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How is it possible to check your email from one country when your original email address ( office ) email?

address is in another country. This man that i am chatting with is based in Madrid and he is on his business trip in portugal , so now the email address that we communicate through when he is in Madrid , he is using to answer me while in Portugal. How is that possible , also the sim card which is pay as you go he uses both in both countries ???? I am confused ??


This person needs to be able to login to his office location remotely.
Most office locations are secured, hence if the office has provided laptop and VPN software, he should be logon using remotely.

Microsoft Office 2010
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Back office or email support contact center job in Metro Manila?

Does anybody knows where I can get a back office or email support contact center job in Metro Manila? Thanks!

Contact Infosys BPO Ltd. Its in Market Market. Great company! They are looking for good people all the time!

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The mail I send to Yahoo from my office email gets treated as spam in Yahoo. How do I correct this?

The mail I send to my yahoo email from my company outlook email program is rejected as spam at my yahoo account. How do I correct this?

List your company email address on your Address Book in Yahoo.

How do i set up a Microsoft Office Outlook Email with my Yahoo! Email?

How do I get my Yahoo! email address in to my Microsoft Office Outlook program on my laptop?

In order to use a separate email program, such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, or Thunderbird, with Yahoo Mail you need POP3. It is also needed when using any program or right clicking on a file to directly send email. It is free in the UK, AU, and NZ but in the US you must pay for Yahoo Mail Plus. It is also required when you try to transfer the mail using smtp or pop3 to another online email. When you do you can set the servers as follows:

Incoming (pop3)
     US – Use SSL; Port 995
     UK – Use SSL; Port 995
     AU and NZ – Use SSL; Port 995

Outgoing (smtp)
     US – Use TLS; Port 465
     UK – Use SSL and TLS; Port 465
     AU and NZ – Use SSL and TLS; Port 465

NOTE: The same servers are used for ymail and rocketmail. Use the entire email address as the Yahoo ID.

You can also look at the program Ypops. I have no recommendation for or against.

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How do I log into my office email which has a different address?

I have a home computer and want to log into my work computers email.

Go to the home page of the mail service you have an account with. For yahoo, you want to go to and click on mail.
Or click here:
Sign in using your ID name and password
Not sure what your office mail is with, so you need that sites home page or sign in page. Just make sure you are completely signed out of your personal E-mail account before you try to go there. Hope this helped

How do I remove Microsoft Office Outlook Email Program from my laptop?

It will not allow me send pictures (photos) from Outlook Express, which My Pictures Program also J pegges.
Since Microsoft Office Outlook was downloaded on to my laptop in an update the problem with sending photos with Outlook Express has arisen. The photos from My Pictures Program now go to Microsoft Office Outlook and then I can not email them.

Outlook would never download to your laptop as a result of an update. Outlook is a software program that you have to buy and load. The only thing updates are doing is providing patches and upgrades to software that is already loaded on your laptop.

If you’re having a problem with Outlook Express, you need to state the actual error so that we can troubleshoot the error.

How can i connect to my office/work email box from home?

Do i need some kind of software to be able to connect to my office email box from home through microsoft outlook or something.I often need to access some info from my home since i work from home a lot.I am a self employed and i am currently dealing with haulage companies.I remember my former boss, a long time ago, used to be able to work from home and could access his office email from his house.I never thought to ask him how.Please a little help would be appreciated.thanks

Actually, if your organization is using Outlook, then it should be rather simple. If they are, and they’ve set up their server to accept connections, you can do it through a web browser (either IE or FireFox will do). As your IT dept what is their webmail address. It will usually be something like or Then open your browser and type in that info and go. It will require you to input your full email address and your password.

If they are not set up for it, then it’s a bit more of a challenge as most exchange servers (the ones that server Outlook clients) won’t be set up to accept full connections from outside the internal network.

Hope this helps,


how do i access my office email from my home ?

basically if i want to retrieve some info from my work pc ,how i do hat without actually going to the office?

You would need to speak to your it department and find out if you have remote access first……

how can I have my office email account come to my yahoo mail?

I would like to have my office email show on yahoo

That doesn’t seem like a very ethical thing to be doing. Your workplace has security measures in place. Check with your IT department or even a co-worker to find out if there’s a way to access your work email from home. I know I can access mine, and I work for a very large corporation. I access the site using workplace user names and passwords.

Can I send myself microsoft office from one computer to another using email?

There is a computer that has microsoft office, can I email microsoft office to the other computer?

If you have the install CD you might be able to shrink it using WINZIP, but I dont think office is just one single install file, and is pretty much as big as a 700mb CD-ROM disk