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What 13 highly successful people read every morning

warren buffett

Successful people know they are what they read.

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett, for example, spends 80% of his day reading.

So what is the first source that highly influential people check when they wake up?

Here are some resources leaders across industries use to sustain their morning reading habits:

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Warren Buffett starts his days with an assortment of national and local news

The billionaire investor tells CNBC he reads the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, the New York Times, USA Today, the Omaha World-Herald, and the American Banker in the mornings.

That’s a hefty list to get through.

US President Donald Trump checks out the New York Post

The US president has never been much of a bibliophile.

But he’s said to be an “insatiable” consumer of news, getting up at 6 a.m. to watch TV and then read print newspapers like the New York Post, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal, according to Business Insider.

He also reads conservative outlet Breitbart, according to the Associated Press.

And Reuters reported that, when it comes to briefings, aides include the president’s name as much as possible, “because he keeps reading if he’s mentioned.”

Mark Zuckerberg, unsurprisingly, starts his day on Facebook

In a Facebook Live session with Jerry Seinfeld, the Facebook cofounder and CEO tells the comedian that the very first thing he does in the morning, even before he gets out of bed to use the bathroom or puts in his contact lenses, is check his phone.

He says that he starts by looking at Facebook — “I like to know what’s going on in the world” — and then checks his messages on Messenger and What’sApp. “On a good, calm day it’ll probably take no more than a few minutes,” he tells Seinfeld.

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Here’s what celebrities would look like with symmetrical faces

It’s a common misconception that the closer a face is to being perfectly symmetrical, the more attractive it is. Trying this theory out on George Clooney, Beyoncé and Margot Robbie, suggests otherwise.

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Reviewed: A used, year-old MacBook Pro from Apple's Refurbished Mac store that saved me $450 (AAPL)

2016 macbook pro

Apple has a gorgeous “mid 2017” MacBook Pro with fresh and powerful specs available to buy right now —  but if you like to save money, it might not be your best option.

Me? I went for the 2016 model. And no, it’s not a brand new, unsold 2016 MacBook Pro that Apple had left over. It’s a previously used and refurbished unit I bought from Apple’s little-known Refurbished Mac store

It’s easy to see why someone wouldn’t want a previously used device; it begs the question as to why the previous owner returned it. Was it defective? What was wrong with it? Why wouldn’t previous owner want to keep it?

All that matters is whether or not the device still works properly and whether you’re getting some kind of discount because the device has, indeed, been used before.

I saved $450 by going with the 2016 MacBook Pro I bought from the Refurbished Mac store. And if its working and aesthetic condition is anything to go by, I’d say Apple does very good work at making sure refurbished devices look good and work as if they were new.

Check out a used, 2016 MacBook Pro and how it stacks up against a 2017 MacBook Pro that costs $450 more:

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My refurbished MacBook Pro came in a plain white box with the word “MacBook Pro” on it and the words “Apple Certified Refurbished” in a lighter color at the bottom.

The regular retail packaging for MacBook Pros features a nice photo of the laptop on the top cover, but that’s about all the difference there is.

I was surprised to find the MacBook Pro in a frosty-coated plastic protective sleeve, which gives off the impressions that it’s a brand new device, even though it’s not.

The protective plastic wrapping looks a little crumpled because I had already removed it and stored it inside the box for about a week. Otherwise, it was like taking out a brand new laptop when I first opened the box.

I was even more surprised to find a thin protective sheet of paper between the screen and the keyboard.

The piece of paper separating the screen from the keyboard was also a little crumpled from a week of storage. I can assure that it was pristine when I first opened the computer!

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Amazon is building another multibillion dollar business that you probably haven't heard of (AMZN)

Jeff Bezos

On its 20 year journey to becoming the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon has focused almost purely on consumers. 

But in 2015, Jeff Bezos’s Seattle-headquartered tech giant decided that it needed to do a better job of tapping into the online business-to-business (B2B) market, which is worth £96 billion in the UK alone, according to the Office for National Statistics. 

It launched a new free-to-use business supplies marketplace called Amazon Business in the US and went on to launch the platform in Germany in December 2016, and the UK this April. 

Amazon Business is off to a promising start, according to Bill Burkland, head of Amazon Business in the UK.

“The US acquired over 400,000 businesses and a billion dollars in revenue for Amazon Business in its first year of business,” he said during an interview at the company’s London office, adding that there were 45,000 sellers on Amazon Business in the US by the end of the first year. 

“You can think about Amazon Business being for business customers what is for consumers,” Burkland continued. “It’s a marketplace where business customers can come and be confident that no matter that they’re looking for to operate their business, there’s a high probability they’ll be able to find it on Amazon.”

Amazon wants companies to go to Amazon Business to buy everything from new computers and A4 paper to toilet cleaner and power tools. There are currently over 100 million products listed on the marketplace, which can also be accessed by people outside the US, the UK, and Germany.

“A customer in any EU country can go onto, Amazon Business, and buy. Export is a big part of our business that is attractive for the seller community as well,” said Burkland.

Amazon Business

How Amazon Business is different from

Amazon Business differs from Amazon’s consumer website in a number of areas. It offers VAT-free pricing and includes features that are specifically targeted at businesses such as a reporting and analytics suite that helps companies to track and limit spending. The entire product catalogue is available, but there are some extra products too.

Burkland said one county council in the UK recently signed up to Amazon Business to buy books, as you might expect, but it ended up buying everything from wheelbarrows to glitter.

Unlike, Amazon Business offers one day free shipping to customers when they spend over £30. Amazon Prime members who set up a business account can also take advantage of free shipping on Amazon Business.

The Amazon Business platform — yet to get any dedicated integration with Alexa, Amazon’s personal assistant — has proved popular with small and medium sized businesses from the get go but Amazon is keen to get larger enterprises with thousands of staff making big, bulk buys on the too as they’re the real revenue drivers.

On the size of the overall business market, Burkland said: “It’s a big market segment. So we have a long way to go. It’s one where we think business customers will find value. And it’s one that we’re investing in heavily.” Burkland and his spokesperson said they were unable to provide any numbers that would illustrate how much Amazon is investing in Amazon Business.

Interestingly, Burkland said it doesn’t matter to Amazon whether businesses do their shopping through or Amazon Business.”We’re agnostic. We want to build a marketplace based upon customer feedback reflects what customers want. If they choose to use that, great. If they choose to use Amazon consumer, that’s fine.”

Amazon Business could become the next AWS

Amazon has several large businesses beyond its well-known ecommerce platform. It has a video streaming platform, a music streaming platform, a grocery delivery service, and an audiobook service. 

Burkland compared Amazon Business to Amazon’s enormous cloud company, Amazon Web Services, which hit over $12 billion (£9 billion) in revenue in 2016. “I think that in many ways Amazon Business is kind of following in those footsteps,” he said. 

amazon data center oregonIn order to become the next AWS, Amazon Business will need as many sellers as it can. In the UK, Amazon Business has successfully enticed stationary retailer Ryman onto the platform.

Burkland was unable to provide any figures for how Amazon Business is doing in the UK because it’s “still early days.” He said he expects to release some official numbers later this year and revealed that the company is planning to sponsor some events to help promote the brand. Amazon Business is also being marketed through email display ads but there’s no “Tube advertising or TV/radio yet.”

All of the engineering efforts for Amazon Business take place outside the UK but Amazon has hired dedicated sales, marketing, procurement and alliance teams for Amazon Business locally. 

“Amazon Business is part of the 5,000 job commitment that Amazon has made to new jobs or new hires in the UK this year,” said Burkland. 

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A Spanish scientist is making sex robots that he thinks could end sex between humans

Spanish scientist Sergi Santos designed silicone sex dolls with wigs and artificial brains that will not only earn him money but may also be used to staff brothels and help combat sex trafficking.

But the arrival of sex robots has divided opinion – this film by the Thomson Reuters Foundation explores the complex issues that have been raised by the increasingly life-like robots.

Produced by Leon Siciliano

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Here's the first trailer for the second season of 'Westworld'

HBO showed off the first trailer at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con, and there’s a lot going on. Since when are there cars in the wild west? Season 2 will premiere on HBO in 2018.

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The first trailer for season 2 of “Stranger Things” looks awesome — and very spooky

Netflix’s first trailer for the second season of “Stranger Things” finally premiered at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con. It looks like Will and his friends are still in danger, and it seems we haven’t seen the last of Eleven. All episodes will hit Netflix on October 27th.

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How Halo Top – last summer's trendiest ice-cream brand – plans to take on big players like Ben & Jerry’s

  • 0498Healthy ice-cream brand Halo Top’s sales have rocketed by 2500% to 28.8 million pints in 2016 and $132.4 million in sales
  • The brand’s ascent can be attributed to a well-orchestrated marketing strategy that included a focus on social media, particularly Instagram
  • The ice-cream maker just launched its first national digital campaign recently as it looks to broaden its audience 

Four years since it first hit supermarket shelves, “healthy” ice-cream brand Halo Top blew up last summer. Its sales rocketed by 2500%, with the brand selling 28.8 million pints in 2016 and generating $132.4 million in sales, according to data from market research company IRI.

The proliferation of Halo Top’s low-calorie, protein-packed pints, however, was no accident. Sure, the healthy promise of the product itself played a big part, but the brand’s ascent can be attributed to a well-orchestrated marketing strategy, focusing on word of mouth marketing, partnerships and social media, particularly Instagram.

“We started off really focused on digital and social, with more than 90% of our efforts on Facebook and Instagram,” Lenny Chase, Halo Top’s vp of marketing, told Business Insider. “We’re 100% a digitally native brand.”

Halo Top’s social social posts are the epitome of food porn, featuring its signature bright packaging interspersed with swirls of its colorful flavors in photos as well as GIFs.

Every day is someone’s birthday out there (and if you’re like @50cent, you don’t care either way). Like if you’ll find any excuse to eat Birthday Cake as often as Marj B (PR Manager)! Favorite Flavor: Birthday Cake “My favorite flavor is Birthday Cake, mainly because funfetti is life. 😘” Favorite part of the sweepstakes: “My favorite part of #HaloTopGoldenSeal is the fact that we are bringing happiness to as many people as possible. Not only are five people going to get these once in a lifetime prizes, but we will be making five dreams come true through Make A Wish Foundation. Plus, I love that we are celebrating the fails, giving our diehard fans even more of a chance to win!” No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. See for complete rules.

A post shared by Halo Top Creamery (@halotopcreamery) on Jun 16, 2017 at 12:00pm PDT on

The approach has clearly resonated. According to data crunched by social media analytics company Socialbakers, Halo Top’s social media following has grown from over 27,000 to over 603,000 followers on Facebook, and from over 339,000 to 488,000 followers on Instagram in the past one year.

“Halo Top has established a clear and compelling brand voice, using social media to bring that voice to life in a fun and conversational way,” said Hannah Post, senior strategist at global branding firm Siegel+Gale. “When a brand makes developing a distinct voice a priority, and leadership is devoted to its success, it shows.”

Like any upstart marketer on Instagram, partnerships have too been key to Halo Top’s rise. While the ice-cream maker says it has never paid digital influencers to endorese its brand, Halo Top has promoted ther health and diet-focused brands, such as OhYeah! One bars and Fitjoy bars in its social media feeds in exchange for similar promotions from these companies. 

Halo Top also recently took a page out of “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” and put golden tickets for free prizes in select packages last month. It also makes it a practice to regularly respond to fans on social media, said Ryan Bouton, the company’s director of communications,

That may seem like a lot of work for a bootstrapped company, which started off with five employees, to do. But in the past year since it exploded on the scene, Halo Top has expanded to about 40 full-time employees.

This growth is also the reason that the company finally launched its very first advertising campaign, marking its evolution from last summer’s trendiest breakout brand into “the perfect pint.” It continues to handle its own social and digital media efforts in-house.

“We had reached an inflection point, where it was important for us to not only target a broader audience, but also experiment with new mediums,” said Chase. “It was time for us to try out video, and we just didn’t have the resources to do that in-house.”

Two weeks ago, the brand launched its maiden ad campaign with agency Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners, playing on the “halo” in its name to pit an angel and a devil against each other, with the devil complaining that eating a pint of ice cream no longer feels sinful.

The national campaign launched on social channels and digital platforms such as Hulu on June 29, and has seen over 35% people of people targeted engage with the brand in some form, according to the company.

“The aim was to take the brand beyond their core audience,” said Steve O’Connell, executive creative director and partner at the agency. “But it was important for the brand to retain its authentic voice and not alienate its existing devoted and loyal fan base.”

The campaign will also help against traditional competitors in the category, who are increasingly encroaching on its territory. “Healthy” and “clean” products within the ice-cream category are seeing the maximum growth, according to Nielsen, with categories growing by 85% and 36% each in 2016. And established brands, including Ben & Jerry’s and Nestle are making inroads in these categories.

“When niche brands begin to play alongside more traditional competitors, experimenting with traditional media spend can be an effective way of gaining traction and market share,” said Siegel+Gale’s Post.

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DC showed off a new 'Justice League' trailer at Comic Con — and it looks epic

DC brought a new trailer for “Justice League” to the 2017 San Diego Comic Con, and it does not disappoint. It looks like Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman will all have to unite against an otherworldly foe. “Justice League” will hit US theaters on November 17th.

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The CEO of Morgan Stanley took a shot at the startups shaking up investing (MS)

James Gorman

  • Morgan Stanley has taken notable steps to expand its digital offerings in its wealth-management business.
  • James Gorman, the firm’s CEO, thinks pure robo platforms only appeal to a certain segment of the industry. He also questions the cost savings associated with going robo. 

Roboadvisers claim they’re going to dominate money managementMorgan Stanley CEO James Gorman isn’t convinced.

The financial giant has announced a number of new digital offerings including a goals-based roboadviser option for the children of existing wealthy clients and for Morgan Stanley stock-plan participants. But Morgan Stanley’s digital push is not an indicator that the firm’s leadership thinks human advisers will become irrelevant.

Gorman said people have predicted the death of the human adviser before, but it never played out. 

“We actually saw this movie once before in 1999, when the direct plays came out, and the big fear was cannibalization,” Gorman said.”That would only have held true if people actually didn’t value the financial advisors and advice that we’re getting from those advisors, and it didn’t play out that way.”

Instead, Gorman said roboadvisers only appeal to a certain segment, robo-clients may move over to traditional players as they get older, and that traditional financial advisers are competitive on cost with roboadvisers when one considers all of the services they offer.

The wealth-management industry is made up of different “segments,” according to Gorman. There are some folks who are well-served by digital advice, and others who are better served by human help. An individual who starts out with roboadvice might decide they want a traditional financial adviser as they grow older and wealthier.

“The reality is the marketplace has different segments based upon consumer preference, and I think the digital strategy makes all the sense in the world, but it’s clearly a segment,” Gorman said. “Whether they change their behavior as they become wealthy remains to be seen, but there’s clearly a segment that wants to deal digitally just to serve as segment that wanted to deal through direct brokerage trading and so on.”

To be sure, it stands to reason that the CEO of a firm with 15,777 advisers on the payroll would defend their value.

Still, when you stack up everything that a human adviser provides, according to Gorman, they’re actually not that much more expensive for the client than a robo-platform. Here’s Gorman:

If you look at the average basis points paid from the various robo-platforms, they range, in general, I think, from something like 20 to 40 basis points. If you look at the average basis points for full-service advisory, like ours, just divide our revenue into our assets, including everything, you get somewhere in the 70s, low-70 basis points.

The affordability of roboadvice platforms such as Betterment and Wealthfront is one reason investors have poured billions into their funds. Still, the two firms, which both manage less than $10 billion, are dwarfed by Morgan Stanley’s giant wealth-management unit, which oversees $2.239 trillion.

Gorman said when you consider all of the services Morgan Stanley provides, such as the human advice, different investment products, research, and access to the hot equity deals, the price difference makes sense. 

“It’s not clear to me that that is such an expensive gap,” he said. 

A recent survey conducted by LinkedIn, the social networking site, shows that many financial professionals share Gorman’s view. According to the survey, 43% of those surveyed from the wealth-management space think fintech is overhyped.

“Financial advisors/wealth managers lead the charge on thinking that there will always be demand for traditional financial services, whereas interest in fintech will rise and fall (43%, compared to 29% overall),” the report said. 

A big note on financial technology by Morgan Stanley, penned by a team of analysts led by Giulia Aurora Miotti, supports this notion that humans are safe in wealth-management. 

“The financial sector consumer often needs some sort of human contact, especially when abrupt market moves lead to unexpected losses,” the analysts wrote.

As such, they expect firms that deploy a hybrid model of financial advice will be the best positioned for success in the wealth-management space moving forward. 

The so-called cyborg or hybrid model refers to a financial advice platform that pairs algorithm based financial planning with components of human interaction. It’s essentially financial advice with a human face and robo insides.

Betterment, a firm many consider the poster child of roboadvice, provides a recent case study of the industry-wide shift towards hybrid financial advice. Earlier this year, the firm responded to the desire for human help by rolling out new hybrid services that pair human help with its computerized financial advice. 

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