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How to download mail messages from Windows Web Access (Microsoft Exchange Server)?

I cannot download the messages online onto my computer and I will be losing access to my account in a few days. I have the information for my account but for some reason I cannot download new or old messages into Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail (even though both programs have confirmed my settings are correct). If anyone can help me, I’ll give you 10 points.

Using Outlook Web Access (that’s the web interface for Exchange server), there is no way to download a message to your computer. You have a couple of options, both of which require the Exchange server to be configured to allow access. The first way would be to make an Outlook Anywhere connection and copy the messages to a personal folder. You would need Outlook on your remote computer, and the sysadmin would need to allow Outlook Anywhere (formerly HTTP or RPC) on both the server and for your user account.

The second way would be to use a POP client and pull the messages down that way. This also requires the admin to have enabled this both on the server and for your account.

Microsoft Office 2010
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Office 365 Public Beta (Enterprise version) | SaaS | ZDNet UK

Office 365 Public Beta (Enterprise version)



It’s been a few months since Microsoft allowed a limited number of people onto the first beta of its next-generation online business productivity platform. An extension of (as well as an update to) Business Productivity Online Services (BPOS), Office 365 is best thought of a cloud-hosted set of Office servers, providing the full, end-to-end, set of Office tools without burdening the IT department with in-house implementations of Exchange, SharePoint or Lync.

Our initial Office 365 preview looked at the small business version of the service. With the public beta we’re now using the Enterprise version, on plan E3 (£15.75 per user per month). Like the small business version, the enterprise Office 365 offers multi-tenanted versions of the Office family servers — Exchange 2010, SharePoint 2010 and Lync 2010. There’s no need to install software or configure server hardware: everything is ready for you to use, with a relatively simple control panel to handle configuration and customisation. Microsoft is promising reliability too, with a 99.9 percent uptime service level agreement, backed up with financial guarantees.

Logging on
Both enterprise and small-business users get similar views of the service when they log in for the first time. There are shortcuts to key services, like Outlook Web Access for email and calendar, as well as links to the main SharePoint site and to download the Lync client. There’s one difference: Enterprise users don’t get the shortcuts to the Office Web Apps that small-business and kiosk users see.

Log on as a user, and you’ll see a basic start page that gives quick access to web mail and SharePoint team sites, as well as download links for applications. You’ll also find help in setting up a desktop PC to work with the Office 365 service

Microsoft doesn’t expect users to use this page all the time: instead, it’s suggesting they’ll be more likely to work with Office 365 from their familiar desktop tools, including Outlook. If you’re using a subscription with access to Office 2010, you’ll find that Office 365 services integrate well with the desktop tools, giving you access to collaboration features and, in the case of Outlook 2010, Lync-based tools that let you create and manage online meetings without leaving your calendar.

If you’re using Lync, at this point it’s perhaps best restricted to internal communi


Office 365 Cloud Service will get you up and running with the latest technology and software that Microsoft can offer at a best business value.

Microsoft Office 2010
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Microsoft Exchange Server Outlook 2007 error?

The action could not be completed. The connection to the Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action."

switch in the file menu, because there is a line what says: work offline, work online
chose work online

In Outlook 2007, Microsoft Exchange, why does my Recurring Event in Calendar act as a Published Calendar ?

In Outlook 2007, Microsoft Exchange, why does my Recurring Event in Calendar act as a Published Calendar when I’m not even subscribed with Office Online?

Check your settings, you may have it set as public or shared and change it to private.

How can I exchange Microsoft my Office 2010 for windows activation code for a Mac office 2008 office code.?

I accidently purchased the wrong version online.

Call Microsoft and explain the situation. They may be able to help you.

Microsoft Exchange Server – Outlook 2007?

Hey Guys.

I have a laptop with Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 on it, and i usually take it into my School for work. Now we have school emails on Exchange server, and can view the Emails online through the school website on Microsoft Outlook Web Access (2003). The school also has a Wireless Network for Teachers’ laptops and library laptops, as well as a Wireless Hotspot located throughout the school, for students devices. Now, i wonder if im connected to the Hotspot, can i Open outlook 2007 and use my exchange emails using the hotspot? (ALL WIRELESS). I have all of the details i need*


James 🙂

Is the Hotspot requires you to sign in with your school credentials? If so, then 99% chance you are in the right domain…and you should be able to connect to your shared drives and acess the Outlook. If its a open Hotspot , I would open any firewalls for and rogue device to be on my internal network.

What Website do I use to access my microsoft outlook online?

I have microsoft exchange set up but I can’t remember what the website I’m supposed use is called.
I think it was something like, but I’ve tried everything I can think of. I’m at a different computer than my outlook and I need to acces my email.
Any help is appreciated

It could be one of many – the commons access points are: