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Announcement: PC Computer Repairs NYC

Computer Repair, Maintenace, Installation, Web Design and Tech Support – New York City, NY

When it comes to servicing your computer, we strive to provide business and home MAC and PC users in NYC Manhattan and Brooklyn with a service oriented experience. All of our service professionals are Microsoft Certified MCPs. We provide small business to medium business, home, house calls, onsite and off site dropoff computer repair NYC.

For small businesses the experts at b4computers can:

  • Setup Microsoft Windows Server domain and workgroup networks
  • Repair Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2012 operating systems
  • Setup, upgrade and repair Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo and other servers
  • Provide secure internet access through a VPN LAN
  • Setup a business network with domain configured windows server environment

For business and home the experts at b4computers can:

  • Perform the service and repair at your business, home, or you can come to us
  • Fix problems encountered with all standard hardware and software for server, desktop, tower, laptop, notebook, and netbook.
  • Provide service to install, Windows upgrade and repair for Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.
  • We repair and are experienced with all manufacturers such as Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony, IBM, ThinkPad, Vaio, Toshiba, Mac, Macbook, Macbook Pro, iMac and others.
  • Upgrade and repair laptop, desktop and tower computers
  • Repair cracked laptop screen, dim or flickering LCD screens for laptops and LCD monitors
  • Update your operating system with fixes, drivers, and security updates
  • Train you on how to operate your computers and keep them updated so you encounter fewer problems
  • Computer hardware and software upgrade advice
  • Configure the software to enable us to service your computers remotely
  • Setup secure and encrypted wireless networks
  • Extend wireless networks to reach all rooms and spaces
  • Service your computers with privacy and confidentiality in mind
  • Hard drive data recovery

We do not sell any parts directly to the client. Parts can be purchased by the client or we can purchase it for you to perform the repair. What it costs us to acquire the part is what you pay.

Onsite in home PC computer repair service is at $75 per hour plus parking if applicable.
Onsite business workstation and server computer repair service is at $90 per hour plus parking if applicable.

Contact: Peter Coach  631-965-5110


Virus removal NYC, Malware removal  Manhattan, Adware Removal Brooklyn

In the early age of computers viruses would try to display a message on your screen, delete your files and break the operating system. Now most viruses are trying to make money off of you. They do this with

Google ads that either you click on or they get paid simply showing the ad. We can remove the virus and repair your computer so its safe to use and with restored performance. You can get a virus from an email attachment, adobe flash, java, website and programs you download. We provide virus removal services in Manhattan Brooklyn New York. We can provide this service at your business and home or you can drop off your computer in New York City.

There are many types of computer viruses:

Boot sector virus – Infects your hard drive and works in the background.

Browser Hijacker –
Infects Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome redirects the page you want to visit to an advertisement website page. When you search on Google changes the search result with new links that redirects to ads. Changes your home page to a fake search page. It also can display pop ups

Polymorphic Virus – Evades antivirus utilities by changing its own program to prevent detection.

Resident Virus – Loads a side virus that restores the main virus when deleted

Rootkit Virus – Invisible virus that hides and runs in the background

Trojan Virus – Gets installed when loading a program or utility you want

Keylogger Virus – Records your passwords and sends them back to virus creator

Ransomware – Stops you from using your computer until you pay with a green dot MoneyPak. This shows up in many forms like the FBI computer virus

Worm – Is a virus program that copies and multiplies itself by using computer networks

Fake Antivirus – Logos and images look almost like the real thing. They run a fake scan then displays a result page of all the viruses it found. Then asks you to purchase the program to remove them.

Spyware / Adware – tracking and storing Internet users’ movements on the Web and serving up pop-up ads to Internet users.

If you would like more information on all the different types of viruses out there click below.

Terms & Regulations

Our schedule changes daily, depending on other clients, traffic conditions and public transportation. You should allow us a one hour margin from your appointed time. If we schedule for 5:00pm, we might arrive as late as 6:00pm, but we always try our best to be punctual

Time = Money
When your technician comes over, please remember that time is money. Although we work very fast, we are not psychic and can never be 100% sure how much time a certain task could take. The charge is by an hourly rate, even if it takes 4 hours to do something you thought would take only 2 hours.

One Hour Minimum
The first charge is always for arriving/traveling and the first hour of work. Even if your problem is fixed after 9 minutes, you will still have to pay for the entire hour. After the first hour, charges will be made for parts of an hour (for example, 2 hours and 10 minutes).

We accept cash or checks (with a preference for cash). If you are a business, we can invoice you, and set up a time to be paid. For remote/online service, we accept payment through or Google Checkout.

Coverage Area
Since this is New York, most of our traveling takes place on public transportation, which means that if you live too far from the city, there will be an extra charge for the first hour (the hour that includes the traveling fee).

Contact: Peter Coach  631-965-5110




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Samsung’s Galaxy S9 wants to turn the camera into a new home screen

 The Galaxy S8 and S8+ already had one of the better smartphone cameras in the industry, and the Galaxy S9 and S9+ both seem to be top contenders to secure Samsung a place among the best options out there in 2018, too. But the most interesting thing about the camera might just be how central it is to the S9 and its launch. A home away from home(screen) Samsung is fully aware that people spend a… Read More
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6 reasons you should buy a Nintendo Switch instead of a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One in 2018

Nintendo is on a roll, with no end in sight.

Super Mario Odyssey

The company’s latest big game — “Super Mario Odyssey” — received near-universal praise, and the Nintendo Switch is beating the competition month after month in sales.

There’s a good reason for that: The Nintendo Switch is the best console to buy. Here’s why!

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1. The Switch has the best lineup of games …

Since launching in March 2017, the Nintendo Switch has taken the mantle as the must-have console for playing the best games. This is the number one reason to buy the Switch: It’s the only place to play the best games available right now.

Yes, there are excellent exclusives on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. “Horizon Zero Dawn” on PS4 and “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” on Xbox One stick out as strong arguments for each, and that’s not wrong.

But let’s be clear: The Switch is stacked with huge, new games that can be played only on the Switch.

… like “Super Mario Odyssey” …

The latest hit that can be played only on the Switch is “Super Mario Odyssey.” It has an average score of 97/100 on Metacritic, putting it among the 10 highest-rated games.

It’s highly rated because it’s an outrageously good game, full of delight and surprise around every turn. “Odyssey” is the latest example of Nintendo’s approach to major games of late: Take classic franchises and evolve them to new heights.

It’s hard to overstate the quality of “Super Mario Odyssey”; it’s clever, and massive, and beautiful, and deeply referential, and so much more. It is, frankly put, one of the best Nintendo games of the past decade — perhaps of all time.

Read our review of “Super Mario Odyssey” right here.

… “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” …

Whether you’ve been playing “Mario Kart” games for years or you’ve never touched one, “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” is a tremendous delight. 

It’s the definitive “Mario Kart” experience, with a ridiculous number of courses and playable characters. Best of all, the Switch becomes a portable “Mario Kart” machine if you take the console in portable mode — each Joy-Con becomes a gamepad, and the Switch is the screen. Being able to casually challenge a friend to “Mario Kart” by simply having the Switch with you is pretty incredible.

Crucially, “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” is a perfect game to play alone or with friends. The vast majority of the time I’ve spent with the game has been sitting next to my wife, playing together online against the world. Since the game came out in late April 2017, it’s been a recurring delight in my apartment. 

Read our review of “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” right here.

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Walmart learned a valuable lesson a decade ago — and it's a warning for huge companies like Amazon

Lousiana Walmart

  • Walmart learned an important lesson about corporate reputation in the mid-2000s, CEO Doug McMillon said at the National Retail Federation’s annual Big Show in January.
  • It realized it needed to focus on being a good citizen in addition to putting customers and employees first.
  • It’s a valuable lesson for any corporation that has achieved ubiquity, like Amazon.

Walmart went through some big changes in the mid-2000s, and it’s a huge lesson for any company that operates on a similar scale.

Speaking to attendees at the National Retail Federation’s annual Big Show in New York City in January, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon explained the company had not cared much about its reputation for decades. It didn’t pay attention to the positive press in the beginning, and it didn’t pay attention when the tide started turning against it.

“At some point point, Walmart became big, and societal expectations changed,” McMillon told the crowd. “And we missed the memo.”

McMillon said that Walmart had been ignoring its critics, but then tried to combat the negative attention with facts.

“That didn’t really work,” McMillon said.

Eventually, the company decided to confront its critics head-on.

“Let’s find the people who dislike us the most and go figure out why, and see if there’s some good in what they’re saying — and then implement it,” McMillon said, paraphrasing words from Lee Scott, who was Walmart’s CEO  from 2000 to 2009.

That led to a watershed moment for Walmart as it started its first large-scale humanitarian efforts in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. McMillon said Walmart “unleashed” its entire staff, sending products, money, and people down to affected regions.

“We’ll worry about what it costs later,” he remembers Scott saying.

McMillon points to that moment in the company’s history as the point when Walmart became a better corporate citizen.

“After it was over with, in the days and weeks that followed, we all looked at each other and said, ‘What would it take for us to be that company all the time?'” he said.

That was the first time Walmart realized its scale and the power it had to affect people’s lives in a meaningful way. Since then, Walmart has used its influence in different ways.

“We can set policies, make decisions, and help people to make the entire supply chain better,” McMillon said.

Walmart has undertaken initiatives to become more sustainable by cutting waste and taking carbon out of its supply chain. It started offering store employees better wages and expanded maternity leave, and began to give back to its communities.

“What we’ve learned is it also generates good financial results,” McMillon said. “We save money, we eliminate waste, and the whole cycle works together.”

It’s a lesson that some younger companies might be able to learn from.

A teachable moment

amazon prime

Walmart was the biggest bogeyman of the late 20th century. According to critics, it was singlehandedly responsible for putting mom-and-pop shops out of business across the country, and for changing the retail landscape of America.

But Walmart has now changed the narrative, and no one talks anymore about big-box stores ruining small towns’ character. 

Instead, the newest bogeyman is e-commerce and online sales. Amazon is the largest player online by a large margin. Fairly or not, Amazon is frequently blamed for what many have dubbed “the retail apocalypse,” with thousands of stores closing their doors and local malls struggling.

Amazon’s ubiquity in American life is now undeniable, and though the company has a progressive reputation due to its relatively liberal policies, well-compensated employees, and tech halo, it can’t afford to lose that. Sales may be flowing now, but customers — even ones with a Prime membership — are fickle. 

Boycott movements like the anti-Trump Grab Your Wallet campaign aren’t enough to move the needle now, but they could be in the future. People want to feel good about where they are buying from, now more than ever, and headlines about struggling warehouse workers don’t help Amazon’s reputation.

Amazon has achieved scale in much the same way Walmart did, and it can’t afford to ignore its critics. It needs a moment much like Walmart’s with Hurricane Katrina to restore goodwill among its consumers.

SEE ALSO: Walmart’s online struggles show how far it has to go in its war with Amazon

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Crypto mania is creating a 10x sales boost for compliance businesses: 'No company wants to deal with North Korean drug traffickers'

Onfido's document capture technology.

  • The crypto boom is leading to a surge in business for compliance companies that help businesses verify customer identities and make sure their funds are legitimate.
  • Onfido, which automates ID checks, saw a 10x increase in crypto-related business in the fourth quarter of last year.

LONDON — The recent boom in cryptocurrencies isn’t just creating wealth for companies issuing their own digital tokens or investors speculating on them — compliance guys are doing well too.

“The start of Q4 to end Q4 [there was] a 10x increase in checks for crypto clients,” Eamon Jubbawy, the cofounder and COO of document verification business Onfido, told Business Insider.

The global cryptocurrency market surged towards the end of 2017, doubling in size in a matter of months as startups rushed to raise money issuing their own cryptocurrencies and new investors piled into the market in the hopes of making big returns.

Onfido cofounder Eamon JubbawyThe surge in interest meant many cryptocurrency exchanges, where coins are traded, were overwhelmed with demand. Many of the biggest closed their doors to new customers as they grappled with a backlog in customer verification.

While crypto remains a largely unregulated space, regulators around the world have signalled they are watching it closely. Crypto companies have been proactively following the kind of ID checks and money source verification that are commonplace in the world of regular finance in a bid to head off any future regulatory troubles.

“Quite often they’re doing it in the house themselves before they come to us,” Jubbawy said. “They’re doing it manually and then they realise they need someone to be able to automate it and do it at scale.”

Onfido runs automated checks of ID documents to make sure they are real, helping companies comply with so-called “know your customer” regulation. Its main crypto customers are exchanges and ICOs, Jubbawy said. Bitstamp, Europe’s oldest bitcoin exchange, recently announced that it is working with Onfido after it was overwhelmed with the level of new sign-ups over the Christmas period.

Jubbawy said that Onfido is now doing “millions” of document checks for crypto clients and has verified investor documents from 214 countries.

“Asia is massive, obviously Europe and the US as you’d expect but also places like India as well are big,” he said. “It’s a global phenomenon. I’m just looking at the map now and there are all these Pacific Islands where people are buying crypto — it’s quite funny.”

Charlie Delingpole ComplyAdvantageCharles Delingpole, the CEO and founder of anti-money laundering checking service ComplyAdvantage, told BI that his business is also seeing a big uptick in crypto business.

“We had a guy who went to the Miami crypto conference and we have a landing page for ICOs but without much trying we’ve had a lot of inbound leads and referrals,” Delingpole said. “We’ve had a definite uptick in companies using us for crypto-related activities.”

The motivations for crypto companies to work with companies like ComplyAdvantage and Onfido is the same as for any other finance business.

“No company wants to deal with North Korean drug traffickers, right?” Delingpole said. “No company wants to have a supplier who’s linked to corrupt Venezuelan politicians exporting cash.”

Echoing the old adage “in a gold rush, sell shovels”, Delingpole said: “Levis obviously made jeans for the gold miners right? We would argue that we’re critical components of companies being able to do this without inadvertently laundering money.”

Jubbawy said: “The guys who are coming to us are saying hey, we want to make sure the people who are investing are legitimate people rather than people who are looking to move around dirty money, can you verify they’re not on any terrorist watch lists or anything like that?

“We love the fact we can inject a bit of trust and security into an industry that is otherwise set up for potential criminal activity.”

For ComplyAdvantage, crypto represents a “small but growing” part of its overall business, Delingpole said. “For us, it’s an additional thing that gives us more scale but it’s a very small portion of our overall business.”

Jubbawy said: “It’s not insignificant. A 10X uptick in any industry you’re serving is going to show. It’s definitely helped our growth recently but we work with such a wide variety of people.”

Pawel Kuskowski, CoinfirmThis growing revenues have not gone unnoticed. Pawel Kuskowski, a former senior RBS compliance banker, set up Coinfirm in 2016. The company specialises in providing “know your customer” and anti-money laundering services to crypto companies.

Kuskowski told BI: “Demand is huge, and it is increasing. And this demand isn’t just being pushed by smaller crypto and blockchain startups, but by huge, blue-chip multinationals who want to transact in crypto. This demand will become too big to ignore.

“We work with a large number of companies ranging from ICOs, crypto exchanges, and banks. These companies want to know that the business and individuals that are transacting using cryptocurrencies are ‘honest actors’ — in other words, they are not exposed to illicit activities or involved in any other shady practices.

“By ensuring that the necessary compliance procedures are in place, these companies are able to confidently work with a larger client base. It makes sense to all parties involved.”

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The curious case of the LG V30S ThinQ

 Welcome to LG’s new smartphone strategy. A new flagship every year, followed by an incremental upgrade six months later. It’s a strange approach that’s sure to annoy early adopters, but LG’s certainly not the first to adopt the strategy — it’s in-line with the sort of thing OnePlus, among others, have been doing for a while now.  The first such handset from… Read More

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This is the Samsung Galaxy S9 launch video

 And this year is all about business. While the Samsung Galaxy S9 is going to be announced tomorrow at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Slashleaks shared the official promo video for the Samsung’s upcoming flagship device. It’s a polished 3-minute video packed with information about the new phone. First, just like rumors said, it looks just like the Galaxy S8. There are some… Read More

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The best photos taken of planet Earth last year will transform the way you see the world

1st Max Rive 8396

The natural world is a stunning place.

Every year, the best landscape photography shows off Earth’s beauty. The following photos are some of the winners from the 2017 International Landscape Photographer of the Year contest.

They highlight powerful mountains, scenes of isolation, worlds of color and light, and the abstract loveliness found in landscapes all over the world. Winning photos were shot in the wilds of Patagonia, the mountains of Iceland, and in the desert-surrounded lakes of Brazil.

They show the world in ways that will make you want to get up, pack a bag, and go exploring.

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Cristiano Xavier of Brazil won the aerial photography award with this stunner from the Lençóis Maranhenses in northeastern Brazil.

Brazilian photographer Marcio Cabral won the long-exposure award for this galaxy-revealing shot from Veadeiros National Park in Brazil.

Huibo Hou, who’s based in San Diego, won third in the “Photographer of the Year” competition. Here, she shows the otherworldly Bisti Wilderness Area of New Mexico.

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The director of Netflix's latest blockbuster movie, 'Mute,' breaks down 4 memorable scenes in the sci-fi thriller

Mute 3 Keith Bernstein Netflix

Duncan Jones has wowed us his whole career with movies like “Moon,” “Source Code,” and “Warcraft,” but his latest is his most ambitious work yet — which might explain why it took over a decade to get made.

“Mute” is a futuristic who-done-it set in Berlin starring Alexander Skarsgård as a mute bartender named Leo. In the film, Leo must navigate the shady underworld of the city, filled with unique characters like two ex-pats Cactus (Paul Rudd) and Duck (Justin Theroux), to track down his missing girlfriend. 

With the backing of Netflix (which released the movie on Friday), this movie that is part “Blade Runner,” part David Fincher fever dream, has been let out to the masses.

And if you’ve seen it, you probably want more insight on what you’ve experienced. 

Here Jones chatted with Business Insider about three standout scenes from the movie, and one that’s his favorite.

Warning: Spoilers coming if you haven’t seen “Mute” yet:

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The Sam Bell clones cameo

Sam Bell is the beloved main character of Jones’ debut feature “Moon,” which follows an astronaut, played by Sam Rockwell, at the end of his three-year stint working on the Moon who realizes he’s a clone. At the end of the movie we see him get off the Moon and head back to Earth (there’s a lot more to this movie, you should really see it if you haven’t yet).

Jones always planned to continue telling the Sam Bell story in future films, and in “Mute” he does that by having the story take place when Bell has landed back on Earth, and is testifying about the misuse of clones by the company that does work on the Moon.

In a scene where Leo walks into a coffeehouse, the TV screen behind him shows a live look-in on the Bell testimony, which is interrupted by other Sam Bells who are in the courtroom. 

And if you look close enough, you can catch “free the Sams” graffiti throughout the movie in shots of the streets of Berlin.      

“I wanted to have some way of not exactly wrapping up ‘Moon’ in this film but at least giving those who are curious about what happened to Sam an answer to that in this film,” Jones said. “But at the same time, ‘Mute’ is its own story and I wanted to see if there was a way that I can do that and at the same time not be too distracting from the film that we’re trying to make.”

Jones had Rockwell come in for a day of shooting. Rockwell had numerous wardrobe changes, including beards and wigs put on him to play the Sam Bell clones.

Jones said he hopes to close out the Sam Bell storyline in a third film. 

“For the third film you’ll see Sam again probably in the same way you saw him in ‘Mute’ — him in the universe of the story being told,” he said. “That’s what I’m thinking, but it’s flexible.”

Cactus confronts Duck

In a movie that has a lot of disturbing moments, one of the most chilling is a scene an hour into the movie when Cactus goes to Duck’s office. There he notices Duck’s been secretly videotaping his female teen patients, which enrages Cactus, since he’s the father of a little girl, and leads to the two war buddies (which Jones based on the friendship between “Trapper” John McIntyre and “Hawkeye” Pierce in Robert Altman’s “M*A*S*H”) having a heated encounter.  

The scene highlights how dark Rudd and Theroux got in their performances for this movie, which Jones said came from shooting the movie chronologically as much as possible.

“Paul and Justin were able to get some of the fun friendly scenes done earlier, so there was already a rhythm before we allowed them to sort of play with ‘How do I get furious with someone that I’m normally cool with?’” Jones said.

Jones said he also allowed both actors to improvise as much as they wanted on the movie, often doing a few takes of he and Michael Robert Johnson’s screenplay and then letting them do some takes on their own.

The director said the biggest challenge with this scene was getting Rudd to a point where he begins to slap around and shove Theroux.

“I think I did push Paul a little bit to be more physical,” Jones said. “Between the three of us we agreed we’d work our way up to really whacking Justin, but Paul needed to be the psychopath in that moment. We had dropped hints over the course of the film, he needed to be the violent guy at this moment.”

Cactus’ final moments

You get the feeling in “Mute” that sooner or later the bad guys are going to get some kind of gruesome end, and Jones doesn’t disappoint with Cactus. 

Leo’s journey to find his love Naadirah (Seyneb Saleh) leads him to Cactus’ basement at the end of the movie, where he learn her fate. Leo then avenges her by putting Cactus’ trusty knife through his throat. 

The graphic death was how Jones always saw Cactus going out, but he also wanted to give the buildup another darkly twisted feel like the Cactus/Duck confrontation. So he wrote Cactus taunting Leo and cracking jokes before his death.

“I wanted a weird energy and for me it comes out of that excitement Cactus gets out of confrontation,” Jones said. “He carries that in this scene, he doesn’t want this to be the situation, he didn’t want Leo to show up, but he comes down those stairs and he knows he’s going to have this confrontation and Cactus gets off on that.”

And playing off the Trapper/Hawkeye vibe, he also wanted Cactus to have a swagger like he’s going to survive the encounter with Leo. 

“He thinks he’s going to get out of it,” Jones said. “He’s always thought he and Duck are smarter than anyone else around them.”

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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A Ghostbusters smartphone game similar to 'Pokémon Go' is coming out this year

Screen Shot 2018 02 23 at 12.22.29 PM

  • “Ghostbusters World,” a location-based smartphone game with augmented reality elements similar to “Pokémon Go,” was announced for iOS and Android phones.
  • Besides a 30-second teaser trailer, there aren’t many details available yet — but we know it’s coming in 2018.


A Ghostbusters-themed smartphone game was just announced for 2018. 

“Ghostbusters World” will apparently be a location-based smartphone game with augmented-reality elements similar to “Pokémon Go,” the mobile phenomenon that took the world by storm in 2016. “Ghostbusters World” will let players hunt and collect “specters, poltergeists, full-roaming vapors, and more,” according to a post on the game’s official Facebook account.  

The specific release date has yet to be announced. 

Here’s the official teaser trailer:

4:33 Creative Lab and Columbia Pictures are developing the “Ghostbusters World” app, which will encourage players to answer the call by going outside and searching for virtual ghosts in real space, the same way Niantic (with help from The Pokémon Company) got users to go outside capturing location-locked virtual creatures. 

The art on the website for “Ghostbusters World” features recognizable characters from a variety of Ghostbusters movies, cartoons and comic books, including Slimer, the ghost of Gertrude Aldridge from the recent reboot film, and the Bug-Eye ghost from a 1980s line of Ghostbusters toys.

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