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E-mail & Calendar on Windows Phone 7

Microsoft Sr. Product Manager, Augusto Valdez, demonstrates how mobile e-mail, events, and schedules should always be together. Check out this video to see how Windows Phone 7 keeps life in order.

Need help setting up your email and calendar on Windows Phone 7?

Duration : 0:2:10

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How do I get the wal-mart home office email adress?

What is it you want to know?

The best way to contact them is via USPS, but if you have a specific question, I’m happy to help out.

*Proud Wal-Mart stockholder*

Microsoft Office 2010
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How do I check my work microsoft office email from home? I thought there was an exchange server I could log i?

You must first find out the Outlook Web Access URL

It is usually something like

or if they are using SSL

How do i get my email thru microsoft office email? what do i need to do?

I put my email and my password in and now it says enter network password what do i put for the pass? do i put my password?

If you want to use Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird or other third party email clients to view your email you have 2 options.
Subscribe to mail plus:

or download and install YPOPS

then follow the directions for your version of outlook here,

If you have trouble with set up, check the YPOPS installation page for alternate set up instructions.
Click on YPOPS link on the left.
Then Click on Configuring email clients towards the bottom.
Choose the appropriate link for your mail client.

I currently utilize version of Thunderbird
and version 0.8.3 of YPOPS (there is a more recent version of YPOPS that you need if you are Yahoo Beta Mail) and have no problems.

Thumbs up are always appreciated if I have truly helped you!!

Can I email the Office of Admissions of a certain school to request a pamphlet?

If I emailed the Office of Admissions of a certain school and I requested a pamphlet, would they send one to me? Also, can I ask any question to the Office of Admissions or am I limited to just generic ones?

Yes you can request anything that they would have (pamphlet, application, etc). You might also be able to find those things online; especially the application. You can also ask them questions. In fact, if they don’t answer your questions or don’t want to, that speaks heavily about the school. I work at the college I attend and we always try to be very open to students and answer any question they have. From the school’s perspective, they want you to go there, so they’d want to answer your questions and help you. If they don’t answer your questions, what does that say about how helpful people will be when you need help in a class or need advice from a professor?

How do i set up microsoft office for a email address that was on another computer?

I recently got a new computer and have no clue as to how to migrate my email address from my old comp to this one, so it uses microsoft office. and is there any way to get the emails off the old computer?

Use the Files Transfer Program that came with the new computer, this will allow you to do this.

Forwarding the yahoo mails to office email id , is that offense whether they are able to track our emails ?

Forwarding mails to official id was offense or what ?

Some offices have a tracking device set up to watch the computers, it would depend on their rules. Most places of work don’t let you use it for personal use.

How to export Open Office Writer to email that has Microsoft Word?

Trying to send my brochure I made on Open Office Writer to my own email so I can go to the library and print it out. Any help?

The first answer is Plan A, and must be done for each document.


Here’s how to configure Open Office 3 to be fully compatible, when opening, editing and viewing, MS-Office files, all the time:


Open, and save your brochure as a PDF file, using the gray and red PDF Icon to the left of the Printer Icon, above. Then, it can be viewed and printed using Adobe Reader, by anyone. This also works every time.

How do I find McDonalds Hamburger corporate office email address?

Looked on web site and found e-mail for everything else but for the corporate offices..any idea’s?

Corporate office –
McDonald’s Corporation
2111 McDonald’s Dr
Oak Brook, IL 60523

For sending email visit the site below

They do not provide email ID. You need to use their online mail form.

I’m leaving my company and want to set up an out of office email for people to contact me, what should it say?

I want to have my private email address in it so I can be contacted if they wish.

If your company is like most, they are going to delete your email account within a day, and your message won’t go out after that. But maybe you know your company is different.