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Apple's months-long AirPod shortage is finally starting to end (AAPL)

apple airpods and charging case

Apple’s futuristic wireless earbuds, AirPods, have been hard to find since they first went on sale last December.

Previously, if you ordered a pair from, it would take six weeks to arrive at your door, although some Apple stores and other retailers had stock from time-to-time.

“We have increased production capacity for AirPods and are working very hard to get them to customers as quickly as we can, but we are still not able to meet the strong level of demand,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said this week

Seems like the increase in production capacity is working — MacRumors spotted on Friday that AirPods now show a four week waiting period on, the first reduction in wait time since they went on sale. 

They still cost $159. If you’re not sure you want to wait a month, here’s a handy guide about how to find and buy a pair without waiting. 

AirPods 4 week

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Microsoft Office 2010
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JetBrains ships alternative to Microsoft’s Visual Studio

JetBrains’s Rider, a cross-platform IDE that could serve as a rival to Microsoft’s own well-established Visual Studio IDE, is now generally available.

The commercially licensed Rider can be used on Windows, MacOS, and Linux systems, letting developers build applications based on ASP.Net, .Net Core, .Net Framework, Xamarin, or Unity. Rider puts JetBrains’ ReSharper .Net support in the shell of the company’s IntelliJ Idea IDE and adds the WebStorm JavaScript IDE and DataGrip database management tool. ReSharper previously was packaged as a Visual Studio extension for code analysis and instant fixes.

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Snapchat launches its own version of Facebook ads’ Power Editor

 Snap Inc desperately needs ad revenue to redirect its sinking share price. So after a year of getting mercilessly copied by Facebook, Snapchat is returning the favor by launching its take on the Facebook ads Power Editor. This new “Advanced Mode” for its Snapchat Ads Manager lets big advertisers rapidly deploy complex ad campaigns with tons of creative variants. By allowing big… Read More

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Your Android phone can become a real Game Boy with this gadget

 A product that began life as an April Fools joke has graduated to a real thing you can order right now: Hyperkin’s SmartBoy is an accessory for Android smartphones with a USB-C connector, and brings Game Boy-style physical controls and actual Game Boy game cartridge compatibility to the gaming device you carry with you everywhere in your pocket anyways.
The Hyperkin SmartBoy is up for… Read More

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MORGAN STANLEY: GoPro ‘must find new use cases’

CEO of GoPro Nick Woodman

GoPro has struggled for years to branch out from its core action camera segment, but analysts at Morgan Stanley see promise in the company’s new editing software.

“The recently introduced QuikStories marks steady progress in the right direction,” according to a research note by a team of Morgan Stanley analysts led by Yuuji Anderson. “But we think it is still too early for GoPro’s software ecosystem to meaningfully draw incremental adopters to the action camera category.”

The company has admitted to missing the smartphone revolution as far back as 2014 and has been playing catch up ever since. Luckily, Thursday’s earnings were GoPro’s ninth beat in 13 quarters, with a reported loss of $0.09 per share compared to estimates of a $0.25 loss.

“We believe that GoPro’s biggest opportunity may be to serve as an untethered lens for the smartphone,” CEO Nicholas Woodman said on the company’s earnings call Thursday. “Central to this vision is the belief that GoPro is no longer just a camera, a standalone device. Now, with our seamless app experience, a GoPro is a powerful extension of the smartphone itself.”

QuikStories was launched late last month and lets users easily transfer video from their GoPro camera onto a smartphone for easier editing and posting.

The app’s release coupled with another successful quarter led Morgan Stanley to up its price target to $8.50, which GoPro quickly blew past as soon as markets opened Friday, reaching a $10.38 peak mid-morning.

But the bank warns that GoPro still has work to do. “Innovation has slowed and smartphones are good enough for many use cases, which limits incremental adoption of action cameras. GoPro must find new use cases like drones and VR,” the analysts wrote.

“Continued progress in differentiating video editing and sharing capabilities progress is key to consistent product cycles in the long term.”

Seth Archer contributed to this report.

Check out GoPro’s stock price here.

Screen Shot 2017 08 04 at 12.44.29 PM

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The Japanese are obsessed with eyelid surgery, and it's incredibly controversial

japanese woman

Across Japan, the most common surgical procedure isn’t liposuction or breast augmentation — the two most popular plastic surgeries worldwide — but eyelid surgery.

According to new data from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Japan and other Asian countries accounted for more than a fifth of the 1.3 million eyelid procedures performed worldwide.

The trend has grown steadily over the past decade, and it’s led some experts to claim that Asian patients are using the procedure, known formally as blepharoplasty, as a way to turn the Asian “monolid” into the double eyelid of Europeans.

“They want a Caucasian-looking eyelid with a fold or a crease of the upper eyelid, as opposed to the classic Asian lid which doesn’t have what we call a tarsal crease,” Dr. Daniel Maman, a plastic surgeon in New York City, told Business Insider.

Dr. Maman said that roughly 2 to 3% of his patients getting eyelid surgeries are Asian clients looking for the procedure, so it is still rare overall. But every single one that he has referred to a specialist trained in the procedure — he doesn’t perform that specific procedure himself — has cited the desire to look more white as their reason for wanting it done.

Other surgeons have pushed back at this claim, saying it’s mostly a stereotype. They say the majority of patients just want to look more beautiful by enlarging their eyes and creating an eye shape that fits their particular face. A desire to look more European may not be a prevailing factor.

“I would get serious complaints if I performed the procedure and the Korean patient gets a crease like the one of a Caucasian person,” plastic surgeon Minhwa Na told the Korea Herald in 2015. “What people want is a natural crease that is suited to Asian faces. The whole idea that undergoing this surgery is an attempt to look white is absurd.”

Dr. Laura Phan, a US-based plastic surgeon, told NPR something similar a year prior about her Asian-American patients.

“People are not saying that, ‘I want eyes that big, that high,'” Phan said. “They’re saying, I want it a little higher, but I want you to preserve my contour, or the fold, or the things that define me as an Asian woman.”

People in South Korea and Japan also look to pop stars as plastic-surgery role models. Eyelid surgery, nose jobs, and botox injections have become widespread in the countries’ booming music industries, and fans have come to emulate those behaviors.

The latest ISAPS data indicate that eyelid surgeries are the most common procedures in Japan, Thailand, Russia, and Chinese Taipei. (Reports from past years have included South Korea as well, but the most recent data leave the country off the list.) In most other countries, breast augmentation and liposuction ranked as the most common.

The US still ranks as the country most obsessed with cosmetic surgery. In 2016, US surgeons performed a total of 4.2 million procedures meant to enhance a person’s beauty, through surgical means or otherwise. Surgeons in Brazil, the second-place country, performed 2.5 million procedures.

And while Japan had only 1.1 million procedures, a full 10% of those were eyelid surgeries. In the US, only 3% were.

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Miami is getting a $120 million urban park from the designer of The High Line


Miami’s Metrorail transit system, the majority of which runs above ground, stretches 24 miles from south to north in the city. But the areas underneath the metro’s two lines, covered in dirt, grass, and asphalt, are mostly unused by residents.

Now the city is turning 10 miles of space beneath to Metrorail into a new park and pedestrian path that will connect South Miami, Coral Gables, and downtown Miami.

Called the Underline, the project is expected to cost $120 million. In late 2016, the City of Miami committed $50 million to build it, and the rest of the money is still being fundraised.

Construction is underway and should wrap up by 2020. Check out the project below.

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The Underline will stretch from south Miami to the city’s downtown.

The photo below shows what the underpass currently looks like. The Underline was designed by James Ramsey of Raad Studio, the creator of New York’s famed elevated park on a former abandoned railroad, the Highline.

Much like the High Line, the Underline will incorporate native flowers and vegetation. The Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden will provide many of the plants.

The design follows the rising trend of urban projects, like the Wabash Lights in Chicago and the Burnside Skatepark in Portland, that have turned underpasses into public parks.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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Antarctica's giant iceberg has been photographed in striking new detail

antarctica larsen c ice shelf iceberg a68 crack detail july 31 2017 deimos 2 satellite urthecast

In early July, a rift in Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf caused the third-largest iceberg ever recorded to break off.

The block of ice, dubbed iceberg A-68, may hang around for years in the open sea, and it is awesome in scale: roughly the area of Delaware, the mass of 5.6 Mount Everests, and voluminous enough to fill Lake Erie — more than twice.

Because it’s the middle of winter in Antarctica, though, scientists have struggled to get good optical images of the iceberg. So far, they’ve relied on polar satellites like Sentinel-1, which uses radar to see through thick cloud cover.

However, a few days of clear weather in late July gave Deimos-1 and Deimos-2 — a pair of satellites that operate as a tag-team — a clear, visible-light view of the scene on the eastern Antarctic Peninsula.

“[T]hese images are striking — easily the best I have seen since calving,” Adrian Luckman, a glaciologist at Swansea University and a member of the Antarctic research program Project Midas, told Business Insider in an email.

Here are the new photos, released by Deimos Imaging and Urthecast in an August 3 blog post, and what they show.

This story has been updated to include comments by Adrian Luckman.

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DON’T MISS: These graphics reveal the awesome size of iceberg A68, the third-largest in recorded history

Deimos-1 and Deimos-2 follow similar orbits and work together to image the same spots on the ground in medium- and very-high-resolution.

Deimos-1 (left) takes wider-angle, medium-resolution images while Deimos-2 (right) takes zoomed-in, very-high-resolution pictures.

In late July, Deimos-1 captured this image of the Antarctic Peninsula and the eastern edge of its Larsen C ice shelf — where iceberg A-68 (center) broke off.

“This is actually then first visible-light image of A68 that I have seen,” Luckman said, “and it shows nicely how the perennial sea ice in the Weddell Sea is hemming A68 in and will probably keep it where it is for a long time.”

Days later, Deimos-2 swung by and took two zoomed-in, very-high-resolution images of the iceberg and the rift that spawned it. This view shows a central section of the rift.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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Former Google engineer Anthony Levandowski was reportedly working with Larry Page on flying cars (GOOG)

Larry Page

Former Google engineer Anthony Levandowski allegedly worked with Alphabet (Google’s parent company) CEO Larry Page on flying cars in one of Page’s startups, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Levandowski was one of Google’s top engineers who worked on the company’s self-driving car technology, and was accused by Google of stealing sensitive, classified information he allegedly brought with him to Uber through the acquisition of Ottomotto, the startup he founded immediately after leaving the search giant.

According to the WSJ report, months before his departure, Levandowski was working on a flying car project at Kitty Hawk, one of Larry Page’s privately owned startups. He wasn’t a formal Kitty Hawk employee, apparently, but he was allegedly testing prototype aircrafts with Page at one point.

Kitty Hawk

In the ongoing litigation between Google and Uber, which involves Page and Levandowski, Google’s cofounder claimed that he tried to ward off Levandowski when it came to opening new businesses, especially if they were competing with his own work at Google.

Levandowski was highly regarded among Google’s top executives, the Journal says, and worked on side projects outside of the company. However, when Levandowski declared his interest in self-driving trucks — which were technically not part of his work at Google — this didn’t sit well with Page.

“I told him very, very clearly that I thought that was highly competitive and not a good idea,” said Page, according to the transcript of his deposition, released last Wednesday. “I’m like, ‘No, that’s not fine. Like, that’s the same thing as what you’re doing here. I mean, you can do that, but we are not going to be happy.'”

Google did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

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Employees of a vending machine company are getting microchips implanted into their bodies

Employees of Three Square Market had microchips implanted into their hands, allowing them to open doors, log on to computers, and use vending machines with a simple wave of the hand. 

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