
supply only
demand only
both supply and demand

When workers become empowered, what happens to the quality of their work?
quality increases
quality decreases
quality remains about the same
none of the responses

The term ‘domestic goods’ refers to products made by firms in other countries.

Activities in the underground economy
are taxed at a lower rate
have decreased in relation to GDP
account for one-third of the GDP
are not taxed

Business owners must be well informed about the production and marketing activities rather than the financial activities of a business.

yup, you want to know what’s the true and false?
maybe the link can help you!