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Employee Monitoring Software?

I have a small business, most of my employees require Internet access to do their jobs. I have some concerns about inappropriate use of the computers and how it might affect productivity.

I know there is software for home computer monitoring but is there anything available for small businesses that will allow me to monitor my employees discreetly?

The answer about the server logs is good as far as it goes, but it takes a lot of work and interpretation to go through the logs ( which can be very large) to search for employee misconduct.

There is software available that will give you detailed monitoring including screen snapshots, files accessed or transferred, web sites visited basically everything that happens on the computer.

The industry leader in this type of software is a company called SpectorSoft. They make monitoring software for home or business use. They have two business products, Spector CNE and Spector 360 that will give you complete control of your workplace.

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Employee Unions in America are not good for U.S. small businesses?

How come Unions like the autoworkers union and other unions say, "We are not only for better worker pay, but we can HELP/WORK WITH management to accomplish company goals."

Every Union bargains with management of the company or companies to help management’s productivity by collaborating with management.

Doesn’t this mean the Unions are saving businesses not hurting them? For example, the Autoworkers Union claims they saved General Motors by agreeing to forego wage adjustments for workers in an effort to help and stuff
so why aren’t more small businesses Pro-Union to help them do a better job?

And why aren’t more corporations pro-Government to help them out? where the US Government sends a team of expert Govt Employees paid at Govt salaries to help private corporate managers solve problems?

Unions are good for everybody. Many employers, however, prefer to run a feudal fiefdom where the workers are forced to take whatever scraps their ‘lord and master’ tosses to them.

There are employers who are pro-union. Many construction companies will tell you that they are glad to have a highly qualified union workforce to get jobs done on time and under budget.

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Business Interuption Liability?

A small local factory had a chemical spill which forced the police / fire dept to close down the area for the business day. Our business was interupted and the loss exceeded $2500 due to sal & productivity. Is that business obligated to compensate us?

The key to this question is – Was the small local factory negligent? All liability claims require proof of negligence. What caused the spill? Call the small factory and ask for their insurance information and submit a claim directly through their company instead of your own – Deciding liability can be clear cut or very hazy. Make the phone call – the worst they can do is deny and you haven’t lost anything.

Obama wants business to ‘get in the game’. Is this guy just the height of ignorance?

Here’s the article.

This man, who has never created a single job or managed even a small business feels qualified and justified in telling business that they need to do more. After all he’s done to kick American business in the head over the past two years, NOW he figures it’s time to come and essentially brow beat business into creating more jobs and investing. Barry, there’s a reason they aren’t hiring and a reason they’re not investing. But being the Marxist you are, you don’t have a clue what that reason might be.

He called for changes in the corporate tax code and increased exports, but pointedly warned his audience that businesses could not translate those benefits into "greater profits and bonuses for those at the top."

"We cannot go back to the kind of economy – and culture – we saw in the years leading up to the recession, where growth and gains in productivity just didn’t translate into rising incomes and opportunity for the middle class," he said.

In essence, "I’ll support you if you get on board with my socialist, egalitarian Utopia!" Literally, ‘spread the wealth’. Have we ever had a more business, financial and economically challenged president?
@Ohbrother: Yeah, I heard that. Obama giving away top secret British intelligence to Russians so that the Russians will sign our treaty. Amazing. Simply amazing. America holds all the cards and still Obama not only gives away our farm, but Britain’s too.

Someone pointed out the Karl Marx also never worked a day in his life at a real job, yet he made a career out of pontificating about the "workers."

Obama seems to have popped out of the same mold.

Maybe it doesn’t occur to him, businesses are putting money in "reserve" because of UNCERTAINTY, and they are afraid to invest it in anything while this Marx wannabe is in charge.

Labour Department study finds working contributes greatly to productivity?

Department of Labor studies found "working"—the physical act of engaging in a productive job-related activity—may greatly increase the amount of work accomplished during the workday, compared with more common practices of wasting time/not working or general "farcking about".
Depy Undersecretary of Labor Charlotte Ponticelli, authored the report; "In fact, ‘working’ may revolutionize the way people work."

"Farcking around is in fact detrimental to the work process," the study reads in part.

Jon Halper, a Baltimore-area small-business owner, claims that people used to laugh whenever he told them that the key to worker productivity was not checking friends’ MySpace pages for hours at a time, but rather working

Results indicate working is 100 percent more productive than:
listening to music
checking e-mails,
productive than meandering around the office socializing with coworkers
playing online Sudoku
watching YouTube lame videos
chatting with friends on Instant Messenger, napping,
but only 94.2% more productive than not attending work.

Despite these new findings, many American workers say that they still do not feel comfortable working on the job.
Similar controversial UK studies by the LSE arguing that pub liquid lunches may not increase concentration, productivity, attention to detail, innovative creative though and general attractiveness to the opposite sex have been rejected outright by Government and Oxford University as woefully under-researched and faddish.

Wow, what a great study. How much $ did that waste?

What’s the best way to fire an employee?

We have an employee who has been with us for about three months now and is only working at about half the productivity of the other employees and has shown no signs of improvement. It’s costing us money to have this person work for us, so they really have to go.

How should we go about doing it? Any small business owners or anyone else with appropriate experience at this have any tips? Thanks.
Needless to say, we’ve never actually had to fire anyone before.
A bit of added context:
We are a very small couple-run business with a handfull of part-time employees.
We are in an at-will employment state.

good question….try to say it as nice as possible..i cant think of any right now..but im sure that u’ll think of something….O and dont tell them their fired infront of people..its sure u already know that

Microsoft unveils Office 365 cloud platform | Applications – InfoWorld

Microsoft unveils Office 365 cloud platform
The new offering features Office, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and Lync Online as a bundled, hosted package
By Paul Krill | InfoWorld

 Microsoft, with its Microsoft Office 365 hosted applications announced Tuesday, is offering Office, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and Lync Online as an “always-up-to-date” cloud service. Office 365, the company said, makes it easier for organizations to use the company's solutions via cloud computing. Users can work together more easily from anywhere on virtually any device, including smartphones, Microsoft said. [ Microsoft's Lync Server 2010 communications server is a real step forward, InfoWorld columnist J. Peter Bruzzese said last week. | Keep up with the latest apps news with InfoWorld's Technology: Applications newsletter. ] Although Microsoft previously has offered cloud services, such as its Business Productivity Online Suite and Office Live Small Business, Office 365 represents a new approach to cloud applications because it brings together Office desktop software and Office Web Apps to Microsoft business cloud services for the first time, a Microsoft representative said. It also features more complete versions of Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync and a new platform with single sign-in, federated identity, and scripting. “[Office 365 is] including the Office apps as part of their cloud offerings. They didn't do that before,” said analyst Jeff Mann of Gartner. Enterprises might be interested because they can access Microsoft's applications via a cloud, which is easier and potentially cheaper, Mann said. A Microsoft executive emphasized that Office 365 represents change as well as opportunities. “Office 365 is one of the most transformative moves we've made with Office. We've taken the best of everything we know about productivity, and we're delivering it all in one cloud service. This resets the bar for what people will expect of productivity applications in the cloud,” said Microsoft's Kurt DelBene, president of the Microsoft Office Division, in an interview released by the company. “No longer is Office only a rich client that connects to servers; it is part of the services offering that we manage for customers. This will change our ongoing relationship with customers across all points of engagement, including product testing, the sales cycle, product deployment and customer support,” DelBene continued. “Office 365 is an opportunity for us to explore new possibilities. We can reach customers who don't have the IT resources to manage enterprise-class software. And, we can help customers stay up to date with the latest versions of our products. The impact of Office 365 will be far-reaching, because we can bring enterprise-class applications to everyone,” he said. Microsoft is offering Office 365 for enterprises and small businesses. It will be available worldwide next year, and it will be expanded to include Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online later in 2011. For enterprises, Office 365 offers choices for midsize and large businesses and government organizations, with prices starting at $2 per month for basic email. Enterprises also have the option to get Microsoft Office Professional Plus desktop software on a pay-as-you-go basis. Small businesses can get an external website and access Office Web Apps, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Lync Online for $6 per month. This article, “Microsoft unveils Office 365 cloud platform,” was originally published at Follow the latest developments in business technology news and get a digest of the key stories each day in the InfoWorld Daily newsletter.Read more about applications in InfoWorld's Applications Channel.
Paul Krill is an editor at large at InfoWorld, focusing on coverage of application development (desktop and mobile) and core Web technologies such as HTML5, Java, and Flash.

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Servicing the Office Cloud

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Do rich people believe if the billions of working poor would just work harder they wouldn’t be poor anymore?

Two ways to help humanity
1)Increase productivity, college, health care, mental help, addiction treatment, small business grants, etc, etc. This takes a very long time.
2)Decrease costs, fuel, water, housing, inflation, taxes, energy, food, transportation, etc, etc.

So, what can be reduced in costs right now. Well, inflation is man made so that would have the biggest impact.
And fuel and manufacturing costs can be reduced by already existing technology.

So what is easier, giving billions of people thousands cash to study real hard with or without diseases, and little family support or stepping on the toes of rich companies by free market?

My conclusion is we neglect the working poor, by spending our energy on homeless shelters, rehab, section8, etc, instead of the source which everyone has already surrendered to figuring out. Charity & nonprofits always set the bar of success at 1 person, how about everybody?
To ‘buy into mainstream culture’ is communistic. ic to not use the answers we already have to solve suffering of billions.
So we need a cutthroat person to fight for free market opportunities to help poor by providing lower costs and job opportunities at the same time.

I don’t understand a word of any of that so I will just answer your original question: I don’t think rich people think about it at all.

I need to track my time for my own use. What timesheet program do you recommend?

I only need to track my time for own benefit, so I can look at where I spend my time, and how to better spend it. Its for my own use, not for payroll or contractors. I own a small business and I want to improve my productivity.

I prefer to use Quickbooks Pro for this since I already have that program. Can you post instructions on how to access the Timesheet option in Quickbooks Pro?

Or I’d like an online timesheet: a fast, easy timesheet website that integrates into all my other productivity tools, including gmail, highrise, and plaxo. What do you recommend? Thanks!

I would create an Excel spreadsheet to use, but I would use Excel for everything if I could get away with it! 🙂

Is this the most business friendly governor in recent times?

Florida Governor Rick Scott was sworn in today and gave a 20 minute speech most of which involved his concern for the unemployed and his plan to get people working again.

He firmly believes prosperity does not come from the government but from the private sector and is making efforts to make sure Florida’s manufacturing and high tech industry grows and to make Florida a hub of trade with Central and South America.

He believes taxation, regulation and litigation form "The Axis of Unemployment" that destroy productivity and innovation.

He praises Florida’s stance against an income tax (we have a sales tax system). He plans to eliminate the corporate income tax and reduce property taxes.

His first executive order during his speech was to create a state office of Fiscal Accountability and Regulatory Reform in order to evaluate regulations and their usefulness and impact on business.

He has proposed to protect businesses from expensive lawsuits from predatory lawyers (*cough* John Edwards)

He gave emphasis on the importance of small business.

He said that whatever Texas does we will do better LOL. Texas now has the most fortune 500 companies in the union.

Republicans in general have better ideas when it comes to the economy but they never get implemented for some reason.